Game Of Thrones

After at least 3 or 4 false starts and inumerable amounts of embarassing headnodding around friends over the past couple of years , I am finally “binge watching” HBO/Martin’s award winning series; Game Of Thrones.

Jon Snow looks worried

My first watching was only days after it’s initial release. A few friends praised it as the greatest thing since….like….EVER….and since I trust my friends, I sat down to bore myself to death for the first time of many. Could my friends be wrong? Could I simply have lost touch with what was the new hotness. Clue….I use terms like “new hotness.”


What was my problem with GOT? Why was I bored? Two words. Character development. HBO veteran director, Timothy Van Patton, brought Martin’s vision into focus on this initial offering to the cable gods with faithful fervor. Jerk, If I wanted to read a book I would listen to it on my phone like a proper modern man. What a wonderful time we live in! Seriously though, there were a lot of longing stares and scenic shots of actors contemplating their lot in life with the occassional grotesque scene of either sex or death. It was hard to like any of these characters. They were all either dicks, dolts or sad sacks. Screw this….my friends are morons. I got better things to do with my time.   CONT

Between film sack and living life

I just got through recording another great episode of film sack with Scott Johnson Brian Ibbott and Randy Jordan.

we sacked the film “bad ass” it was an interesting the sack to say the least.

Viva law old manpower and also bus chase scenes how could you go wrong especially with Danny Trejo in the lead role.

Going to pick up kids once again and then back home to go asleep alright.


Watson, come here

, Looks like another beautiful Saturday morning in the south full of muggy and rain and 47° how to do that.

With only a few hours left before the final score I’m a start preparation in playing my old-school pick of the week.

Also, last night I downloaded a new app called bubbly. I don’t know how
It is but is new to me allows you to record your voice and blog with it I don’t know if this will supplant this or if it will at least enhance it we will see.

As well, last night I had a chance to sit down with my girlfriend and go through her photo albums as a child. She seemed to be both terrified and pleased.

Each paragraph of my blog seems to be a brain fart so you’re welcome for that as well and is this car next to me is wondering what I’m doing I am blogging you fool estimation Mark

Voice dictation can you not tell the difference between estimation and!

There you go with her latest need to pronounce he ate thank you for that as well lots of thank you’s as well thank you thank you as well.

And now the grocery store


Dumb ditty dumb ditty dictation

Friday afternoon finally work is over and I can get to the weekend.

Another day another dollar another dictation as I walk down the street

In preparation for a new final score tomorrow I had a chance to play. A game. Known as to the moon.

Can you put that in quotes

“To the moon”

Yes you can.

A fun little RPG action adventure kind of game thingy.

That has an awesome soundtrack and even better storyline that pulls at the heartstrings of any gamer.

Turn in tomorrow Saturday, January 11, 2013 is Scott Johnson Nicole Spagnola and myself talk about what we played this week.

On the final score http:///final score

And now a selfie


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