Dead Heat

Dead Heat (1988) – Hey Dr. McNab. tic tac…front pocket. also, “Sorry to interrupt your erection pal” – favorite line


Dead Heat: Hey Ma! Let’s watch a buddy cop movie. Sorry mom. No, I don’t know why he wants to come back as a seat on a girls bike. Sorry mom.


Stuff I Loved:

Station Wagon. Not enough Station Wagon bank robbers.

5 Adam 38

Kickass Dirty Hairy

Star Trek & Tibias Connection

Maybe they are just flesh wounds

The ole drive by cop shooting

Mighty cool car run over with that one dude.

Lieutenant wants to be captain…he is practicing Captain yelling

badges go into the shitter.

Cash and Dash

Getting your ass chewed is part of the cop deal

Joe Piscopo is kind of buff…has a cheap man Mel gibson (riggs) mullet

Mortis is his name…funny

Cadavers are funny in this movie. Pretty dang cool though.

Dead Fuzz, Dead Donut Eaters: Other good titles.

John Doe and Jane Doe over the loudspeaker in the morgue

Smoker in the movie!

Pretty sure the computer in the morgues office said…bee dee bee dee bee deep

“Sorry to interrupt your erection pal” – favorite line

Has some ghostbusters musical elements. Then sometimes a bit of the old Tim Burton  Batman.

Kill room. Sure that will not come back later.

Nothing creepier than Piscopo telling you how bad he has to pee.

ahhh yes…the security card swiper…so easily thwarted. Let me stick a card in it.

You woke up the monster! he was sleeping well until you pulled the body bag off of him. now

Biker Monster….what a belly….Where did he get that oversized bandana. Kill room!!!

Hey..this may be stupid…but they use the kill room to kill animals…cause dogs don’t know how to hold their breath. Easy enough. Hold your breath for 1 minute.

Noooo. Roger Mortis died! What can this mean?

Becky thinks we are like starfish. Chocolate starfish.

Love when the doctor examines mortis with his stethoscope. Close talked.

What are the odds of getting gassed and cutting a major artery in the same day?

I wonder if Lance Armstrong is dead? Never checked for that I bet.

Mulberry Wine.

“Mind if we ask you a whole lot of questions”

Treat Williams has an awesome hairline.

“We have something on the monitor captain” – Thanks Joe.

Zombie Mug Shotting. Maybe my favorite thing. That tall black zombie guy. Scary!

2nd best water surprise attack in a movie. 1st being Rambo 2

It must have been really hot in that pool pump room. Joe was sweating.

Convenient VCR playing…just at the right time.

Nooooo…not Treats Hair!! The tragedy.

I always knew liver would kill me.

Favorite fight scene ever. Fighting Dead chickens… fighting cow meat…Hard to be too worried about getting bludgeoned to death by a cow carcass.

Grody to the Max. Did we really have to watch the girl decompose.

Shortest answering machine time ever. How can you even leave a message

Body Doc…wow…that was a long way to go to get a clue.

How do you wish this man killed? Sauted or fried? FRIED RICE!! Make me a volcano.

Man they do not mind killing people in this movie.

How could this get any worse? Well…lets pull the ambulance out of gear…this should work well.

Oops…forgot movie cars explode on impact. Burn Burn Burn.

Two Face!!

Man….Vincet Price is looking old even here. We haven’t seen him since The Fly.

Revenge…bring you back to life to kill him.

Seat on a girls bike. I don’t think you thought that out

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