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The Whole Nine Yards (2000) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi, Man, all the ladies in this week's filmsack movie are "smoking!"  am i right? High five guys! Seriously though, why are all the ladies in this movie smoking tobacco products? I have concerns. Oh....and Amanda Peet...more like Amanda's Teets! Yeah, Ibbott knows what I'm talking about. You paused that so many times that even Blockbuster couldn't rewind it. Up top brother! What...c'mon! Don't leave me hanging! Well, can I at least get a shout out to inappropriate mentor/student relations? Bruce Willis...40s hooks up with Amanda Peet in her 20s using his influence as a hitman hero. Wow, That whole story line just touched me....inappropriately...and deserves to go to jail. Overall, I give this movie two teets up. My eyes are up here Randy. (more…)

By Brian Dunaway, ago