344 – Commentary Track for DS9 S03 E10 “Fascination”

By Scott

Spin up DS9 season 3 episode 10 on Netflix and watch with us!

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343 – The one about Spawn

By Scott

An elite mercenary is killed, but comes back from Hell as a reluctant soldier of the Devil.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they eat maggot pizza.

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Spawn (1997) – Show Notes


Oh hi and welcome to the Marines!

Semper Fi: Do or die!  However, if you do DIE. Be sure to go to straight to hell, do not pass go; do not collect 200 dollars, That’s a joke son, laugh cause you are going to hear a lot of those when you are dead. It’s a real yuck fest in the afterlife.

Anywho, While in hell be sure to make a deal with one of the devils down there. Personally,  I prefer the badly rendered ones.

Be sure keep an eye on the time. A 5 minute meeting in hell can turn into 5 years real quick. Cause, Hell?

When you get back, be prepared fight pun flinging clowns and bearded bad guys with pace makers the size of one of them Electric Lady Schick Razors.

Also, if you run across a kid that keeps calling you Mister. Go ahead and chop it’s head off. It’s a demon in disguise. “Hey mister, you ok? Hey mister, your face looks like a burnt turd. Hey mis…chop!”


Spawn (1997)

Directed by Mark A.Z. Dippé. With John Leguizamo, Michael Jai White, Martin Sheen, Theresa Randle. An elite mercenary is killed, but comes back from Hell as a reluctant soldier of the Devil.

Spawn (film) – Wikipedia

Spawn is a 1997 American supernatural superhero horror film based on the comic book character of the same name. Directed and co-written by Mark A.Z. Dippé, the film stars Michael Jai White in the title role, and is the first film to feature an African American actor portraying a major comic book superhero.



Spawn (1997) – This movie hits you so hard and fast that it’s like being hit by a happy Algerian seeking missile to the face.


Like a military grade gun combined with a super soaker. It’s hard to tell if you are having fun when getting shot in the face. Nope.


Release the Doves of hell

That escalated quickly. Peter ain’t gonna be too happy about burning down his gates.

I got a rocket on a tripod.

Splinter Cell’d

This the type of movie if you ain’t AIS  as soon as the movie starts you gonna be asking be me a bunch of questions.

Happy Algerian guy. Waver heat seeking missile

He is the watcher with the bad hat. Bad Hat Harry

and now is the time we dance.

this is some giant sized opening credits. or opening credits from hell.

This is going to be the “From Hell” joke episode

Tricia Takanawa (Family Guy) reporter

5 o’clock Martin. Sheen

writing P.S. is fine…saying P.S. is weird

Why ask why…when how is so much more fun.

Burn that cigarette Sheen…draw in heavy.

What did that

I’m drinking JAVA!

Spaz guards the house and Wanda.

Wait…was he drinking that coffee before he gave it to him. I don’t want your backwash coffee or your thermos coffee…people with coffee have no bounds.

Why did he glow green? was that a ghost fart?

mmm…kill zone was not clear.

She got a leg gun.

The only direction these actors got was…act like a dick…

Trope…just one more operation.

This is a “subversive” arm of the military.

playing them bongos. just the outside…around the rim and shaking these maracas.

I not only do my kill job. I look angry while doing it.

ahhh hell…that gun is a super soaker with Nickelodeon slime…which is super flammable.

That lady is disgusted by Al.

Hey, why you gonna blow up Al you already done burnt him up with flammable goo.

Straight to hell you go Al. You don’t even get to see the pearly gates.

HELL DOVES! coo coo coo.

Hell is a dirty back alley behind a catholic church? I suspected as much.

my beautiful face

The “Hey Mister” kid…I need more of that in my life.

“Hey mister, you don’t look so good.”  Thanks kid. “Hey mister, you smell like you shit your pants.” Thanks kid “Hey mister, are you as dumb as you are ugly.” Beat it kid.

A new spawn…a spawn of hell.

Fragmented memory. 5 years of change makes Spawn angry!


That is a scary ass clown.

So what is the green glowy thing…what does that represent.

Spaz still loves me.

Is that kids name Cyan?

Crispy is clowns side kick. A Jiffy Pop Accident.

“Don’t want to keep that side of potato salad waiting.”

Dude…if that clown showed up to entertain my kids…I’d be like “nope.”

So many flash backs.

Don’t mind being short fat and ugly…but the pay sucks.

Clown farts green.

Nectoplasm? is that what they call it?

D-E-D dead

He yells Wanda as he goes to hell like Mortal Kombat.

He talks without moving his mouth. Weirdo CGI creature.

Spawn looks like a burnt up Slim Good Body.

This is one of those fast moving no stops movie.

I have never seen anyone hanging out and playing rock music during a storm in a cemetery. I’ve never seen that.

Why did Dead Al try to grab demon Spawn Al?

Scream like this…

Punch a dude. Develop super costume.

I didn’t know Road Side Dives was shooting at the cemetery. Thanks Guy Ferarararar

Spawn and the dead can die if you cut off their head.

Pizza maggots. I never seen maggots get a hold of pizza like that. Do they eat pizza?

Took Sheen 5 years to grow a beard and the assassin girl is still wearing the same thing (aidan priest). Oh wait…was that his 5 year plan…to grow a beard?

oh…burn wipe…

Cape burn wipe!

Is that lady in the green a power ranger?

Oh Priest bedazzled her costume

Priest should not be talking about others costumes

I wish I had a belt that could block crotch shots. best superpower ever.

Spawn still thinks he needs guns.

Who shoots at a guy climbing a wall…

Cape power of changing. That’s pretty cool.

That time spawn almost fell off the building.

Hope no one is looking out their window…gonna get shot in the face.

My cape is cool.

Do we really need a special effect sound for everything. That cape is noisy.

Did they really have to take her all the way to the ambulance before they figured out she was dead. Are they putting her on ice?

Could clown spit more. intentional or just a an awesome side effect of special effect appliances?

Spaz is like 90 in dog years.

I got to admit that Cheerleader scene with Clown was weird, hilarious and kind of rocking.

The big demon sounds like Claw from Inspector Gadget.

Oh c’mon…no way do you leave your dog there. That’s BS.

Shut up and eat your rotten sandwich.

This is gonna pinch.

Al, Zack and Spaz on a mission!

What dumb asses would insert a trigger for a bomb that would kill everyone.

I could eat worms. I could not eat mayo and worms.

“Curious Crispy”

Clown alternate ego is violator. Who looks 10 times cooler than hell demon?

That is one bad alley.

“You been violated girly man.” That is only a gag that would work for Hans and Franz fans.

Did the clown just sing D-I-C-K-I-N-G as the Kissing in a tree song.

Love me a computer who says out loud what it is doing. like “Downloading secure files.” SHHHHHH

Do ambulances come to back alleys?

Kinky. Chain up Spawn

Costume Trillions neuron extensions.

Well now that you have explained that I can do it…watch me do it…but I got to make grunty noises…even though it is all thought control.

Spawn has more to learn? I mean he like more than 2 minutes of training.

Spawn just sent that kid on a quest to find Spaz…dead or alive.

More rules. Spawn has to protect his powers…when they are depleted he dies.

They gave Clown more one liners than Beetle juice. Has any character ever had more one liners?

He only speaks in puns.

Spawn Cycle. He just spawn it.

Spawn is no good at cycles.

What kind of music is this.

Clown flying through the air…gotta cap that.

“Reading secure files.” The not so discreet Cortana.

Shoot the monitor logic. You shoot the monitor…you destroy the computer and all of it’s contents.

Getting a Roger Rabbit moment from the clown.

That kid didn’t even scream.

Are you a regular Einstein? what is a “regular” Einstein.

Now…cutscene to demon from hell laughing…sure…why not.

“I will rip your heart out…how specific.”

If Clown can look like Wanda. Maybe you should reconsider Clown as your friend.

“See you in Hell Jason.” What year was this? was that a setup. Was that the 5 year plan?

Wow…now that is cool…he can eye suck things out of people?

How big does a switch attached to your heart need to be? That would have killed him.

Getting a Mask vibe…what year was that?

Pretty much everything in hell looks like shit. Whoever shot these can go to hel…wait..

Get stabbed in the neck…explode…makes snse.

Army of Spawns.

Spawn is despawning the whole place.

“You will never escape me…unless you fly up the way you came in….nooooo!”

Spaz really does know where he lives.

Clown has more lives!


What is Clown made of?

So…this was the beginning. But it wasn’t…it was the end.



342 – The one about The Manhattan Project

By Scott

A teen and his girlfriend make an atomic bomb with plutonium stolen from a scientist dating his mother.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they make a serial killer.

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The Manhattan Project (1986) – Show Notes


Oh hi, Yes Sir Mr. President, per your orders, we dropped that bomb on those filthy cold war Russians.  But I’m saddened to report sir… that we had some pretty unexpected results… Instead of dirty burnt radiated Ruskies it appears all we did was make their hair fuller and shinier. They couldn’t be happier when we flew back by. Where did you say we got that plutonium from? Ithaca?


Yes, Hello…is this Kremlin? This is top secret KGB agent reporting in. I have just returned from American nuclear facility in Ithaca. I have brought with me samples of American plutonium. I must say the mission was easier than we had imagined. Ronald Regan American’s are so over confident of their security that they left full sample on a table unguarded. However, if this sample represents the full force of the American’s might then we can sleep well comrade. Early tests have shown that their plutonium is not a very effective explosive. I feel so safe with this container that I slept with it under my pillow last night.  I was surprised to discover this morning that it had sprung a leak during my slumber. When I woke up I was sure that I would have radiation sickness. But instead my hair has never been fuller or shinier. and smell it….oh…this is a phone joke.

Yeah I know that’s not how that works. But this movie could be called “That’s not how any of this works…now get out of my glove box KidGyver.


The Manhattan Project (1986)

Directed by Marshall Brickman. With John Lithgow, Christopher Collet, Richard Council, Robert Schenkkan. A teen and his girlfriend make an atomic bomb with plutonium stolen from a scientist dating his mother.

The Manhattan Project (film) – Wikipedia

The Manhattan Project is an American film, released in 1986. Named after the World War II-era program that constructed the first atomic bombs, the plot revolves around a gifted high school student who decides to construct an atomic bomb for a national science fair.


The Manhattan Project (1986) – Like having an exit sign on your bedroom door. I thought you were a genius.


Like asking what motion detectors are for. You know what they are for. you know. you know.


Big ole thumb pushing buttons.

On has a smiley face

This is magnetic. Here is my spoon.

My job Push the button.

is it a good idea to hold you hand over that

Nickelodeon slime.

Truck transports in the middle of the night.

is that a DeLorean in the neighbors drive?

How smart is this kid if he needs an exit sign on his bedroom door

what kind of moron flattens a rounded scoop of Quick

Valium or heroin. that is a wide spectrum there kid

Roland is a dick. No one wants to be a Roland. Let’s blow him up

When did we stop making separate keys for glove boxes and ignitions…or doors for that matter.

Me, my books and my memories are moving in

Happy bike riding music.  Down a country road. You don’t see that much anymore

What are those? Motion Detectors. What do they Do?! Detect some kind of motion?

“Three Yellow Suits to loading please”

Is this some a Mountain Dew bottling facility?

I could use about 2 minutes less of watching robots load plutonium onto racks.

Watch me light my cigar with a laser. Oh GOD! I CUT OFF MY FINGER! Do lasers light stuff or burn holes through stuff.

Lithgow has far too much access to lasers.

What’s that? “Lubricating oil for the robut.”

Are we implying that radiation is creating 5 leaf clovers?

“Are you cold mom? Tough shit. I ain’t your monkey boy.”

This kid is a goofball. He gets his jollies from blowing the horn and digging through gloveboxes.

“Here kid…I got a really loud puzzle toy.” Spin and done.

Hey genius. You just blew my my frozen juice into my blender. that’s gross No way am I drinking that.

I have a TV on my shirt. it’s a TV on my shirt. Now I’m watching TV! I’m ironic!

Doctor Strangelove is in there hitting on my mother and watching my TAPES! MY FUCKING TAPES! TWO FOR THE ROAD also. The day the earth stood still.

So this kid is the GloveBox McGyver

That whole place is nothing but warning. Radiation. High Power. Do Not Enter. Do Not Touch.

KidGyver keeps some weird shit in his bag. One scrubbing glove his mother has been looking for for weeks.

For reals. Do you have any idea how much a bottle of VO5 is! I’ll kill ya.

First. Why the hell would you steal plutonium..in a plastic jar no less…and replace it with VO5. They are going to bomb Russian and all that is going to happen is some very clean smelling Ruskies. Is that offensive? You drop a Vidal Sassoon bomb on me.

What does it say about V05 when the color and consistency is that of Plutonium congealment

So he is going to duct tape nuclear material to his remote controlled Subaru? Sounds like a good plan

This is a really elaborate plan he came up with. A modern movie would have a planning montage to lay the heist out.

This has gone from cute little prank to “they are going to bury this kid under the federal prison after they shoot him.”

Where did that security guard find lug nuts…cause I never have extra lug nuts hanging around.

That married security guard is drooling over a high school girl.

I’ve seen more of the inside of glove boxes in this movie that all other movies combined. Makes me think I am not maximizing my glove box

Weee…let’s make a nuclear device!

I’m learning all this stuff…now I must circle this device in yellow highlighter!

Learning how to make a bomb montage.

C4 is surprisingly easy to acquire in movies

Did the VO5 got 99.998%? (update: nope. it was flat. Just like my hair after using VO5)

This is the most fun anyone has had making a mass murder device. Why is this music so happy at the weirdest times.

Son…why are all these cantaloupes cut up weird. are you experimenting…sexually? We got an American Pie situation in the kitchen but with cantaloupes.

These computer models say you are smart. Let’s plot it!

Just a little murderous mayhem is all

This is more nefarious than Flubber

haha…sexually abusing the hamsters…I wish!!

And my science project is GIANT BUBBLES! made from VO5 at the 45th annual science fair

Them nerds are into her. SHE LOOKED AWAY!

He left the bomb in the car. probably the glove box

If you only have 87 dollars to get to Ithaca. What would you do?

This move has more drug references than I would have suspected

Jenny…you save’ed us…I want to be your wife

No way would they let this kid go this far. He would have been dead already

Thing that grossed out Scott. Kissing after smoking or putting in an ear bud after taking it out of a sleeping guys ear on the bus.

The one black guy in this movie has to hand the white mom the phone. ANSWER YOUR PHONE BITCH

People used to never hang up pay phones

Don’t make me put my nuclear weapon together.

This is how nuclear war happens. Escalation

this is the worst Ithaca Standoff I have ever seen.

Shoot her!

The bomb turned on spontaneously. So a kid who made a home made nuclear bomb made a mistake. That’s an F

This plan has went from bad to worse.

The core got stuck half way in…hate it when that happens

damn cheap ass photo strobes

That is way more hairy dudes holding clippers within inches of one another for me. Grossed Scott out.

Mom has been trying to use her Boom Box all day…but she can’t find any D Batteries

How you gonna get rid of us all. Ya bully.

Too many secrets. Like Jenny smokes.


341 – Nerdtacular 2017 live The Last Dragon!

By Scott

In New York City, a young man searches for the “master” to obtain the final level of martial arts mastery known as the glow. Along the way, he must fight a martial arts expert corrupted with power, and rescue a beautiful singer from an obsessed music promoter.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they escape using breakdance moves.

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