Road House

Roadhouse (1989)  114 min  Rated R

Road House is a 1989 action film directed by Rowdy Herrington and starring Patrick Swayze as a bouncer at a newly refurbished roadside bar who protects a small town in Missouri from a corrupt businessman.[3] Sam Elliott also plays a bouncer, the mentor, friend and foil of Swayze’s character. The cast also includes Kelly Lynch as Swayze’s love interest, and Ben Gazzara as the main antagonist.

Opener: Hi. I’m 80s Swayze…the best Swayze…and you may not know this about me. But I can communicate with horses. True true…I talk to Uncle Jessies horses at the place I am renting from…we have crumpettes and tea and talk about the rich man next least Until he flies in with his helicopter and then we run like crazy…wheee he he he

Twitter: Road House – like the sign over the toilet that says “don’t eat the big white mint”  It may not be neccessary but it makes you giggle. Double duece

Stuff I Loved:

Road Horse: Not the movie you were expecting.

Bumble Bee dress

There are only a handful of classic 80s movies that I didn’t see during the 80s. This one was one of them. Top Gun and Footloose were the other two. This one has been the only one that I thought I might have actually regretted not see sooner.

I think it is time you gentlemen leave.

Did you just stab me? For reals.

The double deuce?

The kind of place they sweep up the eyeballs afterwards? what the hell?

Pecker Head….one of my favorite phrases after Scroat Bag

For A Great Buick? Is that the car salesman guy later?

Drain The Main Vein

Hey Uncle Jessie. I’m home

3 rules

1. Never underestimate your opponent

2. Take it outside

3. Be nice

It’s a sears credit card….It’s ok… We have tools here. “There….I just made your movie better

What! I can’t do it doggy style on my break? That’s crap!

You the boy from the double deuce?

Hey boy? What you doing out there with no shirt on? You trying to beat up the wind?

If you are going to send your dream team to beat up Dalton. Might could do better than Jake and the Fatman and a quarter of Simon & Simon

Degree in philosophy. Man’s Search for faith. NYU

Pretty sure no one has ever picked up a doctor lady with….”Meet me at the double duece.”


Not real sure when I am supposed to be laughing during this movie.

He Hates These Cans!!

Terribly Observant Hero. Trope.

No…No a hobby horse does not have any dick. Wooden or otherwise.

Man that Sam guy sure is sexy.

“Don’t eat the big white mint.” Potty humor

Urban Legend. Fat Guys can fight.

Town of flip floppers. Yay good guys….yay bad guys…everybody loves a winner!!

Getting a little Doctor Side Thigh

she is making duck faces

You got a woman up there?

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