LockOut (2012) – Now, the next part is very important. The French are going to take you. Emilie, stay focused, baby. This is key. You will have 60, maybe 90 minutes. Very important minutes. Leave your personal communication device on the floor. Concentrate. Shout out everything you see about them. Hair color, eye color, tall, short, irish. Anything you see. You understand?

also, Penal Area

Twitter: LockOut – made me wish for a  Rated R Rainman. Yeah…definitely F You…yeah…F… you yeah. 22 toothpicks. Also, Penal Area




Stuff I Loved:

You bent my cigarette.

I’m gonna make a lots of banging your wife jokes.

Hey it’s the crazy Russian from Armageddon.

What happened in that motel room?

Mace is calling

It’s a double cross.

His name was Fuck-u. He was Asian.

Guy beating him up is Rupert.

Take my Zippo.

Apparently in the future…if the ground forces fail. Then…we shoot the hell out of you with the helicopter.

Oh man…that building to window slam is awesome.

Music is pretty good. Very appropriate.

Oh man. The motorcycle (monocycle? no front wheels) chase scene is almost unwatchable. I can make better graphics on my Amiga.

We have secrets about a space program?

Hey. It’s the guy from Jericho

My dog’s name is Snow

mace has really bad luck. Drops his gun in a bump and blows away a cop.

Snow really hotboxed that cigarette. Also, cigarettes in movies…making a comeback?

Abraham Lincoln bust in the future white house.

I just need to see the First Daughter…yeah ya do.

Hey it’s the chick from Taken. “I want you to listen very carefully. You are going to land on a supermax space prison…and bad things are going to happen.”

Penal Area…hehe…MS1…get out of my Penal area

Your radiation suit will beep? It better scream.

Let’s put these prisoners to sleep. Minority Report. Judge Dredd?

We don’t allow weapons are the prisoner side..but sure…why not…let’s pull a ConAir and sneak one on anyways.

Spade? Is that when they take your nuts out?

30 year statis on MS1? What kind of punishment is Statis?

“Can’t she out of the eye anymore?” What is he saying. I need subtitles.

Irish are bad. Let’s put them in space prison.

People locked up always have really good sense of smell.

What was he? A pop cocker? I really need subtitles.


Hey lab boy…alarms are going off on the space prison. When someone runs through and tells you to hide. Hide!!!

Oh…Wilhelm Scream as prisoner walks out of stasis and off the bridge.

You know what I would do if I was in a prison and came out of stasis. Get into a huge fight! Cause I am in-sane-s

Shouldn’t the sleeping gas come on automatically when the alarms go off? nope…let’s depend on a guard to do it 15 minutes afterwards. So close.

If I can’t beat up the boss…I will shove a lab assistant

Love button pushing irish psychos

In the future. We get our own telemetries. Well..if you are the president’s daughter anyways.

Let’s send in 1 man. That’s the plan.

Castrate myself with blunt rocks.

Snow and his FBI/Gmen buddy are pretty good at passing notes in class.

Wait…this movie was made after we retired the shuttles. So we go back to the shuttles?

We have a place that is not on the schematics.

Space Madness!!

Far from me to tell you how to suck eggs.

Warden always get’s the shit end in these movies. Wardens are always corrupt.

haha…seen something like that….ahhhhh…love crazy irish guy

mmm…hate when the alternate camera is capturing someone saying something facing away from the camera and is obviously not saying what was filmed. Like when the negotiator is begging for them not to kill him. Lamers

Luc Besson is awesome! better than Van Damme

What is a Sherman tank? It’s 70 years in the future.

What would an action film about breaking in some place be without environmental or cooling ducts. GIANT BLADE FANS!

Aright, floating tube fight is pretty cool. I squinched my butthole.

hehe…I love the prisoner who asks…”what is that?”..when they were watching the tube tortion fight over the closed circuit security system. Shutup.

Worst secret service agent ever.

NOOOO…why can’t they ever find a way to inject stuff that ain’t painful.

ahh…the classic movie face to crotch fall. FELATIO!

President’s daughter is kind of a douche. Pretty little spoiler princess

She asks him “Do you always….” a lot.

Do not MacGyver my makeup and hair

Bowling is still a thing 70 years from now?

Think this movie would have been better as an alternate universe instead of in the future.

Hey…we finally escaped stasis…let’s all stand around and form clicks like in a regular prison.

Have you ever headbutted someone in the nose….have a feeling it would still hurt like hell…especially if you missed and hit their teeth.

Democrats in 70 years…that’s a thing…and so are the jokes.

Oh…man..2 weeks of stasis really screwed Mace up. Now he is Rainman with tourettes.

Rated R Rainman. Yeah…definitely Fuck You…yeah…fuck you yeah.

Wow…not many redundant protocols if your whole plan to keep a space prison in orbit depends on 1 dude…who is on the prison!!

Man. You really can’t trust crazy skinny prison guy at all.

Snow Fall is my callsign? You get Home Fire and I get Snow Fall…eeesh. c’mon man…

Maybe one of the best bad guys in any filmsack movie

I’m too fat.

Would love a free fall suit

Our hero hates heights….but wait…he has to do height things!!

Emily sure runs out of oxygen a lot in this movie.

Would loved a Liam Neeson cameo.

Hospitals do not change much in 70 years.

Good thing that code was easy to remember.

Where did Snow get cigarettes?

Why would you take a very fragile piece of tech and put it into your pocket when it has been safe in your zippo lighter through hell and back..

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