Final Score #167: Everything Has A Bro In It Now

By Paul Swickard


On this episode of The Final Score, Scott spends time dancing in the crypt. Brian puts on his Secret Poncho. Nicole really likes video games. What happens when Nintendo loses one of their best online voices? Your TWEETS!


SCOTT: Crypt of the NecroDancer, Secret Poncho (thx ScottyD), Road not Taken PS4, Royal Quest PC, & a lot more Marvel Heroes and Bro-Force for who knows why. (and Expendabros)

BRIAN: Secret Ponchos (Steam), Only If (Steam F2P) – [On My Radar] – Road Not Taken

NICOLE: All iOS games – Hearthstone (Finished 3 Naxx Quarters), Bonza and Revolution 60


Nintendo’s Indie Lead Dan Adelman Leaves The Company, Returns To Twitter


For those unaware, Mrs. Nicole Spagnolo is randomly selecting a person each month from the Final Score Group who is online on Steam to win something on their wishlist. A big thanks go to all of you who have continuously donated games to our listeners.



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