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Narita Boy (2021) – Boop Show Show Notes

On Xbox Game Pass PC/Console
DEVELOPER: Studio Koba
Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Me Playing Horribly! Fast Forward as much as you need. Get to Servo-Horse!
^ Launch Trailer Audio
^ Game Play Audio
6+ Hours
part of game pass ($24.99)
Become symphonic in Narita Boy! A radical action-adventure as a legendary pixel hero trapped as a mere echo within the Digital Kingdom. Discover the mysteries behind the Techno-sword, lock swords with the corrupt and tainted Stallions. Save the world!
Some amazing neo-retro stylings wrapped around a hack and slash platformer with plenty of backtracking woven together with the suffering of the digital world creator told through collectible memories throughout.

Outstanding music that drives the emotion and action and almost becomes part of the story but not quite. These Stallions sent forth by HIM ain’t the Wild Stallions I think of during the 80s. But I did enjoy my ride on my mech enabled Stag (my spirit animal)…well…up until I didn’t enjoy it…and then I was like. F this
Art: a unique neo-retro style that employs a crt effect.
Animation: Really great! Fun to look at for sure
Music/Effects: punching above its weight class.
V/O: pretty nonsense but fitting
World Building: pretty good fantasy. Could use less techno babble
Currency: good will and floppies
Gameplay/Loop: metroidvania a little lackluster
AI/NPCs: dumb as dirt and on rails
Controls: mostly works when the task is not improbable
Interface: not that great. Health disappears when not in battle?
Replay/Endgame: like any metroidvania…long waits between visits
Score: 7 Wild Stallions out of 10 Cyber Stags
Tags:Metroidvania, Adventure, Retro, Platformer, 2D, Pixel, CRT
Play on show
hints: 2005 feels like 2021
Contra III: The Alien Wars
Next Week (optional)
SCOTT: Dunno yet
BRIAN: Wildfire (Humble Bundle Monthly for April)
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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – Boop Show Notes


Oh hi,

How does a 2.5D Physics Puzzle Platformer with graphics that look like they came from a late 90s 3d animated cartoon and has story elements of a Pixar movie crossed with The Dark Crystal, Where the Wild Things Are and Labryrinth sound? Does it send chills down your gaming fingers?

Well it’s free on Xbox Play Pass if you got it. Otherwise…pony up that dough for some literal magic marker goodness. Also on the Switch and PS4.



While this review is coming in 2019 for a game that was originally released as an Xbox console exclusive in 2013, it still holds up. If you get a chance I would recommend this 6 hour puzzle plat-former that is currently available for free with Play Pass on Xbox. Also, available for a reasonable price on Playstation or the Nintendo Switch. The switch being my preferred choice platform after free! The game is great fun while relaxing in bed.


Access to this game was originally as a Demo on the Switch and later on my Xbox One S as a free game on Play Pass.

This feels like late 90s 3d animation. Like Jimmy Neutron…probably the hair.

No Felix. You little shit. Stop breaking my stuff

Time to tap into the occult. How else do you handle a little brother!?

Hit Giggle…Feeling Punchy….https://handysorcery.con/

Oh no. Looks like a monster from Where the Wild Things Are.

Mom is totally going to kill me.

Hurry up run.

The 2.5 perspective works well here with some action going on in the background while you focus on the foreground elements of platforming.

Liking the color palette choices.

The music matches the action pretty well. It swells where it should and give me a sense of urgency…which in some cases is needed and gets me into a flow…which eventually kills me when I get to a puzzle I haven’t figured out right away.

I’m chasing them. They are chasing me.

Hang on Felix!

Ohhh…This is the sequel to that magic marker Max game. I get it now.

Neat use of magic marker raising platforms so complete puzzles.

Oh…that brain frog is just weird and gassy. SPLODE!

Hey! You like some physics in your puzzle based platformer? I do

my shirt says M for MAX!

Puppet wielding tree lady upgrades my marker with magic powers.

Oh no…It’s¬†Mustacho¬†! wants to absorb FELIX

Mustacho has eye balls everywhere…kind of like a cross between Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal

Spikey Turtles! Big Mouth Yelley Beasts! Cthulu Looking Brain Slugs.

Smiley Town ain’t so smiley