Daily Draws Sketches Thundarr The Barbarian

Daily Draws – Thundarr Action Sketch

Over the bot and to action

Working out some more ideas for my finale for my Thundarr sketches

By Brian Dunaway

Hey everybody! It's me. Brian-O! I hope you are enjoying the website. SNARF!

5 replies on “Daily Draws – Thundarr Action Sketch”

I like it, dispite the weirdness. I have no smeg-ing clue what that thing on the ground is.
I’m also a little confused by the strange pose of your barbarian. Kind of looks like he’s leaping forward while kicking to the side at the same time.

hehe…this is as bad as explaining jokes…but…the thing on the ground is a really rough sketch (just lines) of a robot bad guy from the series…mostly just a place holder…Thundarr is hurdling more than jumping…the reason his foot going outward is due to the fact that the robot bad guy has been hit and is flying towards the viewer and under his leg. Ookla has hit the robot bad guy and is the reason he is flying towards the viewer.

Ah, knowing that, it doesn’t look so weird.
Not too clear from the drawing itself, but that’s probably due to it only being a sketch, not a finished drawing. Still, love your work, both the drawing and the podcasts. 😉

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