The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) – 

Alright, in this scene we need some Birds and a few fog horns and some dingys off in the distance for this harbor shot. Caw Caw.. Caw Caw. Ding Ding Ding.. Meeeeeeee Ooooooooo…also…here…drink this coke. It’s transcends time and pays for this movie.

Something clever. Coke. also, something clever. Coke

Twitter:  The Philadelphia Experiment – The Final Countdown in reverse. What if they were two ships in the same time hole.


Stuff I Loved:

I think you are confusing your 1940s with something earlier?

Dudes will do anything to get laid. Including joining the military.

Time to mix this junk up.

This is more my speed…time to point to the sky and spin my finger around.

Hey soldier. You knocked up your gal.

Sound Foley. I need some Birds and a few fog horns and some dingys off in the distance for this harbor wide shot. Bam. Done. Caw Caw Caw. Ding Dingy. Meeeeeeee Oooooo

Activate the rainbow one (activate the rainbow connection. Muppets)

Generator activated sir. Time to put on your glasses dramatically

Sure are a lot of tubes in this room.

You just need to make it invisible to radar…not the world.

Hey…didn’t we already watch this movie one time…what was that movie where the aircraft carrier traveled through time? was that 1978?

hehe…don’t go overboard of a ship if you have no idea where it is spatially.

Flash Flash Flash. What do we need to do to make it look like time travel.

What is that?

Run Jimmy! It’s some kind of future hover craft.

So the helicopter chased Jimmy..saw him electrocute himself on a fence and didn’t bother following up?’s crashed and burned.

Nice pants…sailor.

ha. Welcome to the 80s. How you like our women?

Worst part of going forward in the future. You probably ain’t got nearly enough money to survive.

Also, Schlitz connection. at the restaurant…next to the arcade machines.

Scotty’s Junction.

The future is full of titties and noise.

Hey…it’s robocop lady

“Hey lady…get off the phone…I’m from the 40s…you ain’t got no rights. Shoo”

What’s wrong with your hand sailor. How about you not dirty up my forks.

hehehe….Love pa.

I can’t drive your new fangled machine! what is this? a chevy? automatic?

Why do people always freak out when you ask them what year it is?

Newsflash. We won WW2

What the hell do you mean you quit cigarettes?! who quits cigarettes? My doctor said they make you refreeashing

Hey!! A Commodore 64 spotting at the secretary at the army base.

That lady is a dude.

We’ve all got problems honey.

Got this kind of brooklyn accent going on.

Pretty sure I heard a falcon screech when Jimmy went back in time.

Keystone cop military.

Ha…love the scene in the elevator. Let’s act casual for just a minute…like I am not standing right next to you.

“We opened up a hole Barney.”

Hehe…news casters from the 80s have weird news sets.

Rainbow digital

I got you some magazines…I figured you were a sailor from from the 40s…so I got you Boob.

Phew…Caller ID was not a widespread thing in 1984…you can’t do the call and ask something weird and hang up anymore.

Man…Coke had a huge part in this movie

What the wormhole!

We have a city and a battleship in our time hole and a coke can!

Your pops was at least 70 or 80. Why you crying. He did good.

Pam is all like…what the hell…are you some kind of Vampire!!

All the doors sound the same when they close in this movie.

Is that Jimmy? Sweeeet. He made it back.

Way to go. Jimmy is thinking he has lost his mind all over again.

That dude as at least a 10 gallon hat.

Jimmy doesn’t have a high tolerance for anything.

How hard is it to drive a car without a windshield? I mean..

Ahhh….remember when cars use to roll over and burst into flames. I miss those days.

do you have any idea how smelly horses are in a cage like that. No way are you making out.

Oops…I did it again. Professor time hole.

Hey Starbucks friend. You driving this thing or what?

Wonder how many wind machines they had for this movie?

I applaud you for not dragging out long goodbyes

When we said turn off the machine…we meant to push the off button…Not bust all the tubes up…but we do have to admit…that looked pretty darn cool. Good job sailor.

Hey Davey…how about telling Jimmy to keep all that mess to himself so they don’t have to lock him up. Goober.

sweet. dude buried into the ship. Hope that wasn’t Davey.

Scotty, Brianie and Briannie and…Randy Lou.

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