Game Of Thrones

After at least 3 or 4 false starts and inumerable amounts of embarassing headnodding around friends over the past couple of years , I am finally “binge watching” HBO/Martin’s award winning series; Game Of Thrones.

Jon Snow looks worried

My first watching was only days after it’s initial release. A few friends praised it as the greatest thing since….like….EVER….and since I trust my friends, I sat down to bore myself to death for the first time of many. Could my friends be wrong? Could I simply have lost touch with what was the new hotness. Clue….I use terms like “new hotness.”


What was my problem with GOT? Why was I bored? Two words. Character development. HBO veteran director, Timothy Van Patton, brought Martin’s vision into focus on this initial offering to the cable gods with faithful fervor. Jerk, If I wanted to read a book I would listen to it on my phone like a proper modern man. What a wonderful time we live in! Seriously though, there were a lot of longing stares and scenic shots of actors contemplating their lot in life with the occassional grotesque scene of either sex or death. It was hard to like any of these characters. They were all either dicks, dolts or sad sacks. Screw this….my friends are morons. I got better things to do with my time.   CONT

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2 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones

  1. Casey R says:

    Love the books (which I also listened to on my phone, bee tee dubbers). I’ve grown tired of the show. I was on a– “YAY! They’ve made it into an HBO show! HBO never does me wrong” (Trueblood doesn’t count…*shudder) –high when I first started watching the it and enjoyed the first and second seasons (no, this is not a review of Lost), but it’s lost it’s luster. ESPECIALLY because the storyline veers away from the books; slightly at first, then hard left into HUH?

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