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Spooks: The Greater Good aka MI-5 (2015) – Show Notes


oh hi,

Dmitri! Answer the phone. ok….I’ll get it then..ya lazy Russian bum. Uh oh. It’s an out of area call…but I should still probably answer it…it could be our manly leader on vacation and he may lost another shirt. But just to be safe…I am going to use phone answering protocol number 2.

(clears throat)

Hello, Taco Bell of Moscow…how may we perforate your colon today? (pause) Oh hi Harry, oh yes this is FSB…my accent? I dropped it…I’m working the spy game now…gotta sound American. So what can I do for you Harry?

Qasim’s wife? yeah she is here. Can we return her to you? You mean like…today? Because today is no good..and I’m pretty busy next week…in fact my whole month is booked up. (Right…uh huh uh huh) So today then? OK. Say, just a hypothetical question…does she need to be alive? Right…Right…no…I totally understand…no…she is fine…just like when you dropped her off…totally fine. Not a scratch on her.

Listen…I got to go…Dmitri is choking on a chicken bone. Alright, See you then Harry. Say hi to Hagrid for me…alright bye.

Dmitri!…get a shovel…we got some digging to do. Hmm…that’s odd…I don’t remember writing Pull on my hand.



Spooks: The Greater Good aka MI-5 (2015) – but what about Vass’ cat in room 58….I watched all the way through the credits…nothing…. but what about the cat.


  • Is this Mission Impossible knock off? Nope…TV series…MI-5 is the American Marketing machine
  • What we hoped it would be….Knockoff of Mission Impossible w/ Tom Cruise but with Kit Harington….what we got…a TV series sized movie based on Spooks.
  • Saban Films as in…PowerRangers? Why you bring this international trash to our shores!
  • Meanwhile, London.
  • This very much reminds me of X-Files movie…TV gone big
  • I spy with my little eye…something wet…rain?
  • Meanwhile down London Control…Traffic Control is not doing their jorb!
  • I feel like I should know what is going on…but I am not
  • The local cops pulled our chopper!!
  • Harry…it’s hard for me to not hear Harry Potter when a Londoner says Harry
  • Beginning with…Motor bikes
  • I am not talking to you …I am talking to the CCTV
  • Ohhh…the American’s are going to be so mad
  • You do not negotiate with Terrorist…but we do!
  • Crazy Eyes!…I’m looking at your CCTV!
  • He will not let June (Jude) use her gun…no June
  • I can run as fast as you can motorbike
  • Ed should have waited…CIA is shot…
  • Finally…she got to shoot…2 shots…and she’s out
  • Hey…the American’s like Kit Harington..let’s put him in this film adaptation of the TV series
  • MiFive
  • Harry is pulling out flowers and she is putting down flowers
  • uh oh…haha…c’mon Harry…that bridge is not high enough to kill you. Maybe high enough to make you sorry you jumped.
  • Oh…Harry will be back
  • Running from the Russians.
  • Bland movie is bland
  • Liver and Onions
  • Meat Pie
  • Ruth Evershed…that sounds like a reference to someone in the TV show that I have no clue about
  • The bird gave it away
  • 3 encrypted phone calls
  • You and Harry ever talk about Berlin…when your father died…I bet that was in the TV show as well
  • Mace is a dick head
  • Find Harry….and you can ask him about Berlin yourself
  • ohhh…Southern England
  • Harry is promising more than he can deliver..
  • She doesn’t need a hospital…she needs mercy.
  • No Harry…don’t shoot her there!
  • Hey Erin is a major character from the TV Series…they just going to kill her
  • This postcard has 2 levels! nope…just messed up my postcard
  • Hannah always go with a gun. You go with gun too
  • Wear this white hoodie and carry this envelope….
  • It’s 12:34!
  • Run…Run…Sprint…Drama Drama…Sprint…Glasgow…
  • Can you run like Tom Cruise? no? you run like a man…ok ok…you are hired
  • Holloway…do not go dark
  • The drunk, the mad and the dead…off the table? no way man
  • There is a mole!
  • What happened in Berlin?
  • If he went dark…why does he have a phone?
  • Harry used to stop by twice a year for a lecture and a diddling
  • Pop my collar…no one will find me now
  • Everyone gets mad about “You let him get away!!”
  • That van is an uncomfortable pink
  • I’m just going to walk this way a bit and…RUN AS FAST AS I CAN AND PARKOUR OVER MY CAR and into this house…GUN!
  • June thinks Rob Vass (partner) may be dirty.
  • Room 58 has a kitty…Rob likes his fuzzy kitty…he also has a lot of files and neat trash.
  • W78 Account prefix…that is Panama City!!
  • Souvenir…a loaded gun
  • Thames house…who is Thame? I kid…I kid.
  • Stupid June…why you get sucker punched.
  • Duuude…Rob has a big punch…put Kit through the plaster
  • He’s Dead…we can check his pulse.
  • June was all hot to shoot someone…till she shot Rob…and then she is all like…maybe he is ok.
  • oh man…Francis met a bad end
  • See my pin of my explosive vest…
  • bladder punch Harry?
  • Kit and his Man Bun
  • Harry has to protect the MI-5
  • Hey…a low security PC at a high security Facility. Let’s hack it!
  • Meanwhile, down at the Internet Cafe…look at the neon!! Harry has a old guy in a hat.
  • This machine is pre-millennial. in 2015!
  • You can do good…or you can do well.
  • Sorry Will…yeah…that’s an angle…you going to have to punch Harry real hard in the penis
  • Will’s mom has not done well since Will’s dad’s death.
  • Finally, can I drink the water? uh oh…it’s spiked!
  • Poor ole Will…Harry is a jerk face
  • Let’s make phone bombs! Let’s have a whole warehouse of phone bombs!
  • Will is a prisoner…
  • “Hey, why did I write pull on my hand? I don’t remember doing that…ooooh”
  • Will not good enough…but good enough to escape custody. Thanks June! He kept quiet about Vass…so June helped him out
  • Meanwhile in Russia…uh oh…
  • There ain’t nothing on that drive…Harry is playing you for a chump…chump
  • Harry is better than all of them…playing them against each other
  • June is a traitor? Nooo…Dangit Vass…
  • They didn’t promise anything…she just killed Rob cause they told her…even though she knew he wasn’t dirty
  • haha…Harry is convincing
  • Harry set all of this up to spend some quality training time with Will…he promised Will’s dad/mom he would keep him safe.
  • haha…Hasim’s wife is dead…for how long? They dig her up and brought here in the trunk.
  • When someone asks you to return their stuff…but you done broke it weeks earlier…you don’t bring that broke ass shit and show it to them and go…sorry. and then you put someone elses clothes on it…take some pictures and say it’s fine…it’s fine.
  • I’ll tell your whore you said goodbye
  • was it quick? 2 to the heart One for each of you…your mom and you
  • “anything?” “not a sausage.” is that a saying?
  • What a crappy sniper…you don’t shoot her in the chest…the head…always the head…also, don’t get me started on the velocity of the bullet
  • Qasim…My wife is dead…and so is my brother.
  • Nice…somebody left Harry a suicide pill?
  • Oh Harry…what would Ruth think of what you have done.
  • Man these people are master manipulators
  • Good thing Harry set a mind bomb in Will’s head…set to go off exactly when it was needed…oooh…Southwest Corner!
  • How did you make a choice like that? It’s my job
  • one week later…posioned
  • Who can tell the best lie…longest
  • So his plan is to leave her there with her niece while she bleeds out her arse!
  • Is that what got his dad killed? Wearing his wedding ring…because of Will
  • Will was not even born yet when his father died.

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Limitless (2011) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,
You know…they say we can only access 20% of our brains…here…take this breath mint… it will let you access 100% of your fresh breath and cost like… 8 cents a pop. NOW you are Limitless. Go forth and make the love, clean your house and make some spreadsheets…not necessarily in that order…YOU will conquer the world you minty smooth talker you! Don’t do drugs.

Oh, are you back already? Yeah those mints only last like 10 minutes tops…but don’t worry…I have a whole baggy of mints for like $8 bucks…You just have to chain suck a mint every 10 minutes to keep being limitless…oh did I forget that part? Well shit breath them are the breaks. Don’t do drugs.

Now go forth with this bag of mints… make the love, buy a suit and become a hot shot day trader! You are limitless. Also, I think you are only accessing like 5% of your brain…it’s like you everything you know if from crappy movies..Don’t do drugs!



Limitless (2011) – Like a designer drug pocket built into your fancy tailored suit…kinda neat…but not very useful. Don’t do drugs.


  • Clonk…Clonk
  • Obviously I miscalculated a few things…
  • Let me start at the climax……WHAT HAPPENED HERE?
  • Ultimate environment zoom in
  • The first time he….delete…delete…don’t leave the room…he left the room.
  • Hey…it’s the ex brother-in-law!
  • He used to be a dealer…now doing legit drugs?
  • we can only access 20% of our brain. 100% access
  • designer drugs….800 bucks a pop. Sounds like my Nexium
  • Don’t do drugs.
  • I do not think I would want to fire up 100% of my brain…I can barely take the 20%
  • yep…what do you do with your enhanced brain power? diddle the landlords wife…and clean up your apartment. Ya slob
  • Is that the best he can do with 100%
  • I doubt you would be more focused if you were using 100% of your brain…as a matter of fact I’m pretty sure you would be a puddle.
  • Life would suck after the best day ever.
  • Vernon got a face pounding
  • NZT48
  • Verne is so dead….better grab that putter and hide
  • Look in Verne’s pants. You only need one and then you can figure the rest.
  • Play the Holy music…he found it.
  • This cop ain’t buying what you selling
  • What would you do? What would you do? Let me ask again…. What would you do?
  • Inception zooms.
  • Surge of motivation as well.
  • Those pills are limited…
  • Math became useful and fun.
  • Girls love a smart man.
  • It’s more about organization
  • If you were super smart would that mean you could play the stock market? If it were just trends and patterns then anyone could make money
  • Why do Ukrainians always have money.
  • Here is your greasy bag of money.
  • Upping the dose! are you crazy? you better figure out how to make some more fool.
  • What can you do for Carl Van Bloom? What can Carl Van Loon do for you?
  • ohh…self improvement month.
  • RZT makes you horny baby!
  • How could she fall in love with a guy who is 2 different people?
  • Medication…Fine…Keep your secrets.
  • Van Loon? Van Broom?
  • I don’t know if accessing everything you have seen on TV about fighting will help you win a fight.
  • His libido has taken over? He is accessing 100% of his ego? 100% of his penis?
  • Why does a bad trip on this medicine sound like a fax. He lost 18 hours of his life.
  • He had maybe a 90 day supply…then he started doubling up
  • Eddie picked a bad day to go off NZT
  • So this is a Jeckle and Hyde story?
  • There it is…Puke scene.
  • How come none of the NZTers were not blowing up?
  • haha….You are calling the guy who is stalking you …poorly…he’s obviously not on NZT. Hello? New phone…who dis?
  • How many taxi drivers are going to “just go” if you yell “just go”
  • Melissa…you look like shit…
  • I stopped taking and…and I got stupid.
  • Burnout!
  • You got to taper off the NZT bruh
  • Smartest guy in the world while on NZT and never uses those smarts to figure out Verne’s sources.
  • Check? Check? I only take money in dirty paper bags…Got to give…
  • What a funny way to take a pill… Vitamins and Aspirin….smack my neck.
  • You bastid! You hid it in my house…you Conk Shell you…holy hell..that is a big bag…is it multiplying itself?
  • Well that would suck…try to help a lady out…get stabbed
  • Eddie is just getting everyone addicted.
  • Comes on in 30 seconds.
  • everybody is NZTd out of their minds.
  • running on ice with a knife?
  • I would be super pissed if someone used my daughter as a knife. “What tha hell!”
  • So if they are both on NZT will the make crazy NZT monkey sex?
  • His Blackouts were due to alcohol and lack of eating?
  • 3 tier security system…a fortress with a view.
  • A line up of Bradley Coopers
  • Van Loon
  • Classic Smart Person Mistake…thinking no one is smarter than you
  • Somebody took your fancy jacket pills.
  • Don’t open the box!! he opened the box..what’s in the box Eddie?
  • Morris is chumping you…chump Your lawyer plays all sides
  • Later phase NZT apparently does not prompt you to keep a clean fortress
  • No service in your fortress…how stupid can you be.
  • Ok…here we are…22 minutes left.
  • Russians take pills and shoot up weird.
  • Googling on NZT..bad idea
  • Crazy Cooper
  • Yep…this will trump puke town for Scott
  • Pretty sure that is not how NZT works.
  • omg…to get poked in the eye with a needle…you would think a one-eyed man would be more cautious with his one eye…
  • if you are blinded…and you know there are 2 other people in a room…one friend and one foe…why would you shoot at all.
  • 12 months later.
  • Gimmie Some Morra
  • ChemCorp Pharm…uh oh.
  • NZT apparently doesn’t make you smart.
  • End of movie Flex.
  • Being smart does not make you charming.

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – Boop Show Notes


Oh hi,

How does a 2.5D Physics Puzzle Platformer with graphics that look like they came from a late 90s 3d animated cartoon and has story elements of a Pixar movie crossed with The Dark Crystal, Where the Wild Things Are and Labryrinth sound? Does it send chills down your gaming fingers?

Well it’s free on Xbox Play Pass if you got it. Otherwise…pony up that dough for some literal magic marker goodness. Also on the Switch and PS4.



While this review is coming in 2019 for a game that was originally released as an Xbox console exclusive in 2013, it still holds up. If you get a chance I would recommend this 6 hour puzzle plat-former that is currently available for free with Play Pass on Xbox. Also, available for a reasonable price on Playstation or the Nintendo Switch. The switch being my preferred choice platform after free! The game is great fun while relaxing in bed.


Access to this game was originally as a Demo on the Switch and later on my Xbox One S as a free game on Play Pass.

This feels like late 90s 3d animation. Like Jimmy Neutron…probably the hair.

No Felix. You little shit. Stop breaking my stuff

Time to tap into the occult. How else do you handle a little brother!?

Hit Giggle…Feeling Punchy….https://handysorcery.con/

Oh no. Looks like a monster from Where the Wild Things Are.

Mom is totally going to kill me.

Hurry up run.

The 2.5 perspective works well here with some action going on in the background while you focus on the foreground elements of platforming.

Liking the color palette choices.

The music matches the action pretty well. It swells where it should and give me a sense of urgency…which in some cases is needed and gets me into a flow…which eventually kills me when I get to a puzzle I haven’t figured out right away.

I’m chasing them. They are chasing me.

Hang on Felix!

Ohhh…This is the sequel to that magic marker Max game. I get it now.

Neat use of magic marker raising platforms so complete puzzles.

Oh…that brain frog is just weird and gassy. SPLODE!

Hey! You like some physics in your puzzle based platformer? I do

my shirt says M for MAX!

Puppet wielding tree lady upgrades my marker with magic powers.

Oh no…It’s¬†Mustacho¬†! wants to absorb FELIX

Mustacho has eye balls everywhere…kind of like a cross between Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal

Spikey Turtles! Big Mouth Yelley Beasts! Cthulu Looking Brain Slugs.

Smiley Town ain’t so smiley