I was going through more sketches and came across this pseudo comic.

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Sketch 9-21-2010

Trying to use Corel Essentials. Used brushes to do this. Feel like I’m taking baby steps. Like starting all over again. and Oh Boy…are these not the colors I was using in Corel. Thanks jpeg.

Sketches for 09-19-2010

My scanner really sucks. I tried scanning in some of my doodles from the day. I was out a lot and didn’t have my wacom so I just doodled on every scrap piece of paper I could find bearing down on soft surfaces like paperback books. Breaking all the rules and it shows. All of these were done with BIC pens and my scanner hates them. But here they are…blah…SHAME MYSELF INTO DOING BETTER!


proof my scanner sucks…at the bottom I took a picture with my crappy digital camera of one of the sketches and you can at least tell what it is now.

Resume Art Please

I am trying to draw at least an hour a day on my Wacom tablet. Here is a quick sketch. Super Kid vs Viking. Big as Pirates vs Ninjas?