Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) – Show Notes


Oh hi,

This week on LeatherSack we cannibalize a horror classic.

5 youths hop in their hipster van on a quest to uncover the answer to the mystery “Is grandpa where we buried him?” Things really escalate when the gang runs out of gas and must spend the night in an old dilapidated house next door to a family of cannibals.

The action really picks up when Fred and Daphne stumble into some real horror when they follow the “sounds of gas” right into the neighbor’s kill room.

“is that gas? I hear gas”

After Fred and Daphne fail to return, Velma dispatches as a search party of one. Uncharacteristically, Jerry…er…Velma..doesn’t lose his glasses but does take a hatchet to the face while screaming like a girl…because…she is one.

Finally, Shaggy and Scooby are left all alone and must decide between their friends and food but since Jerry…er…Velma took the damn keys the duo heads over to…you guessed it…the neighbor’s house. On the way there Scooby takes a Chain Saw to the chest, ruining his appetite for BBQ for at least a week and Shaggy fails to unmask the Villain but does manage to get away by running in and out of rooms while being chased by vampires, mummies and other baddies.

It’s hilariously horrific.

The End. and in the words of the great Douglas “Duddits” – Scooby Dooby Doo we got some work to do now.. Chain Saw Dance.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Directed by Tobe Hooper. With Marilyn Burns, Edwin Neal, Allen Danziger, Paul A. Partain. Two siblings visit their grandfather’s grave in Texas along with three of their friends and are attacked by a family of cannibalistic psychopaths.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Wikipedia

The concept for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre arose in the early 1970s while Tobe Hooper was working as an assistant film director at the University of Texas at Austin and as a documentary cameraman. He had already developed a story involving the elements of isolation, the woods, and darkness.



Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – “Come on Brian, It’s going to be a fun movie.” Phtllll…Phtllll…


Is it Tobe like Lobe or Tobe like Toby?

This intro sounds like Law and Order…

Why does that voice sound familiar?


Invalid Franklin!!

The film which you are about to see is an account of the tragedy which befell a group of five youths, in particular Sally Hardesty and her invalid brother, Franklin. It is all the more tragic in that they were young. But, had they lived very, very long lives, they could not have expected nor would they have wished to see as much of the mad and macabre as they were to see that day. For them an idyllic summer afternoon drive became a nightmare. The events of that day were to lead to the discovery of one of the most bizarre crimes in the annals of American history, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Sally and Franklin. Sally and Frank. Frank and Sally. One can walk. The other not so much. Raspberries.

So more tragic for the young!

Anals of American history.

August 18th, 1973 ….It’s a date!

mmm…crunchy noises in the dark.

There is an iconic sound. Supposed to be bulb flashes. Violin?

This is disturbing…them is dead body parts.

…fade in…news caster talking about indictment….Grave Robbing in Texas!


That don’t look like grave robbing….it looks like art…oh it is art!

The head or extremities were removed.

Hausus ain’t saying nothing!

Damn you Texaco! You done blew up your storage lockers!

San Francisco has Cholera.


Atlanta has a building fall. Tragedy all over the country. Even in Gary Indiana.

Dead armadillo

This is the worst road trip ever.

more news: Police in Dallas arrested a young couple today…18 month old daughter chained in the attack of a dilapidated house…

If you are already outside…and I don’t mean to be insensitive here…would you pee in an old rusty coffee canister if you were in a wheelchair? Is anybody looking?

The wind and dirt from that semi pushed Franklin down the hill….AND I AM TRYING NOT TO LAUGH.

Poor Franklin…look at that

Saturn is a bad influence…in retrograde! We saw retrograde. It was worse than this.

So are we saying these day workers like to listen to day worker music?

“Say fella…”

I’m already super uncomfortable.  Feel like I am some place I don’t want to be.

“He didn’t look dug up to me.”

Road Trip “Guess the smell!” FRANKLIN!

That cow looks sick…all these cows look sick…nom nom nom

“They usually wouldn’t kill them on the first lick.” Foreshadowing?


Franklin may have no mobility below his waist…but he sure makes use of his upper body gestures.

Franklin don’t like hot heat.

Let’s pick up hitchhikers! This was 74…you could and still did do that.

“I think we just picked up Dracula.”

Hitcher’s family works at the slaughter house.

Making the headcheese. Except for the tongue…you don’t want to use the tongue…but the tendons and jowls!

Dude took Franklin’s knife.

Hitcher is a cutter.

Is that an old timer pocket knife?

So they ride for hours with news shit…then pick up a hitcher and start listening to good time music.

Want to see my knife?

This hitcher is special…

Yes Franklin…he took your picture.

My brother makes a good headcheese…you would like it!.

Pay me 2 dollars! Pay me 2 dollars!!

Fine…you don’t want my picture. I’ll burn it in my convenient fire foil. FIREWORKS and then cut ya!! 2 dollars!!

more raspberries than grandma’s raspberry pie with headcheese crust.

F*ing Frankin. Stop getting hurt.

…and that was the last GD hitcher they picked up. FORESHADOW!

Will you stop reading from the book of foreshadows and astrology

Hey Trump. Don’t stare at the sun.

Gulf…there is a place I haven’t bought gas from in 20 years.

“I got no gas.” – Gas Guy …. “How about a sign.” – me

Alien Opie is doing a fine job washing that windshield…and grill…and my eyes.

Frank you maniac…You are tearing up the Van! Ya goober.

You think that is blood on my knife?

Yes Franklin. You did say something to make that crazy guy mad.

Alright! Driver got us some BBQ!

Uh oh…he wrote something on the Van in blood. It’s been marked.

Everybody is always wanting to touch Franklin’s knife…that is one nice knife.

What the hell is Franklin eating. That does not look like BBQ…or a pickle….or anything that I would put in my mouth. It’s headcheese ain’t it…but where did he get headcheese? He is in a wheelchair.

All that bat shit crazy

Birth place of Bela Lugosi. Lot’s of Vampire references in this movie. Are we implying we are dealing with vampires.

What the hell is he eating!

Durn..that is the creepiest spider nest ever

Sally was fascinated with Zebras.

Hey Franklin can get around the old house right….yeah…let’s leave him hear.

Franklin is taking on the personality of the hitchhiker.

“If I have anymore fun today I don’t think I am going to be able to take it.” – Franklin

Franklin is both the comedy and the drama around here.

Hey! Who put this pillow over here with chicken bones on it? Saaaallleeey.

Franklin has been in that chair since he was a kid.

“Gasoline! I hear gasoline!” “I know…I’ll sell my guitar!”…maybe if it was a banjo.

“Hey honey…c’mere and look at this…it’s cars under a tarp….” We should keep looking around!”

Those piggie noises do not sound piggi….OMG! WHAT JUST HAPPENED!

Wow…Kirk…you stumbled right into that.

I am assuming that is how cattle do when you hammer them…is that what we are implying.

…hammer hammer…shut the door.

alright….I’m gonna need a worm’s eye view of some shorty shorts here. Sex…Violence

Dude…if there was that much death in that house there is no way you would be able to stand the stench..

Who’s your decorator? Martha Leatherface?

Some of these bones are human….and TURTLE!

This is the horror decor montage you are looking for.

I thought that was shag carpet…that is feathers ain’t it.

Wait…you ain’t KIRK!

no no no…not the meathook…no…noo noo….ouch.

Oh look…it’s a chainsaw…oh…and here comes the massacre.

I bet people shit their pants back in 1974

Sally is always pulling this bad sister shit…lost my knife.

“There is a trail down there better those two old sheds”….hell…even I know how to get there now.


Dissonance. clang clang. Dissonance clang clang

Come on Jerry…just go back…nobody is “goofing” on you Jerry.

Is that Leatherface playing a kazoo.

I need a room visible from my front door that is scary as fook.

Ok…was she awake in the freezer or not…she can’t shake the freezer and then wake up when the door is opened.

Leatherface is paranoid…SO MANY HIPPIES TO HAMMER! Must hammer hippies!

Leatherface needs fewer gums.

Dang it…it is in retrograde.

Siblings stick together live.

C’mon Sally…leave without Jerry!

Check out the lungs on ole Franklin. JERRY!

Sally…we ought to go to that gas station…also, Sally…we ought to go to that gas station.

Franklin…do not give Sally that flashlight…she loses everything…remember the knife.

“Sally they took the keys! Sally we don’t got the keys.”

Sally has had enough!

I can only imagine how hard it is to push a wheel chair through the woods.

Franklin was easy work for Leatherface. Kinda hated to see ole Franklin go out so easy.

I wonder if Leatherface i multitasking while chasing Sally. I mean his dad has been after him to clear out that thicket for weeks. Two tasks one saw.

Sally screams real good…and that run.

Ain’t no screen door going to keep me out of a house if I am being chased by a dude with a chainsaw.

Oh no…Leatherface is locked out of his house.

Wait…is he cutting out that shape into the door they drew on the van?

Sally kind of startled Jerry.

Now see…that jump out of that window for Sally…that is what I would have done on instinct.

hahah…sally running by the camera screaming..that is gold Jerry…gold!

You know…typically you hate thickets in the woods….but when running from a chainsaw wielding nut…kind of good.

It’s hard to run with a chainsaw. props.

We ain’t got no phone or gas here…what the hell do we have in this gas station…sacks, rope, brooms and BBQ…lots of human BBQ. FRANKLIN ATE HUMAN!

Beaten with a broom.

Yeah…he is such a dad…even murdering Dad makes Dad jokes and worry about power consumption.

Half wits! What did screw to make those kids.

“You nap haired idiot. ”

So the hitcher was the grave robber. He’s the artist. Photographer.

Dad is yelling at his youngin’ like he forgot to get the groceries out of the car…and look what you did to the door!

Where are the children? Chicklettes in the bucket?


Hey Leatherface…give me a hand with grandpa….

I thought that dude was dead what was dead.

Seems a bit inefficient to keep grandpa upstairs in a chair. Wait…was grandpa making all those piggie noises…or is it just that room.

oh…gross….grandpa is a blood junkie baby…and Sally is out. No thanks…prefer to not be here…going nappy time now.

Hey they have a Armadillo/Chicken/Goat/Ducken.

c’mon hitcher…I gave you a ride!

Grandpa is riding low in that chair.

Pa…don’t do no killing…just cooking.

Now Pa don’t got no control.

She seems to escalate…then resolve.

That is some close up.

60 in 5 minutes…Grandpa is the best…won’t hurt a bit.

I wonder if Grandpa even understands that he is killing people.

Grandpa be like…I need a lighter hammer….no…I don’t wanna…

shit…even a glancing blow would hurt like a mother fucker.

Sally be swinging arms and jumping out windows…cause Sally is a survivor!

I be this actress was tired of screaming by the end of this movie.

Hitcher slashing at Sally’s back…that is brutal.

Hurley the truck driver…be like…nope…out.

Live by the saw…get chopped by the saw.

What about the poor chicken truck driver?

You just know that pickup driver is another one of them.

Sally laughing it up.

Leatherface….needs something to saw…Leatherface saw the sky!!



Star Fox 2 – Game Review Notes



Star Fox 2 – Wikipedia

Although Star Fox 2 was complete, Nintendo cancelled the 1996 release due to the impending launch of the Nintendo 64, the desire to use the most advanced system available for a new Star Fox game, and competition changing expectations of 3D games. Though it was unreleased, various prototype ROM images have leaked online.


Recently I received my SNES Classic!

Totally stoked to play the never released Star Fox 2

Oh Look at this shit. I have to complete Stage 1 of Starfox 1 to unlock Star Fox 2. There better be a damn good reason.

Memories of StarFox 1. It was all at once…amazing and hard to look at. All those polygons! I preferred the wireframe of look of Star Wars Arcade Game (1983) Plus it didn’t have all this gibberish…you had a real language.

But I have to admit. I really dug the music and sound effects…and ok…if I had to admit. I would say I love giant girder carrying robots.

and my wingmen were pretty fun to watch…Ribbit. I’ve been hit!!

and right in the middle of all the nerble nerble talk was an “incoming enemy”

But man, the anti alias was so bad.

Gawd I hate the first boss on the planet. It makes you realize just how hard it is to tell where your pew pews are going and god forbid you wanted to count how many times you actually hit the target before the shape ship started losing shapes.

Damn photon torpedoes.

Do a barrel roll!

The fail music kills your soul.

Slippy, Falco or Peppy?

Got so caught up in StarFox 1 I didn’t quit until after I was destroyed on Stage 2.

FINALLY! Now I get to play StarFox 2

Loot Box style! Open my Star Farx gift nintenderp!

Polygon Space Dragon!!

We got new characters! A puppy! and a lady fox!

Oh…what’s this! Instead of mission lines I have some kind of map..a real time map?

Ohh…an overall gameplan!   Real time dangers I have to attack on based on proximity and threat…oh geez. This is going to take strategy! But I’m only a space fox!

Andross is back. The Fiend!

We got a couple of planets they are taking.

Got to keep the baddies off Cornelies!

Miyu (fox? lynx)  and Fay (white dog )

Dual barrel ship. We each get our own tube!

Oh shit. I lost Star Fox right away.

Great…now I can quit back or keep on playing as Peppy the Frog. (My WingMan)

Dem rockets is fast

Why did I choose HARD!

Dem rockets is phallical shaped

Oh…my favorite is attacking the battleships!

While I am doing that. The Satellite is overrun. So it’s a never ending process of recapturing shit.

Time to destroy this battleship from the inside…like a proper ship does.

Oh look. I turn into a mech! Side Walk. Side Walk. Side Walk.

That actually wasn’t that hard.

Either I got better as Peppy or playing as a Wingman is easier.

Gah! 25% damage to the planet!

This is kind of hard. Kind of not so hard.

I like it. I have already forgotten all about StarFox 1.

Too bad the N64 came along and destroyed the chances for this game.

So time doesn’t stop when you enter a match but it does slow down for the greater game…on the map.

General Pepper is even spicier in the sequel. I don’t know if that is really true…but it’s a great byline.

dang Star Wolf mercenary team..Traitors!

It’s Peppy Hare.

According to Cuthbert, some programming elements made for the game, such as the camera programs, were reused for the development of Super Mario 64.[23] Miyamoto estimated that 30% of Star Fox 64 came from Star Fox 2, citing ideas such as the all-range mode, multiplayer mode, and Star Wolf scenarios.[24] Several concepts were reused in Star Fox Command, including the map screen and multiple playable characters with their own fighters and statistics.[16] Some of its other gameplay mechanics, such as the walker mode for the Arwings, are used in Star Fox Zero (2016).







New Nightmare (1994) Show Notes


Oh hi,

And Welcome to Autopsies Are Us, where our motto is “Please don’t cry. The head is going to be alright for the funeral.”

Now if you could please excuse me for just a moment while I try to find an appropriate surface to put down my coffee and lemon poppy seed bread.

Oh wait…there is no such surface in a morgue! So why are we always eating something in here! Do we not get breaks! Us morticians really need to unionize or go on a diet or something. Death makes me hungry.

Hmmm…Let me just see what is under this sheet…maybe there is someplace I can put…

Oh my God… hurk that’s why we don’t lift the sheet past the face. Hurk. Hurk.

Uh oh, Poppy Seed Bread…return to sender. Nope…nope…just some foamy milk substance.

One, Two Dylon’s screaming for you.


New Nightmare (1994)

Directed by Wes Craven. With Heather Langenkamp, Robert Englund, Jeff Davis, Miko Hughes. A demonic force has chosen Freddy Krueger as its portal to the real world. Can Heather Langenkamp play the part of Nancy one last time and trap the evil trying to enter our world?

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare – Wikipedia

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare is a 1994 American slasher film written and directed by Wes Craven, the original creator of A Nightmare on Elm Street .


Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994) – Like a game of  Freddy’s: Crossy Road. Never download again.


Ahhh… New Line Cinema…The Studio Freddy Built.

Kids laughing

UMC hammer?

This metal hand is alive!! and who has burning

Clever to the hand!! More blood! Don’t be stingy with the blood!

There is Wes now…drinking something…what is he drinking?

So we are on the set of a new Freddy movie? Is this her story? is she drinking Barqs with a straw!

That is a huge Chinese Takeout box.

Bull Tendons. Nerve bundles from a live Doberman?

Picked up a signal from an 80s walkie talkie?

Uh oh…that hand just went all Thing on them.

Oh…Heather was having a nightmare.

That is a serious earthquake.

Do you call your kids Chief?

Quakewatch! 6.8 quake. Oh…so the one they felt was not even the big quake it was an aftershock.

Who has been calling her? Harassing phone calls.

We are starting to get hints and variations of the old Nightmare on Elm Street music.

Those cracks look like Freddy Claws!

Uh oh…kid is watching your performance from the first movie….what the hell is wrong with that kid.

Ye olde house phone.

One…Two…phone call is for you….oh…AND FREDDY’S COMING FOR YOU!

Geez…who cares if Freddy is coming. Earthquakes are a more immediate danger.

The doorbell rang…did she think Freddy was at the door?

LA Limousine Ma’am…

Why does 1994 look so much more like modern film making than 1988 and prior?

LA Lazy Limousine service. We prefer to call you.

Is Julie going to eat that damn orange or not!?

Limo driver likes the big laugh…

Is Heather doing stuff on TV?

My son? No…You mean the son of Freddy? no

Remember when Freddy was dead? yeah that was a thing.

Look at all those Fred Heads.

I like the idea that Hollywood back lots have people walking around in full costume and juggling.

This movie would be shot differently today. With so much reality TV we would for sure film this more like reality TV.

Thanks for the show Kim.

Nope. Got kids now. Horror movies…not for kids.

Answer the damn phone Bob! “We got people for that.”

“Never sleep again…”…Redrum.

Rex is the best. Thanks cotton filled dinosaur! He saved me.

You ain’t gonna be able to sew that Rex….dump that trash and go get a new Rex.

Semper Fi… Cut to the Chase…..cause his name is CHASE!

Dillon is having…episodes.

They have a cheetah in the living room with a saddle…yeah…no wonder the kid is freaked out.

Chuck and Terry are clowns…forget them!

Chase don’t believe you Heather.

Flammable Ford…

Oh no…the Freddy glove is gone!

So the kid is having nightmares…so read him a scary ass Fairy Tale of Hansel and Gretels.

This kid is Freddy’s for sure.

Red yarn for Rex wounds. Good thing you are an actress.

Night Night…Sleep Tight…Don’t Let The Cenobites Bite.

If the birds don’t eat them first.

Earthquakes and falling asleep at the wheel are the real horrors in this movie and poor phone reception.

Chase took a glove to the crotch.

The real nightmare is the police showing up at your door.

Is that a thing you can do? Just head on down to the morgue and walk on in.

I want to see it all…..The head is going to be alright for the funeral..I mean..if that is what you are worried about.

A little puke please.

Wes was apparently going through his Nature disaster phase.

Freddy hides in the corners of coffins.

I’m starting to think the kid is the new nightmare

being a parent is the new Nightmare

ok….maybe you are right…maybe he is crazy.

I would not have easy access to a pool if I had Dillion living in my house.

He is putting things in your mail and you are keeping it in a drawer.

Oh…England is a painter.

Mom Jeans!

I need a pair of those old violet shaded glasses.

I want to be scared for this kid…but he cracks me up too much.

I like how the new Freddy glove stalks the bed like a dorsal fin of a shark.

I always dug how Freddy can start to build power while you are half asleep so you can’t tell what is dream versus what is reality.

haha…won’t answer the phone? I’ll send you a letter every day until you do.

Phone lickers! Just like in the original.

Foam puke is the best puke.

LIAR! He said he was never gonna sleep again!

Hey…it’s the nurse who is in all those insidious movies….and that kid kind of looks like this kid.


Mmm….kids love pills…yep…

ahhh yeah. I chipmunked those pills.

Wake up lady!!

Tell us all about the rules Wes!

A new fault under the city.

Make another movie! With Johnny Depp?

reading the Jama

Sleep deprivation….more coffee!

Found them! Brutally slashed to death.

You shouldn’t keep a coffee pot in your bedroom Heather…

Shit…good jump scare from the closet Freddy.

Miss Me? Not as much as you would think.

Dylan is in Intensive care…in an oxygen tent. We decided not to call you…THE MOTHER!

She forgot the dino! Bad mom

This movie makes me sleepy.

What did they feed that kid? Dark brown sludge.

Them nurses can’t give them shots like that to a kid.

Heather is going gray.

Julie is so screwed.

Nurses who run!

What is play Skin The Cat?

Reach for me. At least stand up Dylan.

haha…Heather threw an elbow to that nurse’s gut.

I don’t think that is how drugs work for sleeping. Sleep walking does not allow you to be awake anyways.

Don’t play crossy road Dylan!

Freddy Crossy Road.

This highway scene is more intense than it should be.


I like that actor dad plays surrogate dad.

So. Dinosaurs can defeat Freddy.

Why are you calling me Nancy John? Why are you calling me John?

Movies are becoming reality.

The Bed…it’s where bad things emerge.

Dad always says “yeah, sure.”

The sleeping pills are breadcrumbs

Nooo…not Rex! anybody but Rex! I cried a little.

You do not take gel coated capsules with no water. That shit just sticks to you.

I think you have had enough Nancy. 3  Sleeping pills will get you there.

ouch…that is a bad bed slide.

Was that a pterodactyl

Freddy is supposed to be some ancient terror.

Snake to the eye

I like Freddy’s new trenchcoat.

That kid is always cutting people’s tendons or stabbing the back of legs.

Sins are listed on the wall.

Oh I know…I’ll hide here in this firepit!

I don’t understand. Fred can stretch.

Wait Freddy said “Meet your maker to Nancy. Is he implying he made her? or is this a who made who situation.

Freddy could not stretch his arm until Nancy woke up in her dream.

Freddy has got one of them dislocating jaws.

Stab to the crotch is one of Fred’s weaknesses.

Perforated tongue!

Now he has a forked tongue. We are certainly bringing comparisons to snake/devil/satan.

Freddy’s home is Romanesque in nature.

It’s the script. If you write the script Freddy will stay where he belongs. On the screen.

Oh hi,

One, Two Dylon’s screaming for you.

Three, Four He’s doing it some more

Five, Six  Your kid makes me sick(s)

Seven, Eight It’s your kid I hate(s)

Nine, Ten Let’s never do this again


One, Two Freddy’s got a crush on you

Three, Four Freddy’s at your door

Five, Six Flowers on a stick

Seven, Eight Let’s go on a date

Nine, Ten I promise to stop when you say when.

Oh hi,

My name is Rex. I’m Tyrannical.


355 – The one about New Nightmare

By Scott

A demonic force has chosen Freddy Krueger as its portal to the real world. Can Heather Langenkamp play the part of Nancy one last time and trap the evil trying to enter our world?

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they break the fourth wall.

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Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (1988) – Show Notes


Oh hi,

This week’s Skinsack is brought to you by Dr. Kellog’s Cenobite, mmm… it tastes like a lifetime of regret. Yep a big ole spoonful of fleshy meat regret.

Oh and Remember, Cenobite is fortified with 7 deadly sins to ensure you and your family can go straight to hell.

Jesus! this stuff sounds horrible.

Also, through the month of October we will be sneaking in a puzzle box in every bag of Cenobite.  So if you just can’t wait to get to hell. Then we got a Fast Pass just for you.

Wait…didn’t Ibbott do this opening  the last time we did Hellraiser?

Jesus Wept


Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

Directed by Tony Randel. With Doug Bradley, Ashley Laurence, Clare Higgins, Kenneth Cranham. Kirsty is brought to an institution after the death of her family, where the occult-obsessive head resurrects Julia and unleashes the Cenobites once again.


Hellbound: Hellraiser II – Wikipedia

Hellbound: Hellraiser II is a 1988 British-American body horror film directed by Tony Randel and starring Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Kenneth Cranham and Doug Bradley. The film is the second entry in the and draws heavily upon (and was made by much of the same cast and crew as) its precursor, Hellraiser .


Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (1988) – Like a Rubik’s cube designed by Satan. Typical Satan.



What’s your pleasure sir?

Jesus Wept. Shorted verse in the bible.

Hey, it’s the Previously on Hellraiser. Shit happens. Like flayed man.

This music is Batman’esq

Image Animation. Hellraisers is know for it effects…gross gross effects and animation.

Clive Barker…woof

Music by Tony Randal? Wrong Randel.

Short-Wave and Long Wave Radio.

Hey…that dude has a safari hat and horse whisk…for shoo’ing flys.

No! He has the Rubics Cube of Satan!

Dude…if a scary box is playing scary music…don’t look inside…same for Jack in the box.

What is up with hooks and chains in this movie.

Ohh!! It’s Pinhead the origin story.

Those puppet hands are placing pins like a Muppet.

Ahh…nothing better for a young lady than waking up to some dude in a suit watching you sleep. Bronson…Homicide.

Is that your occupation? Do you research Homicide or are you homicide?

Do maggots make all those noises.

Police violence

Fairy Tales…Demon Fairy Tales.

Accidental Damage.

Portable Mattress that is bloody…we should totally bring it with us!

The mind is a labyrinth…a puzzle…like the box. So we are comparing the mind to the puzzle box…

Pretty sure you don’t want to use a blender in the brain. Unless your intention is to make it goo.

We have to see so we can know.

Don’t solve the box.

Cinnabites! Cinnamon Bites.

So her boyfriend done left. Typical horror movie trope for part 2. New love interest.

You have got to destroy that mattress!! It has bed bugs!

The main doctor is f’ed

Tiffany…gee I wonder if she will open the hells gate.

C’mon Kyle…I’m not crazy Kyle…but thanks for offering me drugs.

“I am in hell. Help Me.” and other notes from the other side.

“Pleasant Day.”

105 years and he still doesn’t know my name.

Why do they keep the crazies down in the boiler room.

This movie borrows from the House of Horrors idea of a crazy in every room. Suffering from one malady each.

I said…my father is dead and alone and is suffering…Do you got a Ticket To Hell?

The big doc wants the mattress at this house…cause he has been looking for a new mattress.

Uncle Frank and his Father’s Wife. But wait…there’s more…there was a puzzle box.

Hell was what he wanted…and hell was what he got.

Frank came back to life…in a weird grown man baby thing.

Julia brought back Uncle Frank to wear Dad’s skin suit.

Xinobites. Xenobytes. Cenobite

Death is the Fourth Dimension?

Jesus…is the Jesus Doctor…cause everything is Jesus to him.

Got to love some body horror.

Get them off me…Maggots everywhere.

Know how you get Maggots off? razor blades!!

That is the biggest bedbug I have ever seen!

Uh…geez. I wonder if I should stay hidden while slim good body eats that guy or if I should run.

People from Hell are always asking for help from the living.

Why does skin-o-bite need to get back to the bed?

If a skinless lady says “Don’t be scared of me.” you should totally be scared.

Who keeps giving that crazy kid puzzles.

Know what is a bad idea? Bloody Cenobite in your swanky white bachelor pad…and let’s give her my white doctor suit.

Cover her in gauze! Now she looks like the invisible man.

So the rest of her body has no skin…does that include her tongue?


Julia! Julia!

Bride of Frankenstein kind of thing.

That doctor’s house is real easy to break into.

Oh…it’s those green flys..they bite.

If I am in a house and someone sneaks up behind me who I do not know….well I don’t care if she ain’t deskinned. I’m running.

Was I right? Yes…you look terrible.

A room full of horror.

Goodbye Kyle the not doctor.

Julia has really strong hands…she digs into the back of people…back peeler.

No longer the evil step-mother…but the wicked queen.

The big doc wants to open a gateway to hell. What could possibly go wrong?

What I always wanted…”I have to see…I have to know.” Curiosity killed the doc.

Hey doc…why do you keep glass jars of stuff.

No…  No? No.. “It is not hands who call for us. It is desire”

Daddy! Are you down here in hells?

The road to hell is paved with clowns juggling eyeballs.

What is the baby with the stitch mouth?

Hell is a labyrinth

Kristy…so eager to play.

We have always been here…We have eternity to know your flesh.

Why is there so many crying babies?

Sex orgy in the hell hot tub…all hot tubs in hell are hot?

Know what…I’m in hell…it’s not hot enough…let’s get in a hot tub.


You wanted to know…now you know.

The doctor did not end well…now he is a Cinnamon Bite.

These sheet ladies are enjoying their sheets a little too much.


So can multiple people exist in the same hell area?

You can’t burn the sheets! Apparently.

This movie is about Skin…it should be called Skin. Some people want it…some people have it…now others have it.

Also, mouth fetish.

If you are already in hell and someone takes your heart…then what. are you still in hell…do you start over? Are you free?

The doctor is the latest Cenobyte.

Brain mixer..

How do you absorb the skin? do you put it on? do you eat it and then it manifests?

Scary skies.

All the crazies are doing the puzzles.

Bad doc jokes.

Hey! You can’t kill our anti-heroes the Cenobytes of old.

Now under new management.