Mimic (1997) – Aww crap you guys. This happens everytime I get something to eat topside. It get’s stuck “winnie the poo” style in the sewer drain and I have to rip it to pieces to get it down the hole. I hate it when that happens. Bruised Meat!

No No…by all means…please keep trying to explain your moral quandrum about the genetically altered bug plague we released on Manhattan !!!! while I try to play chopsticks on the piano.

  Roaches…why did it have to be roaches


Mimic – Ultimate solution to giant flying bugs in your movie? Giant Windshield. how the hell are you not suppose to sweat woman 




Stuff I Loved:

 It’s not the water and it is not airborne…

Strickland’s (Strickler’s) Disease

Cool kid’s hospital. Kids love tents! Wonder if they have Patch Adams there?

That is one industrial sized roach motel.

Roaches…why did it have to be roaches

Cockroaches hate the genetically altered termites

That is one big bug in that jar. No way could I take a bath near that thing.

Music is pretty good.

Dangit…can’t get the old preacher down the sewer drain without ripping him apart.

I think there is something creepy about that kid

Hairy Ping.12:48

Turd to the lab 18:05

Wait….are those pregnancy strips?

Who opens a box of cereal like that that contains old newspaper shavings and a giant baby cockroach?

When that baby cockroach goes missing. I thought that was a perfect cat jumping out scene…they avoided it…good jorb.

I am starting to see a shoe obsession. This is appropriate for a roach infested movie.

Cops are on the way. Excuse me while I continue to play the piano. Will you stop playing the piano when I am talking to you.

Jurassic Park all over again. Nature will find a way.

i love this kid with the teeth.

Hobo in a bag….did he call them “a mole!”

Stop “Shoe Spotting” and polish some shoes girl.

Wait…so the kid is the mimic?

Even if you are not on the look out for a crazy bug creature. Probably not a good idea to ask a shadow in the subway what time it is.

It is pretty funny that we have such an irrational fear of cockroaches. I mean that one the cop crushed under the city  was no bigger than his shoe. So come on. What are we afraid of.

If Speilberg made a horror flic. This would be it.

Josh Browland…as Josh…fuck it.

Sing this spiritial 55:18 and 55:45

That was some creepy ass roach movement when he came up out of that man hole

Wait a minute…wait a minute 1:00:00

I think people will notice a giant roach imitating people. They are not quite to the level of fooling the human eye.

Another JP thing. You guys stay in the car…we will make a run for it.

They mimic us…we mimic them…

Can’t see you if you hold real still

how the hell are you not suppose to sweat

That’s it peter…be the lighter!!

How to kill insect? windshield. Bugs true natural enemy.

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