Final Score #124: Blow off that cartridge

By Paul Swickard



SCOTT: Far Cry 3 & Last of Us are the biggies for me. Also Rogue Legacy (awesome game), Skulls of the Shogun, Shoot Mania Storm (horrible lag)

BRIAN: The Badlands (iPad), REUS (Steam)

NICOLE: So much Animal Crossing & Sims Free Play (new update to visit friends towns)


Dota 2 is oficially out, and coming to Mac and LInux as well

Trey Parker says “f**k that” to cutting content for DLC

Microsoft Q4 financials reveal Xbox division gains, $900M Surface loss

New leaf sells like crazy. OUYA sells like sh@!

Xbox One pre-orders out pacing Xbox 360 . Kinda like nobody predicted,2817,2422016,00.asp


For those unaware, Mrs. Nicole Spagnolo is randomly selecting a person each month from the Final Score Group who is online on Steam to win something on their wishlist. A big thanks go to all of you who have continuously donated games to our listeners. This month we will be giving away Baldur’s Gate HD.


Road Blaster (Road Avenger) (Data East – Arcade – LaserDisc) 1985

Please enjoy the Dunaway experience interpreted through Road Blaster:

We got ourselves a brand new Twitter account for the show. They don’t just hand those out you know!

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