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Executive Decision (1996) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

We’re not gonna make it? You are! Seagal Out!

Well Steven, here we are explosively decompressed at 35,000 feet without a parachute again. Now, based on my training the average human should have about 30 seconds of useful consciousness at this height. But, I’m way cooler than the average human…sooo…45 seconds….buuuuut I just wasted 15 seconds of that on a word-math problem or is it math-word problem? Whatever, we have been in worse situations…you are! now focus up Sha-gaul…….Shuh-gal…See-gal…….no it’s Suhgal right? I mean how have I been saying it?…Shuuuguuuh…Ahhh…snap out of it, Whoever you are!

Ya know what…I don’t need useful brains…I’ll just fly the brain…so hee-ya! take that fluffy cloud and that…and this roundhouse kick to your fluffy face. Oh wait…look clouds! Did that experimental bomber pilot just eject from our mission plane! oh ho ho… Hello plot hole here I come. All I have to do is skyfall towards him and take my position on his his lap for a free ride back down to earth.

“Hello fellow American! May I hitch a ride back to mother Russia!” I mean….ah shit..covers blown…quick fly to safety Sea-gull! Cah Cah Cah Cah



Executive Decision (1996) – Like 2 hours of intense zip lining, wire cutting, lights flashing action to get the attention of some while hiding from the attention of others. It’s sweaty work but Leguizamos got to do it.

Show Notes

  • Man this movie is pixelated
  • All Star Cast!
  • Very Military Thriller Music.
  • DZ-5 Russian Nerve Toxin
  • Jim and John wrote this…twins? Predator. Wild Wild West
  • Collins took one…he’s dead…for nothing! no DZ-5
  • 3 months later
  • Gee I wonder if Kurt is going to have to fly a larger plane later on. You are not prepared!
  • Flying anxiety. Relax and Fly the Plane. Stick and Rudder
  • What a weird side flash on the Jaffa Terrorist Wedding Napping.
  • 15 years of unrestrained Terrorism.
  • 6 months later.
  • Movie planes ridiculously large on the inside
  • Overhead luggage. Stupid Woman!
  • Sweaty Terrorist are prone to blowing up and sweating
  • Oceanic Airlines
  • Gun Reassemble
  • QA Has Bathroom Face Wash
  • These Terrorist look like Terrorist
  • I like calling the embassy and playing pre-recorded threats.
  • Hide my gun in my sock.
  • Circle that US Marshal…circle him!
  • Where is the Passenger Manifest…You destroyed it?
  • Sucking on Twizzlers and scrubbing audio.
  • Remember Guys…this is a think tank….we get paid to think
  • We do not negotiate with Terrorist…unless we do.
  • Do we like London that much…enough to negotiate. Is the President in London?
  • So we got this crazy plan. Let’s spend 20 minutes of the movie with some nut ass stunt to dock on a commercial jet with a stealth fighter and let’s let Seagal lead it and Kurt wear a tux and tag along.
  • So Allison died from the Million Dollar Baby death
  • This whole plan relies on a clip
  • How many wind shears happen while doing some crazy ass maneuver
  • Why is Cappy so damn heavy?
  • OMG Seagal died in most spectacular fashion.
  • I kind of like that Seagal held out for a better more heroic death
  • Castle Rock. Big Eye Six. Hail Mary.
  • Top 2 are dead in the team replaced with 2 non-supposed to be theres.
  • Shh…double finger sssssh
  • We only have part of our equipment
  • Whispering in the belly of the plan…time for a heated power struggle
  • Photo from 25 years ago…but I would recognize his voice…and know if I saw him.
  • Co-Pilot saw Americans…Soldiers…ignore this cut and bump on my head.
  • Yep. Still dead.
  • I traveled all this way to lay on the cold floor with a broke neck. That’s why I get paid the big bucks.
  • uh oh Velma…ya dropped your glasses
  • What is the in flight movie? Looks like Kurt Russel and a Monkey.
  • The Barefoot Executive (1971) Ha.
  • They have enough nerve gas to wipe out half of the eastern seaboard….time to just blow up the plane.
  • Scooting up and down the tube of a plane like some kind of Leguizamo Rat
  • How nice of them to include the captain with the bomb research
  • Why not just eject the bomb…lose pressure…
  • All the tech guys in this movie have oral fixations.
  • Whatever you do…don’t look into his eyes…his dreamy dreamy eyes…OMG I LOOKED INTO HIS EYES!
  • I need me a laser wire cutter
  • This operation has too many rookie factors
  • Red Handled Dikes?
  • Cappy
  • Coughing Cappy Death
  • Yaffa is Freeee…Free Yaffa for all!
  • 1:22:22 .. It’s an executive decision now.
  • 2-1 K…21 K!
  • The bomb wiring is a decoy…what else is a decoy
  • The under bomb has laser beams (Photo something beams)
  • The president is out of the country
  • This is more wire cutting than I had signed on for
  • Least fun game of Operation every
  • Also, way too many flashing lights in this movie.
  • Haha…wardrobe change.
  • Kurt Russel slowly morphs
  • The look of surprise on the sleepers face…priceless
  • Who Bye Box of Diamonds
  • When is this morphine supposed to kick in.
  • They are totally NOT in control
  • Whats wrong..FLAPS!
  • I love that Russel is announcing everything he is doing while trying to figure it out.
  • Shit…landing gear down.
  • Just fly the plane.
  • Just land the plane
  • landing field!
  • hey…thanks…a chewed up coffee stirrer.
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Into The Blue (2005) – Filmsack Show Notes

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I Am Legend (2007) – Filmsack Show Notes

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The Mummy (1999) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

I know as a priest and as a member of the gold man group here; I’m not really supposed to chit chat..however, does this body paint make me look fat? No? It’s all those cheeseburgers from the Burger Pharaoh? Well, that’s rather honest. Your Strength gives me strength i guess?

Hey…don’t poke me in the belly.. Look what’cha did. You smudged my belly paint. Come here. Come on….so we can rub belly’s together like a couple of pigs in the mud. ooooh yeah…this is inappropriate as hell.

UH oh, hi Mr. Pharaoh sir. Us…oh nothing just some priestly rituals you wouldn’t care about….uhh…what’s that now… Have we seen your Mistress? Um…no…but if you are so concerned about her where abouts you really should have put a ring on it. No…I have not heard of the Hom Dai. aaaah…gotcha. In that case..c’mon on in My Pharaoh sir and head back to the catuary behind that thin veil there.

Really starting to see why they don’t let us talk. Hom Dai indeed.




The Mummy (1999) – Like reading from the Book of the Dead…Nooooo…Don’t read from the book! Watch the movie instead! It’s still Juicy.


Is anybody else hot? I’m hot. and I think I got sand in my underwear. Wait…I’m not wearing any!

Somebody has a furry obsession. Look it’s a man with a wolf head…no it’s a cat with a man’s head…no wait…that guy is wearing a beak!

Egypt is always about the big brass and drums and the tiny little wood winds…

Thebes…City of the living…5 blocks (Dunes) down from Not So Thebes…city of the damned

Hey I run Seti on my computer! I ain’t found squat.

Imhotep…bubba..the Pharaoh’s high priest…sup…I’m a high priest…sup..and keeper of the dead…sup. Do these brownies taste high to you?

No man is allowed to touch the Pharaohs mistress…should o’ put a ring on it!

A lot of bald heads and booty in this movie Golden!


“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” …. “nothing…just petting this cat…oh wait…this is just a statue.” Has that cat been touching you?

Cheap ass rub on tattoos

Some people should not be painted in gold…like a group of middle aged white guys with bellies pretending to be Egyptian. Who are these guys anyways? They just hang out at Imhoteps place opening and closing doors and eating too much?

Priesthood is not good for the abs in Egypt.

Hamunaptra, city of the dead – 1290 BC and the Black Book of the dead

He’s gonna get the Hom-Dia

Ummm…why would you kill someone by Hom-Dia if it meant they could come back with such great power?

Modern Day 1923?

Magi…the Pharaoh’s Body Guards ….Why are they so much more pale than their ancestors?

“Your Strength gives me strength” This guy

Don’t you close that door Beni…Hold Door! Hold Door!

Sand Face Sinkhole!

Star Wars wipe

Actually…Modern day 3 years later. 1926

3 volumes of Seth! That is 3 too many!

Who sets up library shelfs in a dominoes layout?

Erick Avari is always in the desert

Hi Sis! Stupid spoiled rich kids.

It’s the map to the place of the dead!

Oops I burnt it! Lies!

He looks like George of the jungle.

Now we have to watch him strangle…

He cleans up nice.

She wants to bring her parents back with the book of the dead? More valuable than gold.

She is hung up on that kiss.

he is the map… I’m the map

The Magi are very flammable

Race to the treasure

“Guess who’s got all the horses!!?” -“Hey Beni! You’re on the wrong side of the river!!”

“500 cash bucks” bet

Ancient Egyptian Secret.

Awww…he got her a brush kit

I hate bugs…What do you mean bugs? I hate bugs

For the record….don’t put me down for mummification.

Bugs under the skin is always a horror show.

Pressurized salt acid to the face!

The Umbrella man. Always running with his umbrella.

Don’t make me blow us up with this dynamite

Librarians need adventure too.

Death will come on swift wings for whoever watches this movie.

Be sure to read the Egyptian curse in an ominous voice.

“This mummy is still juicy.”

That key opens everything!

The librarian is going to Library that book.

“Nooooo! You must not read from the book!”

The 10 plagues of Egypt.

oh c’mon Daphne. Get your glasses on.

Ha…he’s walking like the old school universal mummy

That is not how taking eyes and tongues work.

Also, if you are going to steal some eyes…best probably not to steal the eyes of a guy with poor vision.That is why he thinks the Librarian is his love.

I have the same reaction when my cat plays on my piano.

Thanks for the Plague Report. 100% Chance of plague locust and boils.

Like sands through a keyhole.

Why did his face decay when he kissed her? is she cursed? has seen been kissing her cats?

I like Winston. Ha uh ha ha

“Hey Winston. Peddle faster!”

Poor Winston. Died what he loved doing….

This movie has a lot of mummy smashing.

love the sound and music in this movie. So good.

Still trying to escape with his gold.



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Van Helsing (2004) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

And thank you for agreeing to meet me in the woods of Transylvania to execute the worst plan ever. Ok, so here is the deal, we are going to tie my brother up to that stake over there in the clearing to lure out the Lycan…that’s a werewolf or “wolfman” for you basic village folk. By the way, I learned that word on the set of Underworld…oh and this….I learned this too…look at my bottom…look at it…ok…stop…Where did you guys get guns? I thought you were pitchfork and sickle people.

Well it doesn’t really matter, because I only brought the one silver bullet. So don’t shoot your guns. I repeat. Do not shoot your guns. as a matter of fact just give me the guns. give them to me. The only real harm you can create with those guns is if you shoot my brother or the elaborate pulley system we have set up. So don’t do it.

Alright, speaking of Pulleys…The pulley system is the hottest tech going in Transylvania today. In fact we will be showcasing it a lot in our movie…err…everyday tragic lives. So get used to these overly complex and often broken Pulley systems and by the end of this movie you will beg the Devil to never see another Pulley stunt again.

“In the name of God. Stop this movie!”

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Night of the Living Dead (1968) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Psst…Ben…over here…it’s me…your pal Harry…Listen..dying here on the cellar floor has got me thinking about what’s important in life and our roles in society.

It’s like the universe is trying to tell us something man.

I mean, the dead are coming back to life and You, a black man, shooting me, a bald white man named Harry…irony… and my ghoul of a child eating my flesh…. and then there is my wife…she’s been on me all day like some kind dingle berry caught in my ass hair. Oh I’m “Harry” down there let me tell ya… in a very non ironic way…I wanna see Morissette sing about that, don’t ya think.

Anywho, what was I babbling on about?  oh yeah…I just can’t die and come back to life and eat your flesh without telling you something first.

cough cough…I just want you to know…clear throat…I told ya so.

CELLAR FOR THE WIN. You’re in my house now bitch.

“Let’s stay upstairs…board up the windows and doors…blah blah blah…” How is that working out for ya Ben.

Ghoulie Attack!