Banking Some Food

About a week ago, a plea went out from one of our church members that our local food bank was running out of supplies. Although the community always donates around holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc., donations were currently down and the food bank was suffering due to the shortage.  While we donated at church, I felt there was more we could be doing to help.
After speaking to my wife Suzanne about what our family could do, I came up with an idea.  If we were the ones needing help and we didn’t have any extras such as milk, butter or any other perishable foods, what would we want to receive?  What could we donate that would be a complete meal for a needy family, not just a can of this or a box of that?
Then I took it a step further. Could we take our weekly food budget, split it in half and purchase a week’s worth of groceries for our family and give duplicates to the food bank? Things we would actually eat ourselves, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
At first, my family wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea. But the more we discussed it, we all began to get excited and the ideas started flowing. The initial problem was trying to come up with complete non-perishable meals. No spaghetti since we couldn’t donate hamburger meat. No mashed potatoes since we couldn’t donate milk and butter.
Our creativity kicked in, and we found new ways to solve problems. Breakfast was easy – Pop tarts or oatmeal.  Lunches weren’t so hard – tuna, rice, Chef Boyardee or ramen noodles. After school snacks for the boys – applesauce or pudding cups. We even purchased chips and cookies, along with olive oil and salt & pepper.
Dinners were a little harder. We came across some canned chili that looks as good as homemade. Pair that up with cornbread mix that only needs water added and you have your first meal.  Fettuccine and alfredo sauce with canned white meat chicken and cheesy parmesan biscuits for our next meal. We decided on three complete boxed meals for our last meals of the week – chicken and potatoes, Asian stir fry and pizza pasta.
By this point, even the boys were ready to give. They used their allowance to purchase a big bag of gummy bears and candy bars – one for them and one for the food bank.  I’m so proud of them. I think they are starting to get the hang of it. They are excitingly awaiting donation day.
By the way, we came in .98 cent under budget. So buy a stick of gum.


I was going through more sketches and came across this pseudo comic.

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On the podcast The Final Score I do a gameplay review segment called The Odd Mod. Each week I pick a weird modification of a game and I review it during the show. On show 25 of The Final Score I chose the mod QuickFlip for Quake 1. I recorded my gameplay and posted it on YouTube and linked to it for everyone to see. This has worked great in the past.

However, this time after I uploaded my gameplay I noticed that the audio was missing from my video and I received this email from YouTube shortly thereafter:

Dear thebriandunaway,

Your video, output, may have content that is owned or licensed by WMG.

No action is required on your part; however, if you are interested in learning how this affects your video, please visit the Content ID Matches section of your account for more information.

– The YouTube Team

It is true that the Quake mod has embedded the song “Hit The Road Jack” performed by Ray Charles which you can obviously hear in my gameplay review.

The video is a little over 1 minute long and contains a mix of the song in question, Quake audio effects and KickFlip audio effects. So my question is this: Technically speaking this is a review of gameplay. The song is embedded in the game. Legally shouldn’t I be able to post such a review without getting permission from the creators?

Once again, I am asking legally. I’m not asking whether youtube has the right to refuse service to anyone.

Also, this seemed to be pretty automated. The audio was cut almost immediately. I wonder what kind of AI they are running over there to catch all this or if there is some guy there watching all the videos. Weirdo.

By the way, you can hear the audio if you go to my page on YouTube but not on the direct link for the video

UPDATE: Thanks for the heads up from Aaron Spain in the comments about contesting the ruling on YouTube. I dug a little further and was able to fill out a form for contesting that the video was Fair Use and YouTube turned the audio back on. Now let’s see if it stays on.

What is the Nerd Bus?

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed a mention or two about #NerdBus and you may be asking yourself “What the crap is Nerd Bus?”

I think @pbpope described it best. “The nerdbus means freedom!”

A little back story:

On Sept. 23, 2010 Scott Johnson of Utah twittered a request on how to best ship a Mame Arcade cabinet that was being gifted to him by Chris Pope who lives in Georgia. There was some discussion on Twitter and I told Chris he should send me the cabinet and I would drive it to Utah for Nerdtacular 2011. At this point me and Chris jokingly discussed driving to Utah with the cabinet. Then someone recommended we pick up Scott Fletcher on our journey to Utah. This is when my brain started thinking “Man…that’s a lot of nerds in 1 vehicle. We’ll need a van.” Then a few twitter folks decided they would also like to be picked up during our cross country trek (Some out of our way, some not.) So I decided to ask directly. “If you want to ride the nerd bus tweet ‘I wanna ride the nerdbus’ #nerdbus.” After a few minutes, I was getting requests from all over the world and some were including seating requests. At this point I was afraid I would be annoying people with all my tweets about the #nerdbus so I hopped on over to Godaddy and bought the domain name (because it’s on sale.) I set up a quick forums page and asked people what Nerd Bus meant to them. You can check that out here.

I also asked for sponsors and @maphook was kind enough to volunteer it’s support and to drive the bus.

So that’s the story. From simple idea to a movement.

I think it’s a cultural mindset of nerds wanting to get out and meet more nerds and be part of something hopeful and what better way to do that than to get on a big ole bus and ride it all the way to Nerdtacular with the nerdiest people you can pick up.

Brian D.

UPDATE: There is also a thread on Twitter that has sprung up that is a hybrid of #moviequotes and #nerdbus. Nothing can stop the bus. Ride the bus.

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