The Towering Inferno (1974) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, Oh man, you guys won’t believe all the vintage crap I found at an estate sale over the weekend after the little old lady down the street passed away. Let’s see. I got pack of Virginia Slims, $140 dollars worth of vulgar underwear, One of them old school corded phones with 9… Continue reading The Towering Inferno (1974) – Filmsack Show Notes

The Shadow (1994) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, Welcome to that most wretched lair of villainy, The internet. A series of pneumatic tubes that lead into the homes, apartments, businesses and back alleys of our lives. Do I know what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Oh yeah….you better believe I do. I’m the tube man. Hey Billy how… Continue reading The Shadow (1994) – Filmsack Show Notes

The Devil’s Advocate (1997) – Filmsack Show Notes

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Under Siege (1992) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, Hold on a second guys, I have to make a quick phone call. Just a little upcoming party planning business. ok…let’s see 1-800-Big-Ole-Teeth…hmm…that seems like too many digits. but what the hell. Ok…it’s ringing. “Oh hello, is this Gary Busey? Oh good. Listen I am calling on behalf of an interested group… Continue reading Under Siege (1992) – Filmsack Show Notes

Virtuosity (1995) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Please insert Show Intro 3.1…Loading… Oh hi, and welcome to Filmsack Labs where we straddle the line of what is possible and what is unquestionably going to end in a symphony of screams. This week we have been working on bringing Virtual Reality based AI into the real world by inserting their programming carts… Continue reading Virtuosity (1995) – Filmsack Show Notes

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

INTRO Oh hi guy, This week on Filmsack we are mining the very depths of Canadian Horror Entertainment … (exasperated breath) …. SAH-ree guys. I don’t know if I can do an intro this week. I’ve just been pretty bummed ever since I found out they canceled the Valentine’s Day Dance. I was really looking… Continue reading My Bloody Valentine (1981)