Baldo Turns 10

That’s right folks, the comic strip Baldo has been in syndication for 10 years now.

To celebrate Carlos and Hector hosted a party line style love in. They had guests and fans who popped in and asked questions about the comic and their careers. I was lucky enough to be invited and was very pleased to be there for this milestone moment. I was able to get a question in and I was entertained with the answer given…SCORE!

Carlos should be posting the recording of the party line soon. When I find out where I will post it here as an update.

Until then be sure to check out Baldo at

Congrats to Carlos and Hector. Here is to 10 more years.


I often wonder what it would be like to be blind. I mean I already have poor vision. But that is a far cry from not being able to see at all.

I like to think I would be the type of person who would stand up to the challenge. I Imagine the first thing I would do is install some type of text to speech on my computer so I can hear my email and blog comments.

Could you deal with going blind?


After posting this article I received a very inspiring comment that I would like to share.


Funny you should mention this subject, as I have a genetic disorder that is making me blind over time. It is a loooong drawn out process with crushing headaches as it happens.
Once I got past the initial depression/panic I began to educate myself in ways to interact with the world…text to speech/speech to text, began research into learning brail, spending considerable amounts of time having my eyes closed and a host of other things (seeing as much as I can and appreciating my sight while I have it).
I can say now that I am feeling good about my ability to handle the change. I’ll have to give up WoW and a host of other technical goodness but that is ok. Still plenty of things to do to keep myself enteratined.

Thank you Cory for sharing your story with me. I have always felt a kinship with those who have lost/losing their sight or hearing, something that we often take for granted.

You are my hero. I marvel at your attitude as you face this situation.

Brian Dunaway

Invention Fail

You may not know this about me, but I often have ideas about things that I could use to make my life easier. Once those ideas are in my head, I will think on them for a day or two and see if they are worthy of my “Big Book Of Inventions That I Will Never Tell You About Until I Get A Patent First.”

Obviously, this invention I thought of today was NOT one of those “Great Ideas.” Just as a side not….I seem to be using “Quotes” in my blog a lot today.

The Problem: Blue Jeans are heavy. They want to be on the ground. That’s why I wear a belt. Even with the belt, the center of my blue jeans where I button them seem to sag below my belt. Not cool.

The Solution: A belt that attaches to my button so the belt and pants are “one.”

Now when I say button. I do not mean the snap kind of button. I mean the ones that slip through a buttonhole. hehe…”buttonhole”….shutup! Anyway, I was thinking. If I had a belt that had buttonholes like my pants do then I could just insert the button through the hole in addition to the buttonhole on my pants.

That makes sense, right? Button goes through your pants buttonhole and then through the belt buttonhole. Now you don’t need a belt buckle or nothing. These belts could be cheap. No metal needed. Make them from a thinner piece of cloth or leather so you would have the space for the stem of the button to insert through both pieces of material (blue jean and belt.)

Perfect. And it solves my problem of my stupid jeans sagging in the middle. Let’s patent it! But wait. One more thing I always think about. Would people buy them? So I put on my “consumer hat.” Now pretend it is 2am and I am watching TV because I can’t sleep. Would I buy this item…..Crap. even I wouldn’t buy it.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

OS Love/Hate

Living in the southern part of the United States, specifically South Carolina, I am in daily contact with people who passionately declare that their truck manufacturer is better than the competitor’s truck. People will expend great thought and varying degrees of creative effort into how they can insult their opposition. I’ve certainly seen my fair share of Calvin, of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, peeing on a Ford or Chevy emblem. But even with all that hate, there is a bit of playfulness to it. Not a lot of venom in that bite.

Now switch over to the internet. Tell someone how fond you are of your OS and you will find yourself in a whole heap of trouble that even the Duke boys couldn’t get themselves out of. YeeeeHaaaaaaa!

So why all the love/hate when it comes to your choice of OS? If a bunch of rednecks can be civil about the truck they drive, can’t we all play nice when someone has something nice to say about their own OS choice? Maybe if we let off a little steam by having cartoon characters peeing on our rivals logos we could talk to each other in comments and message boards with a little more kindness.

I’m Brian Dunaway and I love all OSes.

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