CONGO (1995)  109 min Rated PG-13

Congo is a 1995 action adventure film loosely based on Michael Crichton‘s novel of the same name. It was directed by Frank Marshall (a frequent collaborator ofSteven Spielberg, who directed another film based on Crichton’s work, Jurassic Park) and stars Laura Linney, Dylan Walsh, Ernie Hudson, Tim Curry, Grant Heslov, and Joe Don Baker. The film was released on June 9, 1995 by Paramount Pictures.[1][2]


Twitter: Congo – made me feel like i could use a “ghost tribe”  “flash mob” me to see what level of dead I was…hint…it was punch to the tim curry kidney dead…who knew.

Balnese monkey chant

The ghost tribe have several levels of dead. This movie was every level of that.

Several Levels of dead….level 1  taking a nap and they buried you…level 2…you are just resting your eyes…they bury you.

Stuff I Loved:

Is that Bruce Campbell?

Love how each bit of opening shot has it’s own music

We got satellite from the Congo

The old man….RUDY RUDY RUDY

This whole place has the shimy

Blue Diamond Lasers

Why are you all wet Jeff?

Jeff you can’t swim worth crap and you retrieve your bags poorly as well.

Where we are going we don’t need eyes

You kill Bruce Campbell in the first 7 minutes of your movie…you are lucky I don’t turn you off.

“It’s the future!”

Let’s play a little doom.

Amy is a moonkie!

Born without the organs of speech. You mean like a throat!

Amy is a good gorilla and pretty.

It was the monkey…in the forest….with the fist of god.

Amy….needs a mint….amy….bad breath….halitosis.

I wish they wouldn’t lie to Amy…amy is hardly pretty.

 the poor man’s Tim Robbins

you’ll pay for the fuel? do you think this is a vw bus hippie?

ugly woman

The money hairs on the back of my neck are going woo woo woo

stop eating my sesame cake!

Monkey lover!!

Time for a plane song.

Love that pilot. He looks like the explorer dad in The Wild Thornberrys

We need more flares!

Something to be said about a movie that is, on the surface, stupid as crap and unbelievable…yet…you get sucked into the action. Swept away!

Push me please…harder please.

Tandem jumping with a Gorilla

Amy wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the jungle by herself. Amy…getting eaten alive…amy…wants to go home.

Smoking in the Congo!!

Pepsi spot!

The old man makes me laugh when he gets angry..

If your equipment takes a simple tumble into a grassy soft dirt and is completely destroyed…maybe you should rugadise that crap.

Full moon monkey love is noisy and sounds a little bit like blue suede shoes.

Snake rhymes. Black and Yellow kill a fella

Amy…licked toad…amy…high….amy…eat whole cooler of bananas…amy…shit entire contents of colon.

Zulu ghost tribe…thinks they are invisible.

They are sensitive…they are forest people.

Several Levels of dead….level 1  taking a nap and they buried you…level 2…you are just resting your eyes…they bury you.

Find a dead guy in the forest…flash mob him.

Ok…now he is dead.

Gave her the banana with the dope inside.

Break into a capella song!

We have talking monkey!

The open eye.

Hungry Hungry Hippos! Light family fun at home…a bit more severe in the Congo

.nothing better than a running Ernie Hudson.

The diamonds are here!!

Laaaava Tubes

Do not mess with white gorillas diamonds.

Martini Drinking Gorilla

They domesticated gorillas

Gorilla boneyard

This place is not safe….

Pretty sure that is not how diamonds work. Laying in the sand to be easily plucked by the first Russian who come along..

Gray Gorilla wants his diamonds

Oh man…Pancreas punch! Kidney punch?

Hey even the hippie shoots gorillas.

Oh man…the gorilla beat down…nothing worse than the Gorilla beat down.

My Lava tubes are bleeding!


Ugly gorillas…

Could you at least teach the gorilla gender roles. That is dad…not mom!

Oh…laser adventure music.

How do we solve problems that can not be solved with bullets. Lasers. The answer is lasers.

Amy is all like…mom…let go…mom…let go…you are pulling me into the lava

Guess that communication equipment wasn’t as broken as you drama raged on about earlier.

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