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The Karate Kid Part III (1989) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hai.

Daniel-san, please sit down. We need to talk. Daniel-san, you are no longer a KID. You are a 28 year old man…A Daniel-man… and it is time to grow up. Perhaps get your own….your own…Daniel-man is that my bonsai tree? The small tree from the side of the mountain and its likeness that I have on everything in my home, shop and your gi. Hai, I forgive.

Sniff…sniff. What is that stink? It smells like old foot powder. Hai, just like my fizzy green foot powder. Daniel-man, have you been using my things again? Oh Daniel-man…tell me you didn’t use that after midnight? Oi, then do not eat my special sandwich in the fridge. You already did?…you know what…Hai, I forgive you.

Daniel-man, are you even listening. Hai, you are thinking about that new girl across the street aren’t you. Yes, hai…I know that’s what you love about those high school girls. You get older, they stay the same age. You know what. Take your plastic-metal trophy and get out Daniel-man. Sweep the leg.



The Karate Kid Part III (1989) – Like spending Daniel-sans college money on a little tree shop. Both were doomed to failure. Just sweep the leg.


  • What…there are 3 of these…WHAT…4! and a remake!
  • Let me sum up.
  • Kreese is not doing well. He lost everything! Noooo…all his students lost.
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal Silver.
  • “Slope?” is that a racial thing?
  • Cobra Kai – Never Dies.
  • You need a vacation from being an a-hole…head to Tahiti.
  • Meanwhile Daniel-san and Miagi returning home from Okinawa
  • Nah Nah Nah…That bum of a landlord sold
  • Heading to College.
  • Great Job with a Dance Company…couldn’t say no.
  • Uncle Louie and that giant bell…she is 2 feet away…who gave him that bell.
  • Door Chimes are Chimey.
  • Miyagi should open a Bonsai store…
  • Yukie..oh man…Miyagi spent all his money on Yukie’s home back in Okinawa
  • I bought you 20 Dojos…What about those 2 jerks?
  • Sauna Plotting while talking to a Massage Table Kreese Mimona…I know…give her a squeeze…I know…make his knuckles bleed….oh I like that Johnny! Full time
  • Daniel spent his college money 1 month security 2 months rent. What kind of education is that.
  • What that? Opportunity is knocking.
  • Daniel-san is such a sucker….
  • Oh man…Daniel-san is totally stoked about Real-Estate…forget Martial Arts and
  • Mr. Miyagi’s Little Trees
  • No hugs…bows only.
  • Scheming while relaxing.
  • Where were we Margaret. Lighten up Margaret.
  • Snake and Dennis.
  • Root Karate comes from Mr. Miyagi. Strong Roots. Free to grow as you choose…find your own Karate.
  • True Bonsai is rare and valuable.
  • Devil’s Caldron.
  • True Origian Bonsai. All Karate is found in Kata.
  • We make fake Bonsai..snip snip…
  • Is there enough money in Bonsai trees to keep a business going.
  • New Rule at All Valley…The Defending Champion only needs to fight in final round.
  • Karate to defend plastic metal trophy has no meaning.
  • Pottery shop. Jessica Andrews. Ripped her boyfriend’s head right off.
  • She lives upstairs of her pottery shop.
  • Terry Silver just creeping around like a creep…
  • Burn my confusion…Let’s let our Karate means something.
  • Bad Santa Silver
  • Friend Zoned!
  • Why do you call him Mr.
  • Make a vase…Karate Lesson.
  • Snake and his gold rope necklace.
  • LaRusso sleep on it.
  • You…you can dream about me.
  • Good Karate, Bad Karate…Snake is playing Good Karate to Mike’s Bad Karate
  • Terry Silver has no boundaries
  • I buried John last week. He died from heart attack. No! Heart Break.
  • Mr. Silver is a snake tongued snake
  • I never say no to Mac and Cheese.
  • The Down Stairs
  • Hey…lock the shop door or snake will come in and turn off the lights.
  • Hey Dennis! show that panel who is boss.
  • Kick to the gut…all that Mac and Cheese…right to the Jessica’s Mac and Cheese processor.
  • Mr. Miyagi likes to beat up kids and then sing.
  • Shoji Screen.
  • Feeling lucky Mr. Miyagi…you just got robbed.
  • $10,000 dollars for a Bonsai tree. Always 5 to 10 thousand dollars to solve problems.
  • It is the tree that Mr. Miyagi has on everything and you are going to go dig it up and sell it…what a jerk.
  • This is some pretty good green screen…it can’t be green screen on the climb down. This has to be projection…man this looks so much better than green screen…
  • OMG the tree is in the water! Salt Water!!
  • No big breaks.
  • 3 rules. Silver Sayings. 1. A Man Can’t Stand, he can’t fight. 2. A man can’t breath, he can’t fight. 3. A man can’t see, he can’t fight.
  • I need me a wooden board dummy.
  • Mr. Miyagi has a fortune in cars…
  • New Foot Poweder Smells like Old Foot Power…Green and fizzy.
  • Silver is a master manipulator
  • Sneaky Foot Powder Thief.
  • He did it…he made his knuckles bleed.
  • “Get out of my way, White Boy”
  • Silver is propositioning that kid.
  • “Stranded here on the high wire…above the fire…it’s a long way to fall.”
  • You got suckered Daniel-san.
  • Sweep the leg is not going to work.
  • Kreese is alive!!
  • Fighting can only take place in the dark.
  • Poor man’s Steven Seagal
  • There will be lots of laughing in this Dojo
  • Dyna Tox. If you give.
  • All Valley under 18 champion.
  • That ref is very loosey goosey with the disqualification.
  • Music intensifies.
  • There are going to be some new rules during next year’s competition.
  • Ok to lose to opponent, it is not ok to lose to fear.
  • Your best Karate still inside…time to let it out.
  • Your Karate is shit. Your Karate is a joke.
  • Take your shit shirt you loser!
  • We did it!