Bulletproof Monk

Bulletproof Monk (2003)  104 min Rated R

Bulletproof Monk is a 2003 action – comedy film starring Chow Yun-fat, Seann William Scott and Jaime King. The film was directed by Paul Hunter, in his feature film directorial debut. It is loosely based on the comic bookby Michael Avon Oeming. The film was shot in Toronto and Hamilton, Canada, and other locations that look closely like New York City.

Opener:  The best place to hide…is the last place they would suspect….That was your dad’s great advice? Did he have any recipes for grilled cheese? Perhaps some cooking advice on Pop tarts? That makes me want to take a  Vacation….a  vacation riddled with bullets and death

Twitter: Bulletproof Monk – Like sweeping the front steps outside a tibetan temple with a homemade straw broom. It’s a fools errand.

Like blowing into a tibebian horn thinking you are being clever only discover it’s a rectal horn.

Stuff I Loved:

pretty sure those sticks were going to snap in my face.

Ooooh….this is like Crotch Tiger Hidden Balls

I been sweeping these damn step for 10 years. I don’t think they are getting any cleaner…fools errand.

Vacation. Of death!

Please! Don’t blow into that…that is the masters enema…you don’t know where it has been….well…I think you can guess…

Wait Nazi! That is not a horn…that is masters colon amplifier…the scroll has given him great power…but also great constipation..

This Nazi don’t like Monkeys.

Hey…You are not Bulletproof….but wait…that is the title of the movie

60 years later….Stiffler

I thought Stiffer was an ass…until I met Mr. Funktastic

He’s going to cut off your balls…YEAH….BALLS!!

Is this like butthole surfers or something?

Golden Palace…

3 rules

He will defeat an army of enemies while cranes circle above.

He will find love in a jade castle?

Come on Mr. F….take him!

This crumpet has come back for some funktastic love

Where you suppose he got those pants? They look like flannel sheets.

abandoned subway rave!!

Multicultural…multinational gang.

Culture Crush on Tibet

oooooh…I heard that you smart ass.

Fly like a phoenix from your pathetic life.

Plucky music during a plucky conversation with stiffler.

You got a little quickness in ya don’t ya.

Car spelt with a K. It’s Cantonese.

Most uncomfortable handshake ever.

The air…you can’t see it…but it fills your lungs.

You step on the air as it was a stone and believe….and what happens…you fall down and bust your lip. Wonder how many kids did that.

Say what…where did that Helicopter come from? It’s blue thunder.

I love the tandem door kick that happens in partner movies…pretty sure that would never work in real life.

Nooo…they killed the best thing in this movie…the theater owner…and my dreams! Something to fight for man….something to fight for.

Why is everybody always beating up on the Tibetans

Your brother with no name.

Put him in the torture machine! Cause Nazis keep that shit in the car trunk.

Engage hydro system….waterboarding with no waterboard.

Spoiled little rich girl. It’s like Alladin.

Mystical words tattooed on your body….

She’s hot in her little jade outfit

Ivan The Terrible? Russian Mafia princess.

The street is the one place I can earn my own respect.

That was your dad’s great advice? Hide stuff in a place nobody would look?

The best place to hide…is the last place they would suspect…..well no shit.

Nothing more fierce than and ankle biting nazi!

You are free Monk man!! cept…your brain is dead…no porblem!!

I don’t really understand the scroll. Other than giving it’s owner 60 years of youth…and some wind walking…why didn’t the tibetans just get rid of the scroll…destroy it.

Stiffler goes for the Temple punch….and donkey kick right off the building.

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