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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) (Show Notes)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) –

Like Barbra Eden shaking her booty on a 50 foot screen. It’s fun for about a minutes. Dive Dive!

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– FilmSack Edition

Opener: Oh hi, Do you know what my super science ninja team submarine needs? Windows and a screen door…what’s that…no screen door? just the windows then? fine…but I need a teenage heart throb to belt out a crooner and Barben Eden twerking it to power the sub.. oh dear jesus I think we just caught the Van Alan Belt on fire! Dive Dive!


Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea




Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961)


Stuff I Loved:


Irwin Alan!

is that Frankie Val?

I dream of Jeannie

This song is putting me in the mood. Juxtaposition

Ben Nye Makeup…i have that

Is this a submarine movie?

Diving Station…Diving Stations…this movie is about to take the art to new debts

Down bubble

So did they pick up someone? or did they just pop up to watch the news.

Down scope? who moved the scope?

A lot of sailor talk

They picked up someone…but never showed it

Glass dome nose

Capt. Krane…

Flloyd the barber!

A demanding lady….aren’t we all

We have another lady.

Oh the niceties

Brain of the sub

On a submarine it’s always christmas…where is santa?

Ballast control is like an elevator

and if we do shoot…over there is the buttons.

ha! The Radio Shack. in case I need to pick up some diodes

Jules Verne never dreamt of having a pool in a submarine…

“I don’t understand what he is doing.” – The Lady

Don’t go into the Danger Zone…there is an alarm

Mopping…movies of the time thought there was nothing to do on a ship but clean stuff.

What a tanned ginger.


Old Country doctor in Sick Bay…it was all the rage in the 60s

Rad Badge…Does Meter…wonder if they will play into the story later?

and now…trumpet

They are doing real good with keeping Barbara Edens junk in frame.

Dancing Dietician

Very Gay and Happy…isnt’ that the same thing.

A lot of Tie Tucking in this movie.

Ohhhhh….they are romantically involved…now playful banter…cue the music…now silly chuckle worthy interruption.

BJ Sends His Best.

I like communication guy…he makes me laugh…

Uh oh…I think we may have ran into something.

This is the smokinest bunch of sailors I h ave ever seen.

You know shit is getting bad when they all start smoking.

It’s like an underwater meteor shower

Is this sub sponsored by the umbrella coperation

Congress and the ladies…go aft

The sky is on fire!

It must be hot…we are having to take off our fur jackets.

Uh…is it hot up there…cause you guys are sweating like crazy.

Man on the ice…delay the parkas

What’s that fire in the sky?

Ok…I’m confused…I thought they just went down. How did 3 days pass.

Time to start sucking on this cigar

The world’s top brains are there…Johnson…Ibbott…Jordan

Ass Sweat from the papers and pooch sailor

Taking notes of a crazy man. Thanks Barbara Eden. I would like to read that journal.

That fuck off look the Captain gave the Lietinuet when he quoted regulations about not picking up survivors.

So is Cookie the official name they gave ship cooks? I always just thought it was a common name.

Meanwhile back in New York…A hysterical woman.

So science…135….no higher than 175…life expectancy of 3 weeks.

Time to solve it with an atomic bomb.

Explode the belt…explode the world.

The survivor – Character

Barbar Eden Elevator Scream

Red camera filter solves all

I only listen to the president…fook you guys..

I can’t swim…why did I agree to jump on the top of the Submarine.

I have a dog and a philosophy…I’m the survivor

25 hours of static in my ear.

If this was a modern 3d movie…that checker board during the ginger fight scene was spot on.

These dudes have a fetish for babies on their knees

Ahhh…start making news instead of listening to it.

Simmer down now Lee

The stranger is a preacher man. Alvarez. I bring puppies and peace.

We have team diving suits! They are very colorful! 

Let me see if this mask is tight…I love rubber banding!

Slow flood..just like my hopes for this movie.

We are just going to park this submarine on the bottom of the sea…surely this is how it is done.

Hey guys…do you think we could have parked a little closer…this is a pretty long swim.

Is this the telephone line? Is this the telephone line? no…that is a  shark

Wow…that shark was just swimming by…and you shot him in the face.

Eeeek…sea monster

nooooo…Octopus squid has me!!

Shoot it in the eye!

Shutup Peter Lorre

Can you hear me London

Now hear this…here comes my god complex

Nervous Hysteria…I get that all the time.

Mines! Time to take the mini sub. 

Well that didn’t go so well.

The ship sprung a leak and he turned a valve and it went off.

All back…dead slow…DEAD!

A conspiracy. It was you! no…you!

This movie keeps escalating…who would want to kill the admiral?

That’s not smoke!! It’s gas! Someone farted on a submarine…oh my god…we are all going to die! Surface! Surface!

Now we run into a ghost ship. This movie has everything

We searched good enough…I looked in this room…you looked in that room…we good…They all dead. Back to the USS who dun it

Who took my cigars!

Cookie has a parrot.

Near the end…when they are diving to new debts…those hull breaches sound like lasers in Star Wars

Angry Octo…Squid

Charging the hull…is that a thing?

Doctor went into the Danger Room…never go into the Danger room…also…easy enough to side step that pressure plate.

Checkov’s Shark

Zuko was wrong…he’s always wrong.

Alvarez had a half pineapple in his pants

We did it! Lee.

and it’s over…just like that.


Filmsack Notes

Way Of The Dragon (1972) (Show Notes)

Way Of The Dragon (1972) –

Like new year money. I’m sure it makes sense somewhere in the world but not here in good ole back hair of America or more like NO WAY of the dragon.

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes. Listen Now

– FilmSack Edition

Opener: Oh hi, did you guys know this week’s Filmsack movie was Chuck Norrison’s big screen debut aaaaand was produced and directed by Bruce Lee aaaand was prior to Chuck Norrison’s back hair to facial hair transplant. It’s true…he grew a mustache on his shoulder blades and had them migrated to his sweet little American baby face. No wonder Bruce Lee was constantly looking for the Toilet. Also, it was good to see The Unicorn working again.


Way of the Dragon




The Way of the Dragon (1972)


Stuff I Loved:

Good to see The Unicorn working again

Those paper guys are pretty fast.

Taco Island is attacking the cabbage island?

Shaky close up cam. This guy never heard of tracking…

Scary white lady won’t stop staring at me. Red Hat lady. it’s a thing…look it up.

Bruce lee smile

Can beat up everything but no his agoraphobia

Why the hell…scared that poor kid to death…you dropped your ice cream. you ain’t got no ice cream…as Eddie Murphy said

That menu said…


Whats in the bag china man? is he china man?

Man that airport service is top notch fast.

Man that waitress standing there watching

Bruce Lee is hungry. For SOUP!!

Let me loosen my belt.

What is the name of that horn that goes…wonk wonk wonk? Slide trombone?

Miss Chang Chang Wah!

I was starving-hungry!

Hey, is this movie dubbed.

Hey! don’t be so formal…look at my hands! I say..HEY! with my hands.

That is later, can you please tell me where the toilet is? I will glady talk later for a toilet today.

That is not the bathroom…

BMW…Mustang…it’s a Rolls…

This story is like the A-Team…when you have Thugs thugging you…you call the B-Team…the Bruce Lee Team.

If you won’t sell it….they can’t buy it

We can do nothing, what can I do?

Got Thugs watching me all the time… sing… “I always feel like…Thugs be watching me…no privacy.”

We need a stage reading of the story that we will overlay on some driving around her BMW-MUSTANG-ROLLS

Dig that crazy 70s decore

Can I finally use the toilet. What was in that soup!

Bead curtains! Oh how I miss you.

This water is not worth having to listen to your talking. TOILET!

Wonk wonk wonk wonk…ding ding…flute flute.

No…we don’t have New Year here moron…dumb ass.

I PRACTICE..MARTIAL…ARTS…..can I use your toilet? Watch out!

Martial Arts…WATCH OUT!

Martial arts with a side of diarrhea.

Can he not read English?

hey hey hey…don’t kick my fung sway…

Where you keep your money?

Hey pretty lady. I can’t hear you.


Thanks for inviting me  over to your pad…mind if I do some Karate

Gross…flyswatter on the table.

I am Wang…ohhh…it’s Wang..he’s a man.

Maybe your restaurant is failing because all the waiters and cooks are out in the alley learning Karate.

I am into Chinese boxing!

Don’t think I ever seen Jive Talk Dubbed before.

Chinese spare ribs.

Thugs not hugs. These guys

They knocked out Jimmy

Movement Number 4…Dragon seeks path

Old school Karate movies are always very dusty.

Anyone can buy a gun around here…Gun violence.

Always one guy who is a hero doubter. You beginner luck.

Karate is all about the Hip Flexor?

Alley ways are always full of empty boxes.

Guns are for suckers

If you break a man’s neck and drag him out into the hall you can safely go back in and go to bed…or the toilet if you prefer.

Oh good…he’s still alive.

is that Victor Wong?! and he dubs his own voice.

Bruce Lee has joint issues.

Ohh…Rippling muscles

Who is the fat Italian?

No guns. How convient

Where the hell did he find numb chucks!

Was this the start of theme gangs? 

Now I have the numb chucks.

I can’t figure out was more painful. The numb chucks or the Numb Chuck cameo. Wait..was the numb chucks foreshadowing?

hehe…think it made more sense for the translator when the movie wasn’t dubbed….as it is…it seems like he is being a dick.

Sorry, I tried to kick the customers in the face.come on in.

Tang Lung. When you accidentally inhale Tang dust particles before you add water.

Man…that girl is such a snitch. The boss and his smithers were hiding pretty good

Check out my boss phone. It’s huge! Look at all the buttons. Does it call America? cause I need Chuck

America’s best! Chuck Norrison

Operator, I would like to call AME-RI-Ca

I wasn’t expecting New Year Money….but here it is!

Chuck Norris pre facial hair.

Who can do Karate better than Japanese.. Chuck Norris..that is who. Norrison.

Bad teeth all around.

Ohh…look…they have on their Karate uniforms! I bet they know Karate!

No chin? No problem…beard!

Lot of that big drum.

Somebody gotta die if this is going to be rated R.

Rated R for Karate

Nut crushing

Tang Lung!

man them are some loud birds down at the quarry karate battle

We got it from here.

Tony and Jimmy can handle the Jap. Man..can you be this racist in a movie on Netflix.

What the what! What the..What! I did not see that coming. Uncle Wang is a traitor.

Who could have known Uncle Wang would be such a dick.

Go back to Hong Kong as a rich man. Never was a rich man…

Ohhh…gonna fight in the ruins of the Roman Coliseum. Epic

Enter the Kitty

Are we gonna fight or are we gonna get naked! eeeek.there is all of Chuck’s hair.

Chuck Norris has little angel wings made of manly back hair

Are we gonna fight or are we gonna warm up all day?

Kitty is bored. Fight already!

Bruce Lee is already sweaty

Kitty NOOO

Meeeeeeoooooow  emphasis on the eooooowww

ha! chest hair grab.

Ok…nough messing aroundtime to fight.

Kitty is the only witness to the greatest fight ever. The things he will not be able to unsee

Kitty is bored.

Norris can’t die!

Warriors honor.

Enough of this Karate bullshit. Time to pull out the gun