Blade Runner (1982) Show Notes


Blade Runner (1982)

R | | Sci-Fi, Thriller | 25 June 1982 (USA)


4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)





[These are the show notes I use while recording the Filmsack podcast with Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan and Brian Ibbott.]

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"Alright then, I guess you guys are just going to make out like a couple of horny Replicants right in front of my lonely single existence. Soooo I'm just going to go make some breakfast with Mini Kaiser and Napoleon Bear. Say, how do you guys like your eggs? Over crazy? How about boiled in a beaker?  Mmmm...sciency....NAPOLEON BEAR..NO..STOP  TOUCHING YOURSELF THERE...BAD BEAR...Coo Coo....Cooo Coo"





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Twitter: Blade Runner (1982) - You were made as well as we could make you.




Two Versions/One Thought: Theatrical Release & Final Cut.


Blade Runner (Theatrical Release/Netflix)


An 80s homage to the Film Noir Detective stories from the 40s and starring, one of my favorite action stars from any era, Harrison Ford. A slow, sometimes uncomfortable, SciFi "thrill" ride from Ridley Scott loosely based on the Phillip K Dick story "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep."


My first experience with Blade Runner was as bite sized chunks that I would catch while channel flipping TV on Saturday afternoons. My memories of this movie were mostly of the part with the half naked lady in the transparent rain coat getting blasted. Cause, half naked lady was half naked.


When I was in college I revisited Blade Runner on video tape and consumed the whole thing in one sitting. I remember the movie being a 3 hour epic with confusing themes and weird dialogue.


Fast forward 20 something years, I'm a lot older and a lot more sophisticated; I drink coffee and have adult conversations. I watch Blade Runner on Netflix and/or Blu-ray and can choose from 3 versions of the film. So I picked 2.


To my surprise the movie was just under 2 hours in length for all versions; Not the epic I had remembered. In the theatrical version I discovered the confusing themes were due to some poorly added voice over dialogue that muddled any vision Ridley Scott may have envisioned. In all versions, the weird dialogue was still weird but it was mostly contained to just the Replicants. Which could be explained away by saying the Replicants weren't quite human and to boot they are off worlders who have seen a lot of crap and could have a skewed perspective due those experiences. After all, these Replicants are seeking to question their makers.


Overall, this is a visually beautiful film in all of it's versions. It has managed to hold up to visual scrutiny 30+ years after it's creation. That is an amazing feat!


My final call, Blade Runner is and always has been a slow ride with beautiful visuals, some weird dialogue and keeps you wonder "what's your point Ridley Scott?"


Blade Runner (Final Cut/Blu-Ray)


Mostly the same with 100% less voice over narration by Harrison Ford and 30% more eye squashing by Rutger Hauer. You wouldn't think those 2 elements could make or break a movie. But it does.


The Final Cut version did not include the "Then she walked into my life ..." narration, which was a common theme found in some of the most memorable films from 40s detective noir era. In this case, the theme only serves to remove all the mystery from the characters and in the end makes for a much different and less interesting film.


This is the version you should watch!



Show Notes:


One moment please while I render this company's tree logo on my green monochrome screen from 1982. Blzzz...Blzzz...Blzzz...would you also like me to print you out a hard copy on my Okidata Dot Matrix printer? Sir Run Run indeed.


Loving the music thus far.




Time to read the movie!


Not execution but called retirement. Remember that word. seems important. also, the word Replicant is in red. As in the blood letting. As in sacrifice. As in in I'm just implying Christ.


LA, November 2019


This place be burning some fossil fuels.


The Eye.


The Pyramid building


Ceiling fans, smoking, intense lighting...Yep...we got some Noir


I already had an IQ test this year...


SciFi face your creation across from a table.


Leon is a jerk...why would he flip a tortoise over onto it's back in the desert.


Hey...Leon shot first.


Off World


Koss Headphones...They still exist in 2019


So are we in China Town? or is LA now China Town? Or is this Japanese Town? Did we know the difference in 1982?


News papers in 2019


Voice Over! This is not only SciFi Film's SciFi Detective Voice Over Noir!


You BraydRunna


Police 995


I love gritty scifi tech.


Giant Japanese Lady Face selling me shit on the side of a building.


Flying cars...this movie is 72 percent flying cars.


It's always hot in Film much sweating, smoking and fans.




In case you didn't understand the discrimination against Replicants...the word skin-job is offensive as the N word...cause Replicants are slaves.


I was quit when I came in here...and I'm twice as quit now.


Edward J. Almos just made an origami chicken...what is he saying...Deckard is a chicken?


The screening room.


Son. You got a panty on your head.


Roy Batty! He's cray cray...


Zhora...Off world kick-murder squad...what the hell is that!


A Pleasure model


Setup...emotional response is coming.


A 4 year lifespan. Nature will fine a way.


Why is Almos wearing a world war 2 flying ace helmet..always.


Hey!! you can see the sun from up here in my pyramid.


There is your 40s looking dame.


Deckard has a very black and white view on Replicants at this point.


What kind of glasses are those? Quad-Focals? If you were looking for a fashion statement you failed.


This movie is very much about the eyes...So far no one has glasses except for Tyrell...and he has some crazy ass glasses.


Cat-Skin wallet!! Don't mind if I do


She's a stone cold Replicant.


So...boiled dog....that's the last question...that's the deal breaker?


"How can it not know what it is..." There is a hint.


More human than to human.


That tub is nasty!


Almos is always creating little totems.


Atari! in 2019...sure...why not




So sweaty




Hey..where are you kids heading to on your bikes? Are you in a gang?


Hey!! It's our favorite...James Hong! Huh!


Don't pull on my durn tubes!!


You not come here...Illegal.


William Blake sorta quote.


I do eyes...just eyes.


Look at those cat whiskers James Hong


Why is Brion James putting eyes all over me...literally.


Did they kill Hong? Is that implied?


I'll tell you about my mother...she was gun...pew pew pew.


Future cars are all Pacers. Well the non flying kind anyway.


Deckard 97!


Voice controlled stuff is common in 2019


I notice there are no cell phones in the future..from 82


Memories and photos are important. They are what make us human?


...and a 100 baby spiders came out...and ate her..


Art - requires Intention and Interpretation.


Misdirection is important in creating a compelling story.


Just gonna cover myself up with some trash.


She's like every cat I have surprised.


Where are your brothers Daryl and Daryl?


Daryl Hannah's haircut is the scariest thing in this movie


"Plenty of room for everybody..."


I was wrong...JF's Kaiser and Napoleon Bear are way more scary.


You sure got a lot of photos for someone who is not a Replicant.


Enhancing Leon's photo is like seeing a dude's penis in the reflection of an item you are buying on Ebay.


Not fish! Snake Scale...head on over to Alibaba Town.


Taffey Lewis...All the time pal...


Public VidPhon's are grody


You ain't gonna get no proper lady down in your


Miss Salome! Worst stripper name ever...wait...did they just imply that people don't have sex anymore and Miss Salome was using the snake in an immoral way?


I love Harrison Fords nerdy government man impression. Little dirty holes!


Most animals are not real. We done really screwed up the environment.


Kick Murder Squad implies that these lady Replicants use kicking followed by the murdering.


Eyes are always watching.


Good to see the Hari Krishnas as still around


Cross Now...Cross Now...Cross Now...Don't Walk...Don't Walk...


That is one serious pistol


Noooo....not my window display!


I remember this was the first scene I ever saw from Blade Runner. I was flipping channels and Harrison Ford was shooting some lady running through glass windows...


Move on. Move on. Move on.


Painful to live in fear.


Nothing is more painful than having an itch you can never scratch. I've stubbed my pinky toe on the edge of a coffee table before...that is much worse.


Deckard is often comparing himself to Replicants. Misdirection to keep you wonder if he is a replicant...but really it's to make you similar are we really without beating you over the head with it. ever take that test yourself?


Nope...passed out drunk.


Ahhh yeah...take down that hair you up tight Replicant!


Deckard dreams music...and unicorns.


That reach back when she walks away from Deckard..that is an awesome shot.


So they show passion like this in movies anymore...or is it too close to abuse now? Is he going to punch her...or kiss her.


Japanese Richola Commericial


You look like an inverted skunk...and now the implied cray cray coo-coo clock.


What type of mouth gear does JF have on his Napoleon? Why does it have the shakes. JF...your Napoleon is begging you to kill it with it's eyes. Gurgle Gurlge...kill me please.


Daryl is 25! It's glandular


JF lives in a house of crazy


I like to boil eggs in a beaker...hope you like your eggs scienced!


Wow...that was offensive Rutger..."we so glad you found us"


I am in a serious state of decrepitude myself


Time to meet the creator.


Setting up the rules for why Replicants only live 4 years.


You were made as well as we could make you.


Rutger Howard will make out with anything! Kiss of death.


Excuse me while I crush your skull. Ohh...there was much more eye gauging in the Final Cut version.


Come back here JF...I got something to show you! Roy is killing the creators.


"Have a better one..." I need that on a shirt.


Pretty sure that is what's Tony Cox stripping Deckard's car.  I wonder how many Ewoks were in this movie


Another flying blimp movie. The future is full of 'em


I want a laughing doll...that just laughs all day...


I thought Pris was the love doll...not part of the kick murder squad.


I genuinely felt afraid of Daryl Hannah in this movie...the flopping scene was just creepy as creep can be.


Replicants can jump through the walls!


Little man. That is the second time he has been referred to as the little man.


Ouch...breaking some durn fingers.


The hunter has become the hunted


He has on the war paint.


Now he is tapping into his primal rage...he is the wolf....


Flys...flys...everywhere. You are in a chicken coup Deckard...and the wolf is coming. That is what Gaff predicted you would be.


Roy is shutting problem...a little tetanus will fix that.


You better get it up!! Run...


Why is Roy doing the counting poem? Six, Seven go to hell or heaven.


Roy wants Deckard to fight for his life. To live in understand what's it like for a Replicant?


That's what Roy and Leon both ask him.


Why did Roy get naked during the chase?


Fans and's the Noir way.


Rutger is so tan here...his white hair makes it even more so. In a world with no sun...he really looks other worldly.


The bells are tolling. Must be near the end..


....where the hell did you get that dove from Roy?


A slave lives in we are slaves to our creator because we fear death? only getting rid of fear are we no longer slaves? Probably reading too much into that. tears in the rain...those moments will be lost...unless you take a photo! We Replicants love photos!


Let the dove go.


So..the nail was a sign that he was going to become a martyr


You've done a man's job sir!


Gaff left the Unicorn in the hall! How does he know what Deckard dreams? Is he a mutant. Can he see Deckard full of Gaff's memories and Deckard is a Replicant?


We have lost our humanity and it has taken the Replicants sacrifice to show us how to have empathy again. 


The Saint (1997) Show Notes


The Saint (1997)

PG-13 | | Action, Adventure, Romance | 4 April 1997 (USA)


4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)




[These are the show notes I use while recording the Filmsack podcast with Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan and Brian Ibbott.]

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This week I thought I would try to predict 3 miracles that could elevate this episode of Filmsack to sainthood. "Saint Sack." Miracle One, Randy, I'm going to need you to stay within 140 characters or less on that twitter post this week brother. Miracle Two, Scott, no talking about Elisabeth Shue's hygiene or feet. I know her last name is this will be tough. Miracle Three, Ibbott, No clever Batman observations. Like how Bruce Wayne and Simon Templar were both orphans and were both played by Val Kilmer and got married in Vegas or some something. Now Saint me!





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Twitter: The Saint (1997) Like sketching a statue in the cold cold dank.....wait is that marble experiencing shrinkage? Miracle number 4!


Show Notes:


Paramount! A Viacom dealy


Angelic Music...James Bond almost


Elisabeth Shoes!


Ignatius Ophanage.


The Knights Templar...


is he is a priest...why is his napkin so large?


I hate this book!


Children of Sin! Bastards! Named after Saints. Catholic Priest who gave away all oh his belongings.


Fruit cage! Cage the fruit.


The old punish everybody if you don't do what I say.


Lock picking level 12


Lady Lockdown...


What is up with the skew a view shots


Is this an orphanage or a prison...they brought out the dogs.


Perhaps I will take you to my Ha-ome in africa.


Oh you bad got the girl killed.


Sony tech. Learn by tape


Statue arm camera...thought it was going to go on a nipple.


Friends, Countrymen, Russians.


I am batman....


Watch full of Cocaine.


So much Sony Tech. Saint Sony


It's a tiny tiny chip.


Suck me sideways...hehe. have a gun on me at the edge of a ledge...wonder if I will jump.


Midair Mustache Removal is my favorite.


Catch me if you can.


Computer Cab. The precursor to Uber?


Why 50 million? Will we find out later!!


boris the spider and the human fly


Public Place meeting.


Room full of doctors




Favorite disquise. Middle Aged/Big Teeth Skeptic


Lady doctor has post it notes all over her apartment.


I need me a swiss army tool of


Floppy Disk on a Macintosh? Apple IIE...what is that...Screen shows one thing but he is in front of a PC


Penis statue. I has a penis statue


Who wears leather pants and sketches naked statues.


I carry around the formula for energy in my underwear


Character has flaw heart problems.


Elisabeth Shue is very breathy and gentle


Filming must have taken place at some very overcast areas. They did some practical effects to brighten the sky in several scenes.


The Close up scream.


Let's get nek'd scene


I liked this movie the second time I saw it...when it was called Master Of Disquise. Thank you Dana Carvey!!


Oh man...that satellite/cell phone with texting capabilities back in 96


Elisabeth Shue has the ability to be sexy without being trashy.


"Fly...don't buzz off..." Clever texts


Trivia :
HELSINKI- Nokia has paid Paramount Pictures a $1.2m fee to feature its Nokia 9000 Communicator in the Hollywood blockbuster `The Saint' which is currently being released globally, according to a report in the Finnish newspaper, Turun Sanomat, which quoted unnamed Nokia officials."It makes a real statement about Nokia's ...Apr 25, 1997


The Nokia 9000 is used by Val Kilmer when he played Simon Templar in the 1997 remake of The Saint,[4] and by Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock in the action comedy Bad Company.
Geo location by cell phone.


Victim become investigator


The rat race


Platters of cash...the only way to deliver your winnings.


Master of disquise will eventually disquise as his nemesis.


Name that saint game


Blow job implied. While you are down there.


These Russian Guards look like Castle Guards for the Wicked Witch Of The West.


The most memorable scene of the movie. The Cold Water Scene. Everything in Russia is so cold.


Just trying to warm up with Elisabeth Shue...totes worth it.


Bad guy with a cane...but doesn't need one...very pimpster


Russian Power Struggle


Got to escape in the water tubes.


This lock pick/survival knife has everything...including a welding torch.


What you wanna bet this is going to be minus.


You ever lifted a man hole cover?


What a conviently located gas main inside of a sewage/water main...this tube has it all.


American Embassy! The real hero of any movie in a foreign country.


Except in that movie with Owen Wilson.


The Saints real superpower is his magic flash bang distractions he always sets up so he can disappear


The bad guy son


Thomas personal saint.


We set up the rules. Be a really good person and perform 3 miracles. So let's wrap this thing up.


Digital Fax!


The weird Russian doubt they have his daughter locked up somewhere.


I wish I understood formulas better. Most scientist can see when their is a solution to the problem...


The Russian President is a fool to trust an American.


Friends...Countrymen...Russians!...this is my thing


Cold Fusion gonna blow you up


Kind of gave me chills. Is that even how Cold Fusion all that light radioactive...I wish I understood science better.


Miracle 1. Cold Fusion Lights.


How many endings does this movie have.


The Criminal [Name]


Russians like titling their criminals.


Miracle 2 is arresting the bad guy?


A proper rogue.


Love this music.


So is she the girl who fell at the start of the movie or not? That's what I remember


Cold Fusion Mumbo Jumbo.


Such an upbeat movie


I love you Simon is a miracle? These miracles are lame.


Oh snap...she did it to you...she left you.


Orphans...Bastards at best...comment...yep...that's her...Does the saint know that?


ahh...the finally pink panther style escape. Damn!


In other philanthropic news.


Hey! It's a halo!


AEon Flux (2005) Show Notes


Æon Flux (2005)

PG-13 | | Action, Sci-Fi | 2 December 2005 (USA)


2.0 Stars (2.0 / 5)




[These are the show notes I use while recording the Filmsack podcast with Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan and Brian Ibbott.]

Listen here: | Discuss here :

Intro: Hey Monkey Hand Feet (Casandra)...why don't you be my Tripwire Canary and run through this organic minefield of crazy dystopian weaponry, so I don't get hurt. spider walk! spider walk! spider walk!






YouTube Trailer


Twitter: AEon Flux (2005) - Like male pattern baldness 400 years in the future. Sorry Daryl, still no cure! But we do have monkey hand feet! monkey hand feet! -@thebriandunaway




Show Notes:

mtv astronauts!


grody....flys puke when they land...puked right in the eye.


2011 is gonna suck!


That look when you pass someone on the street....and they are too close.


Goodchild is da boss.


mmmm...Guilded cage got a panty on your head.


Oh...remember slow mo walks down steps.


What are these...rainbow ninjas!!


Nature is pissssssed


I wonder who the rebels are...could they be the goth looking people


Grossest way to exchange data capsules ever.


Brain Freeze!!


and now I am playing Assasin's Creed.


Eon! That is how you say it.


Walking and astral projecting! Sounds risky. of the future proves that photos will one day be holograms encapsulated in amber.


Clothes of the future are stupid looking.


Ninja Gymnist Assassin


The pool of tears...that ring is crying


She is disrupting the monitoring!


Why is there a fruit pool?


This Kitchen seems very Asian.


Shot in the face!!


She wasn't a Monican...she was a Dominican.


The one thing they get right...insensible sleep wear


Why would your ear phone implant wouldn't be able to see it...


hehe...penetrate his security


Hey got some kind of pollen coming out your mouth


Monkey hand feet!


I should replace my feet with other body parts.


This garden is organically armed to the teeth.


Things that work in animation do not always work in movies. Like this whole movie


AEon was very thin and alien looking in the animated series. It made sense for her character to slither along like a scorpion. Here...not so much


Good thing AEon has her monkey hand feet friend to find all the booby traps first


The room of red chairs. I make all my decisions here.


A leader named has to be the future.


That has to be the worst arm scar map ever.


Just let me switch my eye ball into ....scary as f*ck mode...



Whistle controlled marbles to the rescue...We scrub so you don't have to.


Seems like jumping over the portholes would be the most inefficient way of travel. I mean it looked cool..


Token black guy of the future. Was this 2005? C'mon!


Stop...hammer time.


Trevor tried to dope dope still a word in 2500 whatever the hell it said.'s a chemical a bottle...message in a bottle! BTDub


Aeon is always trying to take a man's head off.


Nope...not interested. Would not go down the steps that opened up in the floor.


Geez yourself much? Look at all those paintings of yourself.


All this technology


This leather spider garter belt is very slimming...and now I'm somewhere else. So many little space


oww...gas pipes to the back...ouch. Earring gernade pin pull hurts like a mutha


I see there is still no cure for male pattern baldness in the future.


Water Tech has really come a long way.


Betrayed by monkey hand feet....that really hurts.


I think the casting director said..."looking for people with unique faces to play parts in movie about the future..."


The GoodChild Blimp.


The big jellyfish in the sky says I should be eating more fiber.


She is going to Cirque Du Soleil this GoodChild Blimp


Well this blimp is full of weirdness.


Milking this fruit


Extricate her.


Why is the watcher in some kind cone of shame. Are they afraid he will like his butt and pull out the stiches.


All secrets are revealed...we are the Children of Men


This should be called the fingore movie are that guy who's face is everywhere!


Everywhere you go there is some announcer lady telling you how things are going to go down.


Gross...ripped scab - band aid brand.


Garret. was all in the baby book for the 25th century.


The "Lost My Research" Trope.


Aeon Flux...breaking necks is what I do.


Oh my goodness Wilhelm Scream.


Something to fight for...Casandra.


What you doing? Are you gonna blow me up?


I've waited an hour and a half and I am tired.


You look like a pig in a blanket old man. Some kind of futuristic thermal foil pig in a blanket.


Death by blimp. It almost happened to me!


Thanks for the good times AEon Flux. Now go away.

Eraser (1996) Show Notes

Arnold Schwarzenegger Eraser


Eraser (1996)

R | | Action, Drama, Mystery | 21 June 1996 (USA)


4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Intro: Oh hey, You're early...what's that? Was I just upstairs taking a revenge poo in your toilet and now wiping my poo hands on your towel? C'mon Lee...I'm Daryl the bad ex-boyfriend and I am only here to do one thing... and that is to get railed to that wall in 3...2....1... ouch.

And now for a very important PSA....Hello Young Ladies,  let me talk down to you for a minute.  If you break up with a boy...get your keys back...Don't let a revenge poo happen to you.






YouTube Trailer


Twitter: Eraser (1996) - Time to pucker up, here comes some bad James C(aan)PR...mmm...Funyuns.





This is how you tie a boot


Fore Finger...middle finger


Time to burn the Birth Cert.


Blade in the belt buckle...will it be used!


Every time I see a doctor's glove I think of prostate exam


This music is pretty awesome so far. suburbia


Nobody hits from us Johnny...


So the subtle Frank Sinatra in the background makes me think they are implying these guys are mafia connected...isn't that right...Vinnie.


That is one big ninja


Shutup! Do it!


Those are some mighty light corpses. You ever tried to put up somebody? There is a reason they call it dead weight.


Right...Those son's of bitches.


Why wouldn't it work without an audience? This isn't don't need an audience to your house blowing up.


Apparently you only get erased once. That's company policy.


I didn't ask you which one was fake...I asked you which one was real...jack ass.


Just going to drag these photos from the "used to been" to the "is now"  screen.


A bonified good person.


Stupid corrupt Cyrez corporation


Broach cam! 


Oh...a blackout.


This is how I image Redbox functions on the inside.


Do I have time to make another copy? sure...why not.


Boss blows his brains out in front of you. Cheap trick.


Man...Arnold is so sanctimonious in this movie.


This disc is blushing.


What do you think your Dell from 1996 is going to be able to do to decrypt your redbox disc.


Damnit Daryl...You just let yourself into my house when I'm not here...did you take a shit and shower in my bathroom? see Daryl...this is why we broke boundaries.




ahh man...I was just about to pull the trigger...then a car pulled up...I guess I better wait...ooh balloons!


This rail gun is the balls!


Am I playing Quake right now? Pew Pew Pew...Rocket Jump!


Ha! The household refrigerator...protector of the innocent.


Drill bit gernade! My favorite thing.


Analog thermostat and a ripped gas line out of the wall..that is going to work. Eventually...


Nooo...not Daryl...


Hey Daryl..."Stick Around" - I couldn't resit.


Reporters always make it worser.


Undersecretary...what is an under...secretary.


Have you ever tried to break a's impossible.


Don't burn plastic...the ozone is crying


This is turning into The Equalizer...I don't want any payment...I want your loyalty...


This movie is offensive to women. Actually, it's offensive to human beings. This credit card is for emergencies's not a license to shop...cause I know you women like that.


Orphans? that's a restaurant? Orphans?


I make this cup of coffee look you guys have a smaller cup?


Are these chumps with you?


Shiff and I'm Calderone..


Peeled her like and onion. mmmm...


John Crew-Garrr


A weapon for every orifice. 


Allison is inside making muffins. (women are puny)


That is not how CPR works Caan....CAAAAANNNN...


What a world what a world what a world....kissed to death by James Caan.


1996...this is early on cheap bottled water.


No John...don't beep her...that is exactly what they want.



You do not want to throw a chair into the engine of the jet you are riding in.


Oops...threw my parachute...guess I better go get it.


Well that was easy enough.


oh man..did that hurt? That had to hurt...I saw it.


Is that how backup chutes work?


Nothing worse than your mentor betraying you. He knows all of your tricks.


Arnold did not get to drive even one nice car in this movie.


Somebody got to beat up those teenagers with the zoo animal harassment sticks.


What kind of Secret Handshake ends with you shooting me in the leg!


You expect me to believe there is a Black Guy Named Bob Who Owns A Tow Truck and Junk Yard in Upstate New York? Is that the story you are weaving? I right! That was one cool ass scene...never happen...but...shit...that was good graphics for 96


You're Luggage! That wins the movie...I can turn it off now. Done.


No gay bar has ever been this gay.


Where did you get this cheap knock off shit...Ultra Seltzer? Did you pick these up in Utah?


Movie security guards are only confounded by Pizza Deliveries and Janitoring. 


Defibbing is a fun party game.


Electronic door locks are easily bypassed  by shooting them.


It's a unix system!


The human gernade. It's really the worst way to go.


Quick! To the roof! I have a helicopter there...we will fly away!


Tony Two Toes! Oddly...he got 3 toes. But Three toes is just stupid


That rail gun is sweat! Man I want to play me some FPS games.


Did he just Rambo up out of the floor? Yep... Two guns!


Typical Russian Mafia.


Typical Italian Mafia...the lesser of the 2 evils.


Damsel in distress...check.


I was literally yelling at the screen by the end of this movie..this movie has great timing and music...made my butthole pucker.


Damnit dropped a crate on me. I should be dead.


Hello...? Ohhhh...we are on the train tracks!!!


Won't someone please think about the train engineer.  Stop using trains to exact your revenge. It's inefficient.


Going downtown...gonna blow you all away





Constantine (2005) Show Notes


Constantine (2005)

R | 2h 1min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror | 18 February 2005 (USA)


5 Stars (5 / 5)




Intro: Ok...Yeah...Hello, I'm a bad Keanu Reeves Impression...Woah...and I just crawled back from hell to drop some knowledge about my goody two-shoes doppleganger, the real Keanu Reeves... Excellent...Listen...The man is obsessed with chairs. Like the Red Chair in the Matrix with Morpheus and the pills and the talks. The Jack-In Chair in the Matrix. The Jack-in Chair in Johnny Mnemonic...You are welcome Ibbott...The "Al Pacino is the devil... and a Chair" on the promotional poster of Devil's Advocate....and That one time on the subway when he gave away his chair. IN REAL LIFE!

If Keanu had a spirit animal it would be a chair. Woah...Excellent

Alright, got to go. Peter Stormare is making chicken and waffles tonight. Hell ya later!






YouTube Trailer


Twitter: Constantine (2005) -

Like a throat punch from Keanu Reeves to get rid of your neck demons. Woah...Excellent...





Where you going DC!


Durn all the distributor companies just burned in hell


Spear of Destiny


Stuff goes missing during WWII...cause Hitler was always stealing stuff and hiding it...can he was a jerk face.


Dog is scavenger dog scavenger.


Just gonna bury this hear Nazi flag with Jesus' death spear


this flag matches...which kind of matches my track suit. 


Breathing breathing....and dirty...


Uh...your hombre done got smashed up. bad.


That tea pot has seen better days. Put it to the flame!!


Honey....I brought you tea...oh nevermind...I see you done had enough stimulation today.




Bottom shot. long top shot. (worm, bird, higher bird)


So much amazing imagery


Hey, did somebody call a smoking priest?


Time for some exorcism


Ahhh...that's the don't like that?


Who stands on a bed asshole.




My feet do that sometimes...when the cat attacks them.


Constantine throat punch! and I need a mirror...3 feet high...we got a hobbit demon!


Chad Crammer asshole...Shia Labouf ain't so bad...right...


The best exorcisms happen on the 2nd floor...everybody knows that.


Don't look asshole!


Maybe I should have been more specific...a mirror 3 feet high and only 2 feet wide.


It's Two-Face!


Bowl Bowl Bowl...Cocktail Snacks! Bowl


I need me a single chain pull blind system...




It's been like a long time since confession.


I killed a man today...


Room 427


A lot of crosses in this movie


Isabelle has bad dreams.


Pretty sure you shouldn't be coughing up blood.


love these shots.


Ha! Constantine thought he was being clever by not holding the door and saying something smart ass...not if I can help it. 


Dead Cows! Cows be dropping like flies


I need you to get me a moo cup...


Screech Beetle...let's shake his box up.


Don't waste the Dragon's Breath!


Skinny fellow with the fat friend


I got wangs!


What you think about my surfer hair! Dude looks like a lady! 


You can't earn your way into heaven....


You are going to hell for the lives that you took? who he take?




I got the power to rub newspapers...look at my black hands. Does that work with internet sites now?


Quicktime player...who uses that.


That is one convenient security camera...with audio...


The supernatural love using the phone...they don't know how they work...but they love using them...Hello? who is this....asshole....


Damn billboards and their double meanings.


Swarm demon got wasted...


Papa Midnight is a legend. 


Kid...if you say Jon on one more time...I am gonna kill ya.


These angels are androgynous


No no...things are balanced!


Dude...that is gross...finger licking good indeed.


Taking it out on the spider. A little smoke in a glass. 


Legion or cult...


Nobody believes nobody! in this movie


Constantine is kind of a bitter dick. So..suck it...I'm releasing our spider smoke.


"What if I told you...." speech.


I got my feet pot...gonna stick my shoes in it...


Do you ever get that burning feeling when you look deep into a cat's eyes.


Demon soldiers gots no skull tops.


Hell looks a lot like a Megadeth Album Cover.


Priest with a flasher overcoat is the best priest


Dodson...we got Dodson here.


Do you know how many dead people  are in that morgue. All of them.


2 minutes in hell is a lifetime.


Dodson here...


That dead guy was my friend. He left a symbol in his hand.


The Bible in Hell.


The devil had a son too...cause he is the devil...and he likes to do it.


Fly eye! Brundlefly in my eye.


Meanwhile in Mehico...A white guy is carjacked by a demon


A lot of shots of no head tops.


are those Cthulhu tats?


It's like a baptism that goes horribly wrong.


Wait wait didn't say nothing about no drowning!!


She be coming out of the tub.....




What's in those jars? Was he collecting his own body fluids?


Increase in paranormal activity. 


Trope...stay in the car...wear this...nope!


Fire!...I was born of this.


Grandstanding in the demon's office...


Come on after her.


Reeves is always looking for a chair...Johnny Mnemonic had the brain chair...Matrix had the Matrix chair...Constantine has the Midnight electric chair.


I see you stalking me in your astral body...I choke you!


I need me a big ole Van Helsing Style Monster fighting gun.


I sure hope they don't kill my apprentice.


Men In Black/ Ghostbusters moment. Get back to your appropriate locations. You are not suppose to be here.


Squeeel like a demon pig.


They always trying to drown her.


You do not want to be the lady who hatches the son of the devil from her giggly belly.


Something to fight for! You done killed my Apprentice.


Time for me to use my Neo powers!


Gabriel is wearing medical bracelets like a fashion statement. Along with white chaps.


Got to be a better way than slitting your wrists


He is the Devil!! Not a Russian Cosmonaut


What do ya want....exteeeeension...


How did the devil forget about the sacrifice...


Suck it devil.


Noooo....looks like there is more work to do here on free. 


What did I learn? nothing. 


Hide in a Nazi Flag in wait....somewhere better.











Angel Heart (1987) Show Notes


Angel Heart (1987)

X  |   |  Horror, Mystery, Thriller  |  6 March 1987 (USA)


5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)




Intro: Oh hi, ok...I've been trying to wrap my head around the movie we just watched. So am suppose to understand that Robert Deniro is the devil... and it's not Ben Franklin like proposed by Mama Boucher...because...if that is the case...I may have to go rethink some things...

Say..can you guys hold on a sec...getting a you Mr. devil...yes that WAS the best intro ever...yeah's all yours...see you after the show.






YouTube Trailer


Twitter: Angel Heart (1987) - Like eating hard boiled eggs with the devil. Nom nom nom...I'm eating your soul right's's good.



Nothing creepy here


A classic tale...a cat...a dog...a dead body.


Saxomophone! More Sax! Wailing Sax!


The mean streets of NY circa 1955


Our hero enters...bubble gum and cigarettes.


Harold R Angel just like in the phonebook


Drawer full of junk


Winesap and Macintosh


Louis Cyphre


He knows where Harlem is.


Say I am riding around in a Cadillac. but I should be riding around in a Rolls Royce.


Look at them nails. grody.


I'm a Hairy Angel. is spinning the other is not....must be important.


2nd reference to the phonebook...must be important


Johnny Favorite


Nothing worse than getting Deniro  stuck in your head. you can't whistle that  shit out.


A wallet full of identities.


They didn't have ballpoints back in 43


3rd reference to phonebooks and 2nd to ballpoint pens.


everything was a lot more cluttered and dirty back in 55


mmmm...reusable needles!


a pistol in every nightstand.


who puts morphine next to the milk!


He got in through the mail slot!


Harry Angel is a close talker.


Hey gonna kiss me or question me?


Another fan reference


The fans shows the flow of air that exists or doesn't exist in the presence of the devil


3rd reference to skeleton keys


Why is Harry removing the evidence that the doc killed himself?


Deniro is scary


I have never seen someone crack an egg that that is annoying.


Slugs leave slime.


Eggs are the symbol of the soul. Nom nom nomm...eating your soul


Superstitious much. Salt over the shoulder and has a thing about chickens


Monkey stuffed, eyeballs, some voodoo shit


Soul Parade..hey...let's carry the preacher on a chair.


black robe lady. Who is she


Man...I see why church's switched to pews...chairs are dangerous...but that sure was a cool scene


The preacher man has one long nail.


Sorry I broke up your church parade!


Spider Simpson Band


Toot Sweet! 


The Witch Of Wesley


When did matches become hard to light? used to cold do it with your hand.




Not Algeres in Africa


Nose shields are awesome


Scrote scratching info is the best info


Don't be a gazoonie fella


awww...Louisiana ...bring on the sweat buckets




Excuse me Mr. Angel...could you stop pilfering around with my shit.


Oolong tea?


Days to read your future.


Harry has personal space in...he doesn't believe in giving any to other people


Mammy has some scary looking shit in her shop.


Evangeline poem. 


Evangeline - Wikipedia

Evangeline was published in book form on November 1, 1847, and by 1857 it had sold nearly 36,000 copies. During this time, Longfellow's literary payment was at its peak; for Evangeline, he received "a net of twenty-five and sixteenths per cent" royalties, believed to be an all-time high for a poet.


Leaving food at the grave of a loved one...that is a good way to get bugs or zombies.


That baby is pure evil


Dang chickens!


mmm...2 sisters cocktails


I'm too big to go hiding under beds


Dancing with favorite


Razor knife


Is she humping the dead chicken? blood and dirt mouth....don't want none of that.




Toots is pretty good with a razor knife


Somebody is murdering that saxophone.


Mickey Mouse Club...Wednesday...anything can happen day.


Is he remembering all of this on his way down to hell?