Repo: The Generic Opera

Repo: The Genetic Opera (2008) – Look here mister…I don’t care if I haven’t paid on my left nut in over 6 months. Possession is still 9/10ths of the law…and dear lord what are you doing!! Surgery…Surgery…Surgery…Surgery… That’s right….I went with the easy joke….good luck you other guys.  I also had something about Minnie Pearl and the Grand ole genetic opery.


Repo: The Genetic Opera – Apparently huge surgical scars are cosmetically accepteable in the future and this movie. Decaf! I will shoot you in the face?


Stuff I Loved:

Dark Comedy?

Kind of gory.

Will they come to get Scott’s corneas?

Italian Style Body Mods

Decaf? I will shoot you in the face. What’s this? Rat piss?

Geneco might want to work on Scar hiding.

Sweeney Todd meets Rocky Horror Picture Show with a bit of Sucker Punch/Sin City.

Don’t repo my nose.


Paul Sorvino goes Cowardly Lion a few times.

Do you have my money? no? Spleen!!

Seems like overall people are fairly happy with Geneco….why didn’t they tell that story.

Old Lady DJ Scratch

Brother Smiley creeps me out.

Brother Luigi has a Jim Carey thing going on.

Was that Jim Carey who popped up with the popcorn in the theatre

Maybe we just misunderstood the predator. maybe he was just repo’ing spines.

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