Swashbuckler (1976) (101 minutes – Rated: PG)

Pirate spotting 101. 2nd level pirates look like french mime Shirts.. 3rd level pirates are even easier to spot. They have to wear 2nd level pirate hand me downs. Which may include weekend tank top versions that may or may not cover up most of your manish hairy side boob. C’mon. I don’t need to see that.

Twitter:  Swashbuckler – Bringing back a genre that should have walked the plank a long ago. Yarr. You big black ape! Moonbeam!





Stuff I Loved:

Where is Johnny Depp?

Come on you crazy fool

Where does one get a matching red belt for your matching red pants, boots and pirate shirt.

Boat full of lonely sailors don’t even notice the only lady on the ship  jump naked into the ocean. Cept for ole red pants. He grabbed his dingy…and well…he rowed real hard. Innuendo intended.

I wonder if Ray’s dad told Marie he was going off to be a Lord?

2nd level pirates are easy to spot. They look like French Mimes. 3rd level pirates have to wear 2nd level pirate hand me downs. Which may include a tank top version that is even less attractive than second hand pirates. If you can believe that is possible.

You big black ape!

Moooonbeam! Good ole Lou Albano.

Love the winch who is eating the banana.

We don’t have to fight. We got the big laugh. Screw you…nothing can defeat the big laugh.

Knives, Tumblers…they had tumblers back then?

Hey Jamaca…you got enough knives?


The Blarney Cock

What the crap is edward spoon hands doing to Beau Bridges on the couch?

Peter Boyle’s feign death was awesome.

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