Dumb ditty dumb ditty dictation

Friday afternoon finally work is over and I can get to the weekend.

Another day another dollar another dictation as I walk down the street

In preparation for a new final score tomorrow I had a chance to play. A game. Known as to the moon.

Can you put that in quotes

“To the moon”

Yes you can.

A fun little RPG action adventure kind of game thingy.

That has an awesome soundtrack and even better storyline that pulls at the heartstrings of any gamer.

Turn in tomorrow Saturday, January 11, 2013 is Scott Johnson Nicole Spagnola and myself talk about what we played this week.

On the final score https:///final score

And now a selfie




 Currenlty I am involved with several podcasts. I have no art projects on tap. I am working on several tech projects. 


I podcast on Thursday night at 7:30pm on Comics Coast To Coast

Friday night is The Final Score at 5:30pm. However this has occasionally been moved to Saturday afternoon at 1pm Eastern Time.

FilmSack every other Sunday at 4:00pm.

Today (Monday Jan. 6th, 2014) I will be on an episode of CordKillers. Possibly the first episode or possibly another beta episode? It is at 6:30PM.

….be back