Rain On Your Parade (2021) – Boop Show Show Notes

PLATFORM GamePass Ultimate Xbox/PC also, steam and switch DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER: DEVELOPER: Unbound CreationsPUBLISHER:Unbound Creations RELEASE DATE: Thursday, April 15, 2021 VIDEO https://youtu.be/AE5PWiefAEw Me Playing AUDIO CLIPS https://studiom80.com/brian/boopshow-287-rainonyourparade-part-1.mp3 ^ Launch Trailer Audio https://studiom80.com/brian/boopshow-287-rainonyourparade-part-2.mp3 ^ Game Play Audio HOW LONG TO BEAT 5 Hours https://howlongtobeat.com IS THERE ANY DEALS 14.99 (part of gamepass) https://isthereanydeal.com/game/rainonyourparade/info/ DESCRIPTION You are a… Continue reading Rain On Your Parade (2021) – Boop Show Show Notes