Strange Brew (1983) – Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi you hosers, Geez I just woke up, I don’t know about an intro. Just, take off you nobs, You’re still here…. well, then let me tell you how to get free Filmsacks: First, you bribe Scott at the front desk with a couple of Jelly’s. He has a whole drawer full. I’m […]

Pumping Iron (1977) – Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, Mr Olympia Lost and Found, how may we pump you up today. Ha ha ha. Just a little levity sir. Yes, I totally understand. You’ve lost your shirt and that’s no joke. Ok so, can you describe the shirt for me. It’s red. Right, well we have a lot of red shirts […]

Matchstick Men (2003) – Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi Filmsack Men, Who shall we con today? The listeners? Little Old Ladies, Randy? Hmmm… .unsure if I meant Little Old Ladies THEN Randy or Randy likes to con little old ladies…. or perhaps Randy is just really into geriatrics.  Show note problems…am I right? Well I hope you enjoyed that little distraction. […]

The Manhattan Project (1986) – Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, Yes Sir Mr. President, per your orders, we dropped that bomb on those filthy cold war Russians.  But I’m saddened to report sir… that we had some pretty unexpected results… Instead of dirty burnt radiated Ruskies it appears all we did was make their hair fuller and shinier. They couldn’t be happier […]

Lost In Space (1998) – Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, Danger Scott Johnson. Danger. Brian doesn’t think he wants to live in a future where robots refer to themselves in the third person and announce every directive, program and subroutine. Robot powering on. Robot defragging. Robot  rebooting. What if robots today announced what they were doing while they were doing it. “Roomba […]