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I’m a wave jumping, GP Circuit racing, hydro-thundering chicken square.

Alright, I’ll run this illegal race with you Nemesis at the behest of my good buddy Poison and common sense.

Man…my Nemesis is a lot better than me.

…and busted. I’m off to jail to stew.

It’s the future!! Future cops.

I’m back…but I have to run illegal races now…which is what I wanted to do anyway!

Everything is covered in water. This must be after the ice caps melt and everything floods. But it’s good to see the world has found a way to make a sport of our demise! alright, don’t be so dramatic.

Man, someone made some really sweat looking environments for this game.

Everything about the environment really jacks up your anxiousness…except the part levels!

Good parts of town…bad parts of town.

BeefBot! No…DeadBeef

Race Bots!

Micro upgrades to your hydro-jet make each race a little more attainable and keeps you in balance with the rest of the pack. Which usually places you in third place.

Prize money is earned during each race in career that allows you to purchase upgrades. Amount of money is determined by your race finish position

Quick Race, Career, Online and Local

Things you can upgrade are Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling and Boost

You can get boost by performing tricks. Primarily through the dual sticks movement combinations.

Game is available on all platforms including mobile

Game PassĀ  until the end of January

Couple of bucks on mobile.

Love the water rendering and animation.

Perform jumps on platforms, ramps and occasionally huge swells.

Ride your opponents wake to gain position.

Watch out for them explosions!

Learn me some skills. Boost Start! Superman, Can-Can, Table-Top and more Level up for addition moves and collect Skill Points to spend on more skills!

Unlock racers. BEEFBOT and hydro-jets by finishing

Ghost race your friends on the Leaderboard races. I HAVE NO FRIENDS!



Dumb ditty dumb ditty dictation

Friday afternoon finally work is over and I can get to the weekend.

Another day another dollar another dictation as I walk down the street

In preparation for a new final score tomorrow I had a chance to play. A game. Known as to the moon.

Can you put that in quotes

“To the moon”

Yes you can.

A fun little RPG action adventure kind of game thingy.

That has an awesome soundtrack and even better storyline that pulls at the heartstrings of any gamer.

Turn in tomorrow Saturday, January 11, 2013 is Scott Johnson Nicole Spagnola and myself talk about what we played this week.

On the final score https:///final score

And now a selfie