The Final Score #4

Recently I have been playing a lot of casual games such as Plants Vs. Zombies on the iPod Touch and The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom on the PC (Steam.) While I love casual games, sometimes I need something that only a full blown game title can give you. However, full blown titles cost full blown cash and as a result I have to make a decision on what game I will pursue.

I do not buy games unless they are part of a franchise I am already familiar with or I have already played a demo of the game. So this past week was mostly about me trying out demos. The first demo I grabbed was Split/Second (xbox 360), a racing game. I’ve been flirting with the idea of a good racer. I haven’t been dipping into that genre much lately so I spent some time focused on Split/Second and Blur. Both of which are coming to the Xbox 360 in the coming weeks. I won’t say much here about the games as I have already said my piece on The Final Score podcast. Let’s just say I prefer Split/Second.

I was all ready to preorder Split/Second before the recording of the show. However, Steam (PC) had other ideas. They are/were running a special on a Codemasters Racing Pack. The pack includes Dirt, Dirt 2, Fuel, Grid and Toca Race Driver 3 for only $17.95. Well, that sealed that deal. I’m cheap and these race games are going to keep me busy for a while. Especially Dirt 2. I still want Split/Second but I can probably wait a little while longer now.

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Joe Murray Kaboing TV

I have the honor of talking to Joe Murray this next week about his new project he is trying to get off the ground. KaboingTV. Joe is the creator of Rocko’s Modern Life and Camp Lazlo.

KaboingTV will be a place for Joe to host his animation bits as well as episodes by other artists. If you are interesting in helping out please go to this projects Kickstart page.

Baldo Turns 10

That’s right folks, the comic strip Baldo has been in syndication for 10 years now.

To celebrate Carlos and Hector hosted a party line style love in. They had guests and fans who popped in and asked questions about the comic and their careers. I was lucky enough to be invited and was very pleased to be there for this milestone moment. I was able to get a question in and I was entertained with the answer given…SCORE!

Carlos should be posting the recording of the party line soon. When I find out where I will post it here as an update.

Until then be sure to check out Baldo at

Congrats to Carlos and Hector. Here is to 10 more years.

Tongue Compulsion

I went to the Dentist today and had my teeth cleaned. That was this morning. 12 hours later and my tongue is sore from exploring my new polished teeth feel.

Why won’t my tongue just leave my teeth alone!


I often wonder what it would be like to be blind. I mean I already have poor vision. But that is a far cry from not being able to see at all.

I like to think I would be the type of person who would stand up to the challenge. I Imagine the first thing I would do is install some type of text to speech on my computer so I can hear my email and blog comments.

Could you deal with going blind?


After posting this article I received a very inspiring comment that I would like to share.


Funny you should mention this subject, as I have a genetic disorder that is making me blind over time. It is a loooong drawn out process with crushing headaches as it happens.
Once I got past the initial depression/panic I began to educate myself in ways to interact with the world…text to speech/speech to text, began research into learning brail, spending considerable amounts of time having my eyes closed and a host of other things (seeing as much as I can and appreciating my sight while I have it).
I can say now that I am feeling good about my ability to handle the change. I’ll have to give up WoW and a host of other technical goodness but that is ok. Still plenty of things to do to keep myself enteratined.

Thank you Cory for sharing your story with me. I have always felt a kinship with those who have lost/losing their sight or hearing, something that we often take for granted.

You are my hero. I marvel at your attitude as you face this situation.

Brian Dunaway


I saw the most convincing possum this morning. He was lying in the road with his guts hanging out. That’s what I call playing possum.

Hopefully, he will be feeling up to the awards ceremony later this month.