Podcasts Schedule This Week

Here is a bit of a podcast schedule. Some nights aren’t recording/editing podcasts but are podcast related. Prep work goes into each cast and sometimes that means sacrificing my time for playing games. I know…but somebody has to do it.

Monday: The Final Score Left 4 Dead Monday – I didn’t get to play very long. Like 5 minutes. (spent some time with the family. I did hear the game went on without me and a great time was had by all.) Later on, I put the family to bed and I played some StarCraft 2 with some FrogPants alumni and friends. (You can hear some Smack Talk about that this Friday on The Final Score.)

Tuesday: 20 Questions podcast – Nick of the 20 Questions podcast asked me 20 questions. Apparently I set a new record for length of time. Beating out Scott Johnson’s previous record…take that Scotty. https://blahcreations.com/20questions/

The Final Score: I played about an hour of Team Fortress 2 and had a blast talking to all the gang who shows up every week. The server was full just about the whole time we played. It may be time for another upgrade.

Recorded Old School for this weeks The Final Score.

Wednesday: The Final Score – Woke up at 6am to play some Civ 5 demo so I could at least be semi prepared for this week’s episode of TFS.  Play the Odd Mod for The Final score. This week is a game developed on the Unreal Engine. Looks like fun.

Comics Coast To Coast – Make show notes.

Thursday: Comics Coast To Coast – Recording my favorite comic related podcast.

Friday: Record The Final Score with Scott and Nicole.

and that’s it. That’s what a podcast week looks like for me.

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    1. Brian Dunaway says:

      I watch my Film Sack movies on the weekends. We record 2 at a time every other week. Shhh…that’s a secret. They are fresh frozen for tastiness though.

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