Weekly Schedule

This is my first Weekly Schedule post.

I work as a programmer during the day and occasionally do side work such as web design, illustration and some tech work at night and weekends.

I’m married and have 2 kids and love my family very much and desire to give them the attention they deserve.

What’s left is given to the internet and what I will lay out here is that schedule. Maybe I should call this an outline. Because I make these plans in my head every week and they sometimes get moved around or canceled all together. Life happens.

so here goes:

Watching Movie for Filmsack

Watching 2nd Movie for Filmsack
Sketching comic for A Mission Deep (delayed)

Recording Filmsack
Draw Guy In A Bush (delayed)

Recording and editing Comics Coast To Coast

Post Comics Coast To Coast including show notes

Write Guy In A Bush (fail)

Draw Guy In A Bush (fail)


ELR & Me: Part 1

It was early 2005 and I had had enough of Scott Kurtz’s rants on his website. I was in search of a new webcomic that would fulfill my daily need for geek humor. That’s when I found Scott Johnson’s Extralife comic. Not only was his comic great, Johnson’s blog was full of great geek posts and most importantly no more silly rants. This was a positive place to be and I could feel it.

I was in the process of developing my own webcomic and was poor in terms of traffic to my website. I was just some cartoonist who had a dream of making it big. I was watching and taking note of everything successful web cartoonists were doing and by gum I liked the way Johnson was running his show. He was focused chaos. He was where I wanted to be.

Everyday I would stop by the old Extralife shop and see what Johnson was up to that day. He was always trying out the latest thing. RSS Feeds. Blogging. WordPress. Podcasting…what the crap was podcasting. It was just an idea. It didn’t even seem like a very good one. I remember when I first heard of podcasting I couldn’t get my head around what was so fantastic about it. I mean it was no more than just recording some audio right. It wasn’t like they were inventing radio. But Scott could see what was special about it. It wasn’t about the content. He already had the content. It was about the delivery.


Where am I?

It used to be that each new year held a promise of renewed vigor that would jump start new or stale projects. Now it seems things are moving so fast that a new year really holds no special meaning. Just a date on a calendar that came and went way too fast.

If you have been following any of my projects you have probably noticed a real slow down at the end of last year. Podcasts waned…comics came late…if at all. You probably can guess that the end of the year is a busy time for everyone and I’m no exception and sometimes I have to put the “things” I love on hold to focus on the “family” I love. Which is just what I did.

However, I felt like I let my internet family down by not letting everyone know when things were going to be put on the back burner. Like Comics Coast To Coast and Guy In A Bush. Both of those projects suffered and I didn’t even make excuses. I just kind of hid and hoped no one would notice. But they noticed.

It’s my goal this year to not allow that to happen. I hope to work ahead and if not I hope to be more forthcoming with any notices of hiatus from my projects.

Thank you,

Brian Dunaway


Still Learning

After all these years I’m still learning.