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The Dukes Of Hazzard (2005) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi, YeeeHaw and all that stuff y'all...and now it is time for some Theme Song Fact Checking, I'll try to read these lines with my fact checking voice...but I may break into promises. Alright, here we go.... "Just the good ol' boys..." Unproven....what we DO HAVE IS: a "Smartass" and a "Jackass" in an orange Dodge Charger Next "Never meanin' no harm..." Hmmm...Let's see...more attempted cop killings than an Ice-T ditty. However, since you qualified it with a "never meanin..." I guess it's NOT technically NOT true. sooo... Next! "Beats all you never saw..." What?! No..What?! NEXT "Been in trouble with the law..." True "Since the day they was born..." I got to tell you, this whole story seems improbable...I don't think we need to inspect the 2nd verse.. NEXT Hey, Somebody get me the lyrics to the A-Team...I got some work to do.


By Brian Dunaway, ago