Final Score #164: The Temptation is Back

By Paul Swickard


On this episode of The Final Score, Scott is all up in Blizzard’s grill. Brian wants his Hero to Rise. Nicole wend hunting for the cheives! Sony says hi to WiiU users. MS is planning on firing people. NVidia is doing weird things. PSN sale is pretty good. Gamespot is doing ok with digital. Planet of the Apes is our old school pick this week, and more!


SCOTT: Lots of WoW and WoW beta for me. DIablo show season finale soon so i am running lots of rifts! Still working my self through Original Sin. (And a little Marvel Heroes 2015)

BRIAN: Heroes Rise: HeroFall (Demo), Haunt The House: TerrorTown (Steam)(Completed), Monument Valley (Kindle Fire HD)(completed) & a few minutes with Divinity: Original Sin (thnx Sascha)

NICOLE: Went achievement hunting in WoW, South Park: Stick of Truth (alien probs), Ingress, This Mean War (Final Score has an alliance), ready for Destiny beta tomorrow!


Sony targets Wii-U users who missed last gen PS3 by offering PS3 and remastered PS1 & PS2 games on the PS4. In other news: Hasbro offers “remastered dinobots” to help heal your childhood memories of Grandma buying you gobots. Suck it Tonka
Report: Microsoft Planning Massive Layoffs, Xbox Marketing Teams Affected
Nintendo Announces 2014 Club Nintendo Elite Gifts For Loyal Customers
ICYMI – Super Smash Bros. – By Book, Blade, and Crest of Flame (Wii U & Nintendo 3DS)
Nvidia readies new Android/PC games machine….Nvidia…”we just trying stuff…”
PSN 2-for-1 sale pairs up 22 discounted games this week
Gamestop has found new life in Digital Downloads
Archie Comics and SEGA Announce Plans For Sonic Boom Comic Book Series


For those unaware, Mrs. Nicole Spagnolo is randomly selecting a person each month from the Final Score Group who is online on Steam to win something on their wishlist. A big thanks go to all of you who have continuously donated games to our listeners.


Planet Of The Apes (2001) PS1

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