The Final Score Ep 23

This week on the final score we discussed some crazy law talk about video games.

First up was the “You don’t own it” law between an Ebay seller and Autodesk. The Ebay seller was selling a lot of used copies of AutoCAD and Autodesk did not like it one bit. Just read their EULA. The judge sided with Autodesk and set a precedent that could be used against used game retailers. During the show we discussed this ruling to the extreme. All the way down to you and me not being able to sell our copies of future games that include EULAs that state the software can not be resold. You know that’s coming.

Read more at Arstechnica

The second discussion was about a recent poll that says over 70% of adults with children would like to ban ultra-violent and ultra-sexy video games from being sold to minors. I agree. But the way it is worded it could easily be contorted to say…ban games that the government deems too violent or too sexy. That I do not agree.

Read more at Businesswire

Halo Reach breaks opening day record with 200 million games sold.

Read more at Slashfilm

I talk about the Team Fortress 2 mod: PropHunt. Basically Blu team are Scouts who look like props (control points, chairs, rocks and etc) and must hide from the Red Team who consists of all Pyros. There is a lot of time spent hiding. As a result, there is a lot of time for the Blu team to SMACK TALK!!

Team Fortress 2: PropHunt

I talk about my experience playing Primal Rage during our Old School segment. You can see me playing in this previous post

Done Deals, great conversations and an overall fun filled hour and a half with 2 people I tolerate enjoy talking to on a weekly basis.

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The Final Score: Episode 3

On this week’s episode of The Final Score we delve into gaming news, what we are playing, old school gaming and feedback from you.

The Final Score podcast is recorded live every Friday night at 3pm(MST)/6PM(EST). Be sure to join us as we broadcast live video and audio. Join in the discussion in the FS chatroom :

Latest News (discussed) :

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer Revealed!:

StarCraft 2 given ‘Adults Only’ rating in South Korea:

Left 4 Dead 2 – “The Passing” Now Available on Steam!:

Xbox division posts $165 million profit in fiscal Q3 on strength of Xbox Live business:

PLAY TIME (what are we playing):

Scott:  (looking forward to 3D Dot Game Heroes on PS3) Played a little of the LD42 update.  Trying to finish Magic Ball

Brian: The Misadventures Of P.B. Winterbottom, Blur Demo

PLAY TIME (Brian’s Quick Notes):

The Misadventures Of P.B. Winterbottom (PC: Steam)

First impressions: Sounds like World Of Goo plays like Braid and looks like a silent film brought to video games

Story: In the Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom you play as Mr. Winterbottom, a pie thief who finds himself misplaced in time when he tries to steal the Chronoberry Pie. What a cruel world. Luckily for Winterbottom he discovers a way to manipulate time and uses his new found power to continue his pie thievry ways by cloning himself. Constantly thwarting young children’s appetites along the way.

Game Play: Puzzle game. Simple control scheme. Jump, direction and record. Based on the level, you will have to record a clone or clones of yourself to solve the puzzle of getting to all the tasty pies. Sometimes, based on a time limit and overcoming certain obsticals with creative thought.

Music: by David Stanton. I want this soundtrack. Make it available now. Do it.

Graphics: Winterbottom has the classic look of a villian from the silent era. A well dressed man with a pencil thin mustache and tall hat who likes to tie women up to train tracks. Or maybe a chimney sweep. It’s all in there. The game is mostly black and white and uses prose between scenes to give hints and further the story…and sometimes just to be witty. Totally immersion.

Blur Demo (xbox 360)

First impressions: Mario Kart meets Need For Speed: Underground.

Story: We don’t need no story. Let’s race and blow each other up.

Game Play: Race game. Just like in most Kart games you will be collecting items along the way to slow down or blow past the competition. My favorite is the bubble of protection (i’m sure it has a name…but I’m playing a demo here.) I tried the blaster power up but I could never stay on the road and hit anyone. When I tried the boost power up I did just I do in all race games that give you boost. I ran straight into the wall at 200 mph. Overall, this game was fun. It’s going to be all about the online play. But at $59.99 I may be waiting until the price comes down.

Music/Audio: I think they did a fine job with the music and audio in this demo. Most of the power ups have their own audio effects which helps with the immersion factor.
Graphics: This game looks great. Just what you would expect from a race game. Nothing really all that new here.



Speaking of old school gaming, I challenged Scott to a better practice run in Marble Madness. I sucked it pretty bad. I need a trackball to play this game…laser mouse not recommended. Watch me painfully play the practice level!

Thanks to all those who sent in Force Feedback questions and comments. I love those. Reminds me of the reader feedback in the front of gaming magazines. CALL US OUT!
Final Score: Episode 3

Film Sack: Convoy

This week, the Film Sack crew reviews the 70’s “trucker type” hit movie Convoy. This trail blazing film, directed by Sam Peckinpah and starring Kris Kristofferson, Ernest BorgnineAli MacGraw and my personal favorite Burt Young, delivers on the trucker goods and makes it easy to see why the years following it’s release spawned more cops v. road people movies.

Convoy’s story revolves around “Rubber Duck” (Kristofferson) who is going about his trucker business when a run in with the law snowballs into a race to the US/Mexico border that builds into a Convoy along the way and ends with one heck of an explosive face off.

Oh yeah, Did I mention the whole story is based on a trucker song of the same name “Convoy” by C.W. McCall.

Overall, I would say I enjoyed this movie. Despite the fact that the aspect ratio was not right on Netflix streaming for this particular film. Most likely this was due to a poor film to tape conversion that was handed down to Netflix by the studio. I would recommend getting the DVD version over streaming this movie until they fix this.

There were some pretty good performances in this movie. Especially by Burt Young, who seemed to have more heart than any of the other truckers. Ernest Borgnine was real easy to hate as the primary antagonist cop. Ali McGraw provided some nice eye candy along with an ok performance and Kris Kristofferson had the looks to pull off a gritty trucker but seemed a little flat in place but did come across as honest and believable.

The CB/Trucker talk was fun for about 5 minutes and then I just started to tune it out. But an interesting look into the whole CB culture at that time.  “10W-40 Good Buddy….Hey wait a minute…you ain’t no trucker!!”

Most of the shots were well filmed and I’m sure posed a lot of problems at the time trying to film a whole convoy of moving trucks. Some cheating was attempted in a few scenes that failed. Like when you would only see 1 or 2 trucks on screen where there should have been 10 or 20.

Overall. I would give this film a 6 out 10. It was a pretty good ride but nothing to really sink your teeth into.

Another film in the sack!

Film Sack 25 “The One About Convoy”


Comics Coast To Coast: Caldwell Tanner

On this episode of CC2C, me and John Sanford (Chippy & Loopus) talk with a very energetic Caldwell Tanner of about his webcomic career and his new job at College Humor dot com (NSFW) out of NY.

We cover topics from people typing with no thumbs (highdeas) to using Caldwell’s globe with dragons on it to geomap our locations. However, we do get around to staying on topic from time to time (purely on accident) and learn about Caldwell’s background and go onto talk about his webcomics and his experiences in working in a team environment.

With any good podcast meal you need to throw in some appetizers and dessert. That’s where Music To Draw By and Webcomic Pick Of The Week really shine. Music To Draw By features 11 year old Canadian artist dZ and Webcomic Pick Of the Week showcases Australian Dean Rankine’s webcomic WOTUGIVIZWOTUGET.

Even if you aren’t a huge comic fan, there is plenty on this episode to entertain you. Check it out.

Comics Coast To Coast Episode 90: The Caldwell Tanner Interview


The Final Score: Episode 2

On this episode of The Final Score, me and Scott Johnson discuss the latest gaming news, what we are playing, retro gaming and read some emails in the segment we like to call Force Feedback.

If you missed being in the chat room during this episode, you can check us out every Friday night at 6pm EST/ 3pm PST on the Frog Pants studio stream

We depend on our chat room to keep us honest and to answer those nagging questions of "What was the name of that game" or "What was that guys name."

So check in with us on this second episode of the gaming podcast The Final Score.

Latest News (discussed) :

Gears Of War 3 announced:

God of War III, Pokemon & More Battle It Out For March’s Bestseller Crown:–more-battle-it-out-for-marchs-bestseller-crown

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 ‘Nearly Doubles’ Xbox 360 Version In U.S. Sales:

Microsoft shows how Natal recognizes players gender:

Latest News (not discussed) :

7,500 shoppers unknowingly sold their souls: Thousands of shoppers unknowingly signed their souls over to a computer-game store after failing to read the terms and conditions on their website.

PSN Deals: Wipeout HD: WipEout HD is on sale for $9.99 (regular price $19.99) Offer good through Wednesday, 4/21.

Blizzard selling armored horse in WoW for $25:

PLAY TIME (what are we playing):

Scott – Finishing GoWIII, Warpgate HD

Brian – Lead and Gold, Plants VS Zombies, We Rule, Birdstrike, Doodle Jump


Hexen: Beyond Heretic:

Bonus!! Watch me try to remember how to play Hexen for about 5 minutes before I give up. Warning!! It’s kind of boring watching me run into walls as I couldn’t get my mouse to map and I had to use the arrow keys. Also, my video capture didn’t catch the great audio that defines Hexen. Instead you will get to listen to Drowning Pool that ends half way through the video. I’M STILL LEARNING!

You have been warned:


Thanks to all those who sent in Force Feedback questions and comments. I love those. Reminds me of the reader feedback in the front of gaming magazines. CALL US OUT!


Final Score: Episode 2

Film Sack: Labyrinth

This week on Film Sack me, Scott, Randy and Ibbott gave our take on the 80’s classic movie Labyrinth. The movie stars David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly and a whole lot of puppets from the Jim Henson Studio.

Sarah (Connelly), in a moment of frustration, wishes her half-brother baby Tobey would be taken away by the Goblin King (Bowie). Sarah leaves Tobey’s room after she is unable to get him to stop crying. Suddenly, Tobey stops crying and Sarah returns to the room to find Tobey is no longer in his bed. Jareth the Goblin King appears as a barn owl at Tobey’s window. The barn owl enters the window and transforms into his human form and along with his Goblin minions explains that he had done just as she had wished. Sarah begs to have Tobey returned but Jareth insists that “What is done is done.” After Sarah pleads her case, Jareth finally gives her a chance to retrieve her half-brother by navigating the labyrinth that leads to Jareth’s castle. But she must do it in 13 hours or the child will be the property of the Goblin King forever. Sarah sets out on her quest to save her half-brother and meets many unique creatures along the way.

I loved this movie! Both as a kid and as an adult. I was glad to see that this movie held up fairly well, despite David Bowie’s occasional song that seemed out of place. Jim Henson rivals anything being done today in CGI. This was Henson’s last feature film and really shows where he was going when he was taken from us at a much too young of an age. Catch this movie on Netflix streaming when you can and listen to the whole review of this movie on Film Sack.

Film Sack #24: “The one about Labyrinth”