The Entertainer

With both hands raised, index fingers pointing away from us, “There is God.” In a single precise move his fingers are upon me, “This is man.” Just as skillfully his hands move away from me. He opens his hands to expose empty palms. “Here is neither.”

“This is not help. This is not harm. This is merely distraction.”

“I am the Entertainer.”

“He could show you the truth directly. Instead, He shows me the truth in full and I am chartered to show you what you are capable of believing. Not understanding, mind you, just your capacity to believe in something you can see. If I showed you the full truth at once, you would surely burn me as a witch.”

“Also, don’t confuse me for a common magician or some sort of holy man. I am neither.”

He turns away. His silhouette becomes rigid. A long silence ensues. “I’m not entertained” escapes from my lips before I am able to stop. No sound returns to my ears. The words simply land dead as they hit the form in front of me. I can feel my words slowly being devoured by the Entertainer.

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