Final Score #162: Sam Fisher Still Gots It

By Paul Swickard


On this episode of The Final Score Scott finds his Destiny, Brian Kills The Bad Guy and Nicole likes to keep her gameplay secret. Rock N’ Roll Racing is our old school pick this week, and more!


SCOTT: Destiny PS4 alpha, Splinter Cell: Black List (PC), Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate (PS4 / Vita), A story about my Uncle (PC)

BRIAN: Kill The Bad Guy (PC/Demo), Orion: Dino | Horde (thx Nef & SchuylerA) and a little D3

NICOLE: Destiny, Murdered: Soul Suspect


Watch Dogs could look better…and it does…modder finds disabled code to do just that.
Summer Sales abound!
steam baby! <- June 19th is the rumor. and GOG (Massive DRM Free Summer) and GamersGate (end tomorrow) and GreenManGaming (ended the 16th)
Sony agrees to free games payout.
People are pissed at Notch
There was a great deal of criticism directed at Minecraft maker Mojang recently for its stance on charging for servers. Although the matter has since been handled to the satisfaction of many, Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has addressed the situation and explained that Mojang’s solitary goal is not to “make as much money as possible.”
Nintendo dominated Twitter talk during E3
World’s biggest video game collection goes for $750,000


For those unaware, Mrs. Nicole Spagnolo is randomly selecting a person each month from the Final Score Group who is online on Steam to win something on their wishlist. A big thanks go to all of you who have continuously donated games to our listeners.


Hey Scott, I should probably wait till the end of the podcast to start
writing emails to you as this is my second for the week.

So just an FYI Watch Dogs doesn’t just have swearing and violence. Ubi
added content late in development that changed it’s rating from a
MA15+ here in Australia to an R18+. The content that they added was
implied sexual assault in a cut scene.

But it had nudity and sex before that, tho I haven’t gotten that far apparently it’s tamer than
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon which was R18+ because of said sex. Also a big
bad guy in the game is the head of a human trafficking ring selling
women like cattle, it could be kinda disturbing to some.



Rock n’ Roll Racing (SNES) 1993’_Roll_Racing

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