Life (not the game)

Life is full of ups and downs. It’s not just a cliche…old saying…whatever. It can be a lifestyle.

My wife often accuses me of waiting for the other shoe to drop…there is another one of them old sayings…because if things are going well I start to brace myself for the bad. Then when the bad does come I say “I told you.” Even if it takes the bad a year to get here.

Well, the bad has already been around me lately. Don’t get me wrong. I live a charmed life. But things have been kind of tough lately. I’m having to deal with things I have never had to deal with. So now I am waiting on someone to pick up the other shoe. It’s time for some ups.

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3 thoughts on “Life (not the game)

  1. Mike says:

    Agree Cory.

    Brian i hope things start looking up for you soon. I know what a roller coaster ride life is.
    Im from Australia. I have a brother who is 27. He recently went into the national lottery with about 6 of his mates. It was prearranged for him to buy the ticket first and collect the money later. He did that, and exactly 1 person paid him his share. Anyway it was the division one winning ticket and they both won their share of $2.7M (untaxed)…
    He gave me some money as well as my mum and he went on a long awaited trip to Bali. He partied hard and got into a fight on the beach one morning. He was bashed so violently that he became a paraplegic.

    He cant walk anymore and it destined to a life in a wheelchair. We needed those lottery winnings to fund his treatment and condition.

    I have seen with my own eyes and incredible up, and an incredible down.

    All in all he is upbeat and loving life in every way he can. He’s learnt alot and is currently teaching at local schools about violence and the outcomes of it.

    Behind every dark cloud there is beautiful sunlight.

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